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Aeronautical Survey Training Workshop Corbin Training Facility AC-5300-16 Geodetic Control November 14-18, 2011.

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1 Aeronautical Survey Training Workshop Corbin Training Facility AC-5300-16 Geodetic Control November 14-18, 2011

2 Agenda for AC-16 Geodetic Control Where to start Overview (Plans and Data) Survey Requirements Survey monuments Observations and data collection Data processing Required deliverables and submission

3 Where to start Statement of Work (SOW) –Geodetic Control Options NEW PACS/SACS (AC-16 2.2.1) Verify Existing PACS/SACS (AC-18 Temporary Survey Marks (TSM’s) (AC 2.2.2) AC-16 –FAA AGIS Web PageFAA AGIS Web Page

4 Where to start - AC 16 (continued) –What are PACS/SACS? Permanent Survey Marks tied to NSRS (AC 8.4.1- 8.6.1) Horizontal and Vertical Datums (AC 3.1+3.2) –NAD 1983 –NAVD 1988 (Priority on BM’s)

5 Where to start (cont.) Introducing the NGS Web Page: FAA AC150 5300-16 Deliverables (Examples)FAA AC150 5300-16 Deliverables (Examples) –Sample Geodetic Control Plan (New PACS/SACS) Minimum Requirements (Big Picture) –Airport Summary Report –Station Table –Airport Control Plot –Reconnaissance Photos

6 Minimum Requirements Big Picture (cont.) –Station Location Sketch and Visibility Diagrams –GPS Observing Scheme –Project Vector Diagram –Proposed Instrumentation List –Listing of Data Processing Software –Quality Control Plan

7 Where to Start (cont.) NGS Example Geodetic Control Plan –The above is a link to the NGS example of a Geodetic Control Plan

8 Where to Start (cont.) –Sample AC-16 Data Submission (New PACS/SACS) Minimum Requirements (Big Picture) –Data (Raw Receiver and Rinex) –Field Logs –Photographs –Vector Processing Output –Project Vector Diagram

9 Where to Start (cont.) Minimum Requirements Data Big Picture (cont.) –Adjustment and Checking Program Output –Descriptions –Final Report NGS Example AC 16 Data

10 Where to Start (cont.) What is required regarding AC-16 Plans and associated Data for the Verify Existing PACS/SACS or Temporary Survey Marks (TSM’s) Geodetic Control options? –AC-16 Geodetic Control Plans are not required Do describe Geodetic Control within AC-18 Survey & QC Plan –Submit any Data with the AC-18 Data (Survey Data) submission

11 Overