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MARKETING Overview Ralph R. Zerbonia President Universe Central Corporation.

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1 MARKETING Overview Ralph R. Zerbonia President Universe Central Corporation

2 Better Marketing Drives Company Value “The report found that 58 percent of ‘Best in Class’ organizations use marketing automation technologies, and are realizing increased annual revenue and decreased marketing spend year over year and achieve greater than 100 percent ROI”. The Aberdeen Group “Successful Strategies in Marketing Automation” “By 2010 over 50% of marketing staff in companies worldwide will be using enterprise software (marketing automation) as opposed to less than 20% today. Additionally, the reports projects that these tools will cut creative production cycle times by 30%.” Gartner Group Gartner Research Report (reprinted in Destination CRM)

3 Typical Business Challenges in Marketing Difficulty in demonstrating marketing ROI Lack of real-time insight into campaigns Poor data quality in marketing databases Difficulty in leveraging external data sources Inefficient processes

4 Industry Views “Marketing’s credibility within the boardroom is being damaged because of difficulties in demonstrating its true value… The number one issue is measurement and reporting which stops them from demonstrating the value they are actually delivering.” “The Marketing Credibility Gap” December 2006 “Currently, most large companies have physically separate marketing departments in different parts of the world, leading to no clear succinct global company “voice” – or unified marketing effort... It is time for marketing departments across the world to join hands.“ DM News, January 2007

5 Achieve greater marketing impact with less Change the Game in Marketing Transform every touch point into a marketing opportunity Discover the untapped potential of customers


7 Microsoft Dynamics CRM Marketing Solution Marketing Capabilities  Full feature set  Marketing Workflow  Designed for  Users  Managers  Executives

8 Comprehensive capabilities for designing, defining and re-using of marketing campaigns and programs Microsoft Advantage Campaign templates for easy re-use Intuitive tracking of estimated vs. actual costs for easy ROI analysis Product catalogs and price lists allow for offer customization Planning and Budgeting Components Campaign definition Campaign templates Product catalogs Planning and Budgeting Target list Campaign budget management Workflow based approvals

9 Data and List Management Seamless management of customer data and lists and the intuitive segmentation of that data Microsoft Advantage Data cleansing tools geared for the business user Easy manipulation of lists and views for better segmentation Workflow for triggers on external data sources Data and List Management Components Data import/export Data cleansing Query tools Data views List management Activity association

10 Campaign Management Easy execution of campaigns and seamless tracking of all related communications, and tasks for increased follow-up and results Microsoft Advantage Closed-loop campaign management Seamless tracking of communications between Outlook and Microsoft Dynamics CRM New campaigns just a “Next” button away Campaign Management Components Quick Campaign Wizard Bulk operation support Offer management Collateral management Email templates Outlook integration

11 Response and Lead Management End-to-end management of responses via guided wizards and automated conversion and follow-up of those responses Microsoft Advantage Response conversion one click away Seamless connection to lead management enables appropriate follow-up Powerful rules for response and lead scoring Response & Lead Management Components Response tracking Multi channel comms support Workflow (i.e. response scoring) Email tracking Response conversion Lead management

12 Marketing Analytics Full spectrum of sales analysis capabilities ranging from basic reporting to OLAP/data mining and dashboards Microsoft Advantage Custom reports just “Next” button away Easy report sharing and editing Collaboration with SharePoint for audience specific portals Marketing Analytics Components Dashboards Report Wizard Standard and Custom reports Trending and historical comparisons Drill-through capabilities

13 Impactful Marketing Scenarios Intelligent Data Management Intelligent Data Management Holistic Lead Management Holistic Lead Management End-to-End Campaign Management End-to-End Campaign Management Fully Integrated Marketing Targeted Cross-Selling and Up-Selling Tools that empower marketing users to manage and cleanse data across the organization Seamless tracking and conversion of leads across all parts of the organization 360° campaign management with easy campaign creation, seamless communication management Strong multi-lingual capabilities, seamless MS Office integration and robust workflow Insightful analysis for identification of key trends and discovery of hidden opportunities

14 Powered By Microsoft Robust Workflow Tools Native Outlook Client Powerful Remote Capabilities Point & Click Customization Comprehensive Business Intelligence


16 Key Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM End-to-end visibility into leads, offers, interactions, responses and marketing programs True 360° Visibility Integrated marketing across the organization drives consistent messaging and brand Improved Consistency Improved Measurability Move marketing ROI from unknown to known by clearly measuring response rates, conversions and key metrics Greater Marketing Efficiency Shorten campaign cycles by automating the planning cycles and lessening reliance on IT

17 Key Benefits for Marketing Clearly define the optimal marketing mix and pricing Drive new lead and revenue opportunities Deftly articulate the ROI of marketing programs Rapidly launch new products and offers Efficiently plan and manage budgets of campaigns Enforce consistent branding and messaging Achieve real-time visibility into campaign success Effectively mange vendor and partner relationships Seamlessly track customer comms. and interactions VP of Marketing Marketing Manager Marketing Staff

18 Key Benefits for IT Achieve rapid time to value Realize low total cost of ownership (TCO) Leverage consistent IT architecture & standards Adapt to the company as it evolves and changes Easily integrate existing applications and data Extend the power of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Adapt to the ever-changing business requirements Track key KPIs and cross-team workflows Improve relevancy via point & click customization Chief Information Officer IT Project Team Business Analyst


