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Digital Author Identification UKSG 17 – 18 april 2007 Daniel van Spanje.

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1 Digital Author Identification UKSG 17 – 18 april 2007 Daniel van Spanje

2 2 DAI in DARE DARE: Digital Academic REpositories –Universities + KNAW + NWO + KB –Infrastructure for linking the IR –Stimulate production of digital scientific output –2003 – 2006 2007 – 2010: SURFshare

3 3 Main issues in DAI Unique identifying number for researchers / authors National scale Benefits: –Improve searching for electronic publications –Integrate searching for electronic and non- electronic publications –Link Library (Catalogue) and research environment (Metis)

4 4 Two projects Pilot in 2005 – 2006 –one university: Groningen Roll-out 2006 - 2007 –13 academic research organizations Project leader: Anneloes Degenaar DAI website at University of Groningen: – –

5 5 Organizations involved in DAI 13 universities + CWI + KNAW SURF UCI OCLC PICA

6 6 Systems involved Institutional repository / DAREnet Metis Dutch Union Catalogue (NCC/PiCarta)

7 7 Institutional Repositories / DAREnet

8 8


10 10 METIS

11 11 METIS

12 12 National Union Catalogue

13 13 Shared Cataloguing System (GGC)

14 14 Shared Cataloguing System (GGC)

15 15 Names and other issues Authors with the same name Use of one or more initials Changing names Spelling variants Diacritics Pseudonymes Name in religion Nicknames Collective names Different structure of names in other languages and cultures ….. Discussions on standardization and unification started in the Netherlands in the Orion project (2003-2004)

16 16 Proposed solution Need established “External”Requirements: –use existing mechanisms –local management –national function Solution: use “collocation” mechanism of libraries and Metis as source

17 17 Cataloguing and Metis Cataloguing Metis GGC Repository NTA

18 18 Use authority records (NTA) in Metis Metis GGC Repository NTA Cataloguing CWI

19 19 How did we link Mechanisms –Initial load per organization –Online input buttons (webtemplates) –XML output –Synchronization mechanisms Requirements –No overwrite of library data! –Deduplication (Matching/merging)

20 20 Datamodel developed Datamodel copied from bibliographic model: three levels Metis name-information added to library data; no overwrite Affiliations and other fields added

21 21 Structure of bibliographic data Bibliographic metadata YoP / LoP / / Title / Author Imprint / LCSH / DDC Groningen bibdat: Subject headings Amsterdam bibdat Subject headings Copy level: Location holding shelfnumber Copy level: Location holding shelfnumber Copy level: Location holding shelfnumber Copy level: Location holding shelfnumber Linked Authority record general local copy

22 22 Structure of authority data Thesaurusrecord Name of author Variant names Groningen data (Metis name) Amsterdam data (Metis name) Affiliation Begin End Affiliation Begin End Affiliation Begin End Affiliation Begin End Linked Authority record Library record Metis Affiliation

23 23 Example authority record + added fields Library data Metis Researcher Name Affiliation data

24 24 Example authority record + added fields

25 25 Datamodel: fields Authority file Nationality Language Name (best known) Name (most complete) Maiden name Name variants Date of birth Date of death Profession / subject Link to pseudonyms notes Entry date Update date Note: proper name field includes subfields for first name, middle name, last name, prefix, suffix Added fields Local researcher number Metis name (preferred) Metis name Sex Code organisation Name organisation Start date employment Enddate employment Code function Description of function Code of employment Notes Entry date Update date

26 26 Initial load Metis makes list of names Manual dedup of list Dedup in Metis Make Metis export Format conversion Load B-records (? Duplicates?) Export DAI’s to Metis Manual dedup by library staff Load DAI in Metis Load new names (not found) Merge names with names found Match names with auth file

27 27 Initial load Data enrichment in Metis Export from Metis Conversion to cataloguing system Matching Merging: merge / new / B-record Results depend on quality metadata –95 % automatic / 5% manual –70% automatic/ 30 % manual. –50 % automatic / 50 % manual

28 28 Online process DAI-button in Metis to create DAI-number Export DAI-button in NTA/Cataloguingsystem to Metis DAI-button in IR to create DAI-number Separate DAI-http-request for online input Online input via current cataloguing tool + Offline synchronization mechanisms between Metis and NTA

29 29 DAI-button in Metis

30 30 URL link instead of button &metis_export_url= d&p_onderzoekernummer=00033&p_naam_medewerker=Rotteveel&p _voorletter=R&p_voorvoegsel=&p_titulatuur=&p_voorkeur=J&p_gesla cht=M&p_geboortedatum=01-07- 1974&p_code_functie=20&p_functie=Universitair%20hoofddocent&p_c ode_organisatie=22020200&p_organisatie_a=Medical%20Microbiology &p_begin_aanstelling=01-01-2005&p_einde_aanstelling=01-01-2006 d&p_onderzoekernummer=00033&p_naam_medewerker=Rotteveel&p _voorletter=R&p_voorvoegsel=&p_titulatuur=&p_voorkeur=J&p_gesla cht=M&p_geboortedatum=01-07- 1974&p_code_functie=20&p_functie=Universitair%20hoofddocent&p_c ode_organisatie=22020200&p_organisatie_a=Medical%20Microbiology &p_begin_aanstelling=01-01-2005&p_einde_aanstelling=01-01-2006

31 31 Input form for Metis fields

32 32 Results of the DAI project Now: –50% of the researchers have a DAI –Procedure for initial load in place –Start with online procedure –Privacy statement Autumn 2007 –Online procedure in place –Procedure for synchronization in place –100% of the researchers will have a DAI in 2007 (ca. 40.000)

33 33 Things to do Finalize the roll-out, develop services (passport …) and implement a usergroup Add DAI in metadatastandards (DCX, MODS) International standardisation: ISPI Involve authors for controll and updating

34 34 Concluding remark

35 35 Thanks

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