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Break Out from a Marketing Slump with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

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1 Break Out from a Marketing Slump with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

2 What’s On The Agenda Today Today’s Marketing Challenges New Choices for Managing Customer Relationships Microsoft CRM Momentum Managing Marketing with Microsoft CRM Demonstration

3 Key Challenges in Managing Marketing Ineffective lead tracking & follow-up Lack of targeted communications Lack of proper customer segmentation Inability to measure effectiveness/ROI Unjustifiable marketing spend Declining Market Share Ineffective Campaigns

4 Includes an end-to-end process that allows you to collect actionable information about each customer How to Manage Marketing Challenges? Creates a customer- focused culture Helps your employees analyze customer information Makes it easier for employees to collaborate with internally and externally A Winning CRM Strategy

5 How is CRM Different from Contact Management? Customer Facing Sales, service, and marketing activities Process-focused Workflow drives consistent execution Team-oriented Collaborate with others inside and outside of the organization

6 A 2004 AMR Research study found that 28 percent of CRM projects 33 percent had »Two-thirds of respondents were with the ease of use of their CRM system »More than half of respondents were with their CRM system's return on investment (ROI) “First-Generation” CRM Problems A 2005 Forrester Research study found that

7 What Do Businesses Need From CRM Systems? Reliable user adoption Great business fit Fast, flexible, and affordable technology

8 New Choices For CRM Systems Today! Yesterday’s Choice Complicated CRM Systems That You Own Generic Hosted CRM That You Rent Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customize to Your Business Needs Easy to Get, Easy to Use – On-premise and/or Hosted Today’s Choice Heavy, complex, and expensive Basic but “easy to get”

9 Microsoft Dynamics CRM At A Glance Over 7,500 customers Over 250,000 users Full suite of marketing, sales, and service Native Office experience Web services architecture Fast, flexible, and affordable Available in 22 languages Microsoft CRM Customer Growth Worldwide 100% 100% 100%

10 Strong Growth Around The World Small BusinessesLarge Enterprises Midsized Companies Strong Growth Around The World

11 The Power Of An Integrated Solution SalesService Marketing Service-oriented architecture built on industry standards Easy for users to adopt Easy for IT to manage Deploys on-premise or hosted A complete CRM suite that utilizes the power and productivity of the Microsoft platform

12 Customers Speak Out “Quiznos successfully implemented Microsoft Dynamics CRM just over a year ago for approximately 550 users. We are planning on upgrading to version 3.0 to take advantage of several new features, including the addition of entities along with advanced querying and exporting capabilities.” – Kristie Reid, IT project manager, Quiznos “I was sold on Microsoft CRM the first time I saw it,” – John Walker, Sr. VP, Bus Dev, Phoenix Suns “Microsoft CRM is getting more powerful in the marketplace. It’s more accessible, the price is right, it’s easier to adopt. Greater flexibility to automate existing business processes is a critical win,” – Berhard McMahan, Chairman, JustGoodBusiness

13 Key Benefits Of Microsoft CRM Works the Way You Do –It’s an easy and natural way for your people to use CRM Works the Way Technology Should –It’s fast, flexible, and affordable Works the Way Your Business Does –It can be tailored to fit each business

14 Microsoft CRM | Works the Way You Do Native Microsoft Outlook Folders & Command Bar Automatic calendar, contact, task and email synchronization Quick views of relevant information Drive sales, service, and marketing right from Outlook. Track activities with a single click. Share views across your team.

15 Microsoft CRM | Works the Way Your Business Does Powerful reporting via SQL Reporting Services Take data into Excel while maintaining a live data link Secure, roles-based access at the database level Create workflow based on standard and custom entities Evaluate conditions and actions across systems New Lead Received Existing Account? Create New Acct Create New Oppty Assign to Telesales Alert Sales Rep Y N

16 Microsoft CRM | Works the Way Technology Should Roles-Based User Experience Business Workflow and Visibility Integration and Extensibility Use Outlook, browser, or mobile device Get just the right tasks to each user Intelligent links to Microsoft Office Drive more consistent process execution Tailor the system to fit your business Get instant visibility and alerts Web services architecture Connect multiple systems in real-time Easily import & export data

17 Microsoft CRM Delivers Customer Choice On-Premise Microsoft CRM Partner-Hosted On-Premise Partner-Hosted Start hosted or on-premise, and migrate easily if your needs change

18 Managing Marketing with Microsoft CRM Measure Success Report campaign effectiveness Define & track metrics Communicate through dashboards (SharePoint, BSM) Identify Right Target Segment customers & create campaign lists Utilize external lists Leverage Business Intelligence Manage Campaigns Personalized message Reusable Campaign templates Integrated campaign execution (ISV) Distribute leads Distribute leads automatically Avoid duplicates Track leads through closure

19 Marketing Demo

20 Microsoft CRM | Marketing Key Benefits Plan proactively by turning customer information into clear, actionable knowledge Understand your customers by having a total view of their history, instantly accessible by the entire organization Make better business decisions with robust reporting and analytical tools that offer real-time visibility into customer behavior Reach the right prospects by executing campaigns built with intelligent list and segmentation tools Build deeper customer relationships by using a closed-loop view of each customer’s preferences, relationships and buying history to anticipate future needs Launch campaigns quickly with making successful campaigns into easily deployable templates

21 Customer Business Challenge Solution Customer Results/Benefits Improved efficiency by 25 percent Increased sales opportunities Reduced administrative costs by 15 percent Saved U.S.$30,000 per year coordinating sales pipelines Improved services Implemented Microsoft ® Business Solutions CRM as a centralized repository for all customer information Deployed Microsoft SQL ServerTM 2000 for its database solution Connected disparate systems with Microsoft BizTalk ® Server 2004 Needed to improve cross-departmental sales opportunities Wanted to take advantage of existing IT systems and custom applications Needed better sales forecasting Construction company implements CRM solution, increases efficiency by 25% “Our company isn’t big enough for a full-blown ERP system, but we’re sophisticated enough to want that kind of detailed view of data. Microsoft CRM is the perfect balance.” Bob Frey, Vice President of Service Sales, McKinstry Company

22 Microsoft CRM | Next Steps Choose Microsoft CRM for the technology and platform to manage marketing in your business –Outstanding user experience and user adoption –Great business fit and visibility into results –Scalable and secure platform with great extensibility Define a complete CRM solution and plan that includes people, process, and technology –Microsoft and its global network of partners are committed to your success

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