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The Dyslexic Learner supported by WYNN 5.1 Presented by Elaine Huot M.Ed. Educational Consultant, Language Specialist Success Stream Learning for Freedom.

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1 The Dyslexic Learner supported by WYNN 5.1 Presented by Elaine Huot M.Ed. Educational Consultant, Language Specialist Success Stream Learning for Freedom Scientific

2 Welcome What is Dyslexia? Support for Dyslexics Growing up Dyslexic The Dyslexic Brain Overview of WYNN Using WYNN to support reading, writing and studying for adult learners

3 What is Dyslexia? Dyslexia is a specific learning disability that is neurological in origin. It is characterized by difficulties with accurate and/or fluent word recognition and by poor spelling and decoding abilities. Dyslexics struggle with reading comprehension and reduced fluency that can impede the growth of vocabulary and background knowledge.

4 Dyslexia continued… A lifelong challenge Dyslexic students are successful learners Dyslexia is not tied to IQ scores

5 What is being done to help Dyslexics Early intervention helps avoid lack of confidence and motivation Learning to “Break the Code” using logical best practice intervention programs Linguistically based rules, tools, and student specific learning strategies that address the learning style of each student Reading rate and fluency can remain slow as they mature into adult students

6 Growing up Dyslexic How come I don’t get it? Where are they hiding the secret decoder ring? How do I escape my turn? Mastering socially acceptable avoidance behaviors Learning to cope

7 The Dyslexic Brain How the dyslexic brain works Neurological evidence FMRI’s Time and more time…

8 Why More Time? New information Accommodation Retrieval The processing speed

9 What is WYNN? WYNN- What You Need Now “What I Needed Then” PC software that employs universal design concepts to provide multi-sensory access to reading materials (textbooks, electronic files, Internet) Tools to customize the reading environment, increase comprehension and support writing Used in school districts, adult literacy and employment settings to assist struggling readers and writers

10 WYNN benefits struggling learners A user interface that’s easy to learn, easy to use The ability to switch between an Exact View image of the original document and a highly customizable Text View to support visual processing difficulties Powerful web browsing including new improvements with the 5.10 version Integrated study tools for comprehension/retention Integrated tools for cleaning up scanned or imported documents

11 WYNN is simple to learn and easy to use Four color-coded tool bars for ease of use Pull down menus, short-cut keys, customized tool bars are available BLUE: File Management GREEN: Reading Options PINK: Study Tools YELLOW: Writing Support

12 Moving information into WYNN Create a WYNN file from any document in any application rtf., txt, doc, html: Open from within WYNN Must have WYNN Wizard to: * Scan : print materials using a flat bed scanner Freedom Import Printer: Import a file from any application of your choice in color or black and white Issue a Print command (File/Print, Ctrl-P) The document will imported to WYNN to read in Exact View or Text View Using WYNN Wizard or WYNN Reader you may also : New: Create a new document Open: existing files or files from disk Go to Web: browse the Internet and copy text into WYNN,

13 Create a customized view of text Exact View: exact image of original document - View graphics, labeled diagrams, page layout - Read from specific part of page Text View: highly customized electronic text - highly modified text without graphics - read in preferred size, spacing, colors - address visual and auditory processing difficulties Switch between views with a single click

14 Web Access with WYNN Web Tools Toolbar –Search Web pages and store favorite Web sites using left sidebar to access them in one click –WebMasking feature can mask by line, sentence or paragraph. Web spotlight feature can spotlight by word, line, sentence or paragraph as text is being read –Highlight text on Internet page with select colors to mark key topics and ideas –Extract highlighted text and transfer it to a WYNN document, or extract any selected text from Web page –One click grabs all text that has been selected, opens WYNN document and pastes text into your WYNN document

15 More Web tools Dictionary feature helps the learner access definitions while reading Web selection File List button opens left-hand panel, switching among open documents Close page button closes current Web page being viewed

16 The Reading Environment Customize: size, spacing, margins, text background color Masking feature: dims out all text but that selected Highly customize the auditory and visual reading of text to address the specific reader’s needs

17 Reading Environment Address auditory processing difficulties: –select a voice for reading the text from “Real Speak (SAPI 5) voices new to v.5.10 –Customize rate of speech, length of pause between sentences, reading increments A single click provides immediate results and settings are automatically saved for each user upon exit

18 Study, Comprehend, Master The Study Tools Toolbar –Insert text and voice notes in the text –Paraphrase and summarize main ideas and details with text and voice notes –Highlight main ideas, details, vocabulary -Study vocabulary creating lists -Dictionary and Thesaurus – recursive feature -Synonym lists within dictionary feature The text is always visible when adding study features or using dictionary features

19 Writing Support and Editing Writing Tools Toolbar Hear what you write, see your text in your preferred visual settings Outlines – create visually organized study cards for concepts and topics Word Predict – suggests words as text is typed, it keeps pace with flow of ideas and spelling, right mouse click will speak words without adding to text Homophone support gives definitions and reads the word in context Spell check as You Type

20 Summary WYNN – assistive technology that provides access to text that can be transformed and highly customized to meet the learners specific needs Tools for writing, studying and comprehension Addresses the processing difficulties for Dyslexics Provides time to assimilate information in a form that supports auditory and visual challenges Streamlines research with talking web access All-in-one program with user interface optimized for the struggling learner

21 Contact Information Elaine Huot 303-579-4496 Dyslexic and Academic Evaluations Assistive Technology Training – WYNN and Dragon Naturally Speaking Language Therapist

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