20 Mid-size Companies Small Businesses Large Enterprises Global Customer Base in Marketing

21 Customers in Action High-end fitness club corp. 200 users Uses Microsoft Dynamics CRM to identify trends, create tailored promotions (i.e. other gym member campaign) and initiate proactive communication. Uses workflow functionality to automate paper-based processes Global real estate services 900 users Merged disparate databases into CRM DB for global customer profile. Use Microsoft Dynamics CRM to conduct holistic needs analysis and create tailored campaigns (both locally and globally). Segment data for cross-sale/up-sale opportunities in diverse customer base. Specialty ice cream franchise Use Microsoft Dynamics CRM to run online marketing campaigns, promotions and targeted email communications (Birthday Club Program). Online form automatically populates data in Dynamics DB. Cold Stone Creamery Equinox Jones Lang & LaSalle

22 Customer Perspective “Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides us the ability to better serve our customers by delivering relevant communications and the innovative products they desire.” Cold Stone Creamery “Microsoft [Dynamics] CRM is delivering Pumpkin Patch with more targeted and effective direct marketing campaigns, resulting in high levels of customer service and satisfaction.” Pumpkin Patch “Microsoft [Dynamics CRM] helps us understand not only our own capabilities, but also new opportunities we can present to clients, so that we can channel them more effectively” Jones Lang LaSalle

23 Customer ROI 95% reduction in access time to customer data 98% reduction in time to create mass mailings by over 184% ROI achieved in 8 months 100% achievement of email capture of customers which reduced costly direct mail costs 650% increase in membership in Birthday Program from 200,000 to 1.5 million Significant reduction in costs of key marketing program per person from 80 cents to pennies “Instead of making hundreds of phone calls we used the Microsoft [Dynamics] CRM bulk e-mail system to accomplish this project. Talk about saving time and money!”

24 Partnering for Success Software and Services Partners for Marketing



27 Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Marketing: Building a Marketing Solution 27 Core components of a marketing application include: Data Import and Cleansing List Management and Segmentation Campaign Planning and Execution Campaign Response Management Workflow across Teams and Groups Tight Microsoft Office Integration Marketing Reporting and Analytics Commonly integrated components include: Email sending and response handling Complex marketing resource management modules  Operational  Analytical  Collaborative

28 Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Marketing: Leveraging External Data for Marketing Goal: Easily integrate multiple data sources to support more accurate marketing campaigns – Easily leverage data from multiple internal and external sources Third-party lists, legacy databases, billing systems, and more – Import large amounts of data easily and at non-peak hours Key Capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics CRM – Easy to use Data Import Wizard – Web services interfaces for bulk data import – Intra-team and cross-team workflow

29 Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Marketing: Coordinated Campaign Planning Goal: Enable consistent campaign planning within or across teams and regions – Support for complex cross-group and cross-region campaigns – Configurable workflow to coordinate campaign process steps – Ability to coordinate with external planning/execution vendors Key Capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics CRM – Multi-language, multi-currency, and multi-time zone support – Numerous UE enhancements in Office and Outlook – Campaign and Quick Campaign enhancements – Presence integration for real-time communication – Email management enhancements

30 Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Marketing: Effective Reference Management Goal: Manage key marketing and sales references to better match to activities and to avoid overuse – Manage reference information consistently across the organization – Enforce consistent workflow process for reference usage, including rules to prevent the excessive use of specific references – Score and rank references based on impact, and match references to fit specific prospect or campaign needs Key Capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics CRM – Intra-team and cross-team workflow – Easy-to-use Report Wizard for flexible reporting and analysis

31 Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Marketing: Ensuring High Quality in Marketing Data Goal: Maintain clean and consistent marketing data that enable accurate prospect/customer targeting – Easily import legacy and third-party data – Identify, merge, and purge duplicate data – Enforce customer data privacy and contact preference policies Key Capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics CRM – Integrated data migration tools – Batch/bulk operation support – Real-time data de-duplication and data cleansing capabilities

32 Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Marketing: Real-Time Marketing Insight Goal: Deliver real-time marketing insight and analysis across campaigns and interaction channels – Enable business users to easily create reports without IT involvement – Share, edit and store reports across teams and regions – Adjust campaigns easily based on reports and analysis – Clearly measure success of marketing programs Key Capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics CRM – Easy-to-use Report Wizard for flexible reporting and analysis – Ability to report on custom entities and across multiple entities – Multi-language reporting options – Improved mail-merge functionality

33 Additional Customer Quotes “Microsoft helps us understand not only our own capabilities, but also new opportunities we can present to clients …” Jones Lang Lasalle ““One of the things that really attracted us to Microsoft [Dynamics] CRM is that, combined with Microsoft Outlook, it’s just like one product.” “In anything else, you’d be duplicating efforts in two separate products.” Whistler Tourism “We chose Microsoft Dynamics CRM because it’s a flexible tool that integrates easily with other systems. It also provides a familiar interface and is easy for our employees to learn and use.” Cold Stone Creamery

34 Top 5 Reasons to Choose Microsoft for Marketing Automation Microsoft Dynamics CRM delivers: Seamless tracking of customer communications Cross-channel, workflow-driven marketing processes Easy collaboration with inside & field sales processes Superior data import and cleansing tools Business intelligence tools geared for the marketing user

35 Action! Ralph R. Zerbonia Universe Central Corporation 330-720-4525

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