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Special Education, Preschool, Safe Schools & Section 504 Opening Day 2012 - 13.

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1 Special Education, Preschool, Safe Schools & Section 504 Opening Day 2012 - 13


3 Special Education

4 Special Education- Individuals with Disabilities Education Act Child Find – any child ages 3 – 21 We must provide interventions through the District Response to Intervention (RtI) Process in the regular education setting as part of the referral process Students with disabilities must meet certain eligibility criteria

5 Special Education Continued: Students with disabilities must be provided a Free Appropriate Public Education, in the Least Restrictive Environment and access to the General Curriculum (KCAS). Individual Education Program (IEP) – is a legal, binding document and must be followed, including all accommodations in the regular education setting as included in the IEP.

6 Special Education Continued: Special Education Case Managers, Principals, and Guidance Counselors have a listing of students with an IEP & will notify you of who the students with disabilities are in your classroom. You have access to IEPs on Infinite Campus for those students with disabilities in your classes. Be aware of who is a student with a disability, review their IEP, and implement the parts of the IEP you are liable for.

7 For any additional information or questions on Special Education, please contact Betty Moore.

8 Preschool

9 Preschool 3 year olds at risk and 4 year olds Blended with the Head Start Program 11 Preschool classrooms in the district Screenings: Tyner – August 2 nd McKee – August 3 rd Sand Gap – August 6 th

10 For any additional information or questions on Preschool, please contact Betty Moore.

11 Safe Schools

12 KYCID (KY Center for Instructional Discipline) Positive Behavior Instructional Supports Proactive not reactive Teaching/modeling appropriate behavior Re-teaching when necessary

13 Board Policies focused on HB 91 BOARD POLICY: STUDENTS09.422 Bullying/Hazing In order to effectively participate in the democratic process as adults, students must learn to respect the rights of others and to interact with them in a civil manner. Therefore, students are required to speak and behave in a civil manner toward students, staff and visitors to the schools. A CTIONS N OT T OLERATED The use of lewd, profane or vulgar language is prohibited. In addition, students shall not engage in behaviors such as hazing, bullying, menacing, taunting, intimidating, verbal or physical abuse of others, or other threatening behavior. 1 This policy extends to any/all student language or behavior including, but not limited to, the use of electronic or online methods. Such behavior is disruptive of the educational process and interferes with the ability of other students to take advantage of the educational opportunities offered.

14 Additional Board Policies concerning Safe Schools Issues: STUDENTS09.438 Student Discipline Code STUDENTS09.2211 Employee Reports of Criminal Activity KRS 158.156 STUDENTS09.2211 AP.21 Documentation of Reporting Required by Law STUDENTS09.221 Supervision of Students

15 KRS 158.156 Any employee of a school or a local board of education who knows or has reasonable cause to believe that a school student has been the victim of a violation of any felony offense specified in KRS Chapter 508 committed by another student while on school premises, on school-sponsored transportation, or at a school-sponsored event shall immediately cause an oral or written report to be made to the Principal of the school attended by the victim. The Principal shall notify the parents, legal guardians, or other persons exercising custodial control or supervision of the student when the student is involved in an incident reportable under this section. The Principal shall file a written report with the local school board and the local law enforcement agency or the Department of Kentucky State Police or the county attorney within forty-eight (48) hours of the original report.

16 KRS 508 Offenses 14 page handout of KRS 508 Offenses and definitions of each offense has been given to each Principal. You can contact them for a copy of the handout or to view it.

17 CAUTION: We have more and more issues every year concerning Facebook. This includes issues with both students and staff!!! You are strongly encourage you to clean out your friends and be extremely cautious in keeping students and parents of your students as friends on Facebook or any other social media that you use.

18 For any additional information or questions on Safe Schools, please contact Betty Moore.

19 Section 504

20 504 service plans are legal, binding documents and must be implemented. Guidance Counselors and/or Principals have a listing of students with a 504 plan and also have a copy of the 504 plans for individual students. Be aware who is a 504 student, review their 504 plan, and implement their 504 plan.

21 For any additional information or questions on Section 504, please consult your Principal and Guidance Counselor.

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