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Record Import Service Importing files of records into LA via the Internet.

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1 Record Import Service Importing files of records into LA via the Internet

2 RIS in relation to other services

3 Upload Via Web browser Via FTP client Overnight processing



6 Streams Bib and holdings Bibs only Holdings only Add only Overlay

7 Example File names ANL-B.D22 ANL-H.D35 ANL-D.D46

8 Filters Standardize the MARC data Rules, rule sets and profiles Corrections and validations

9 Conversion MARC-8 to UTF-8 MARC to PICA internal format

10 Matching Control numbers (001, 010, 035) General similarity algorithm Limits of duplicate detection

11 Merging Preserve the existing DB record unless incoming record is clearly better (higher encoding level or more script) Capture data from un-preferred record if we lack it Always capture holdings and electronic locations

12 Review Via LACC by ANBD staff

13 Summary statistics Record counts Received 273 Edit Failed 7 Edit Warning 2 Edit Passed 266 Bib Load Failed 0 Load Passed 264 Load New 10 Load Matched 254 Load Deleted 0 Load Review 2 Load Unprocessed 0 Holding New 10 Holding Matched 254 Holding Deleted 0

14 Reports Errors (.mrc and.txt) Warnings (.mrc and.txt) Review.txt Unprocessed.txt Nonhits (.mrc and.txt)



17 Record Formats MARC21 MARC-8 or UTF-8 DBTextworks LA Non-MARC format LA Abbreviated MARC format

18 Minimum record standard AACR2 level 1 description The following Leader codes: –Type of record –Bibliographic level –Encoding level The following 008 character positions: –Date of publication code –Date 1. The minimum data required in this position is two digits followed by XX, e.g. 20XX –Country of publication code For the first level of description include the following: –A minimum of one name or uniform title heading if applicable –Title proper –Statement of responsibility –Publication details –Extent of item The only mandatory field for non-Roman script data is the 245 field (Title)

19 Australian National Union Catalogue code The use of the Australian Content code, MARC tag 042 with code "anuc", denotes eligibility of a bibliographic or authority record for inclusion in the Australian National Union Catalogue.

20 Joining RIS Send test file Get feedback Have Reception profile set Have contact for reports set

21 Questions?

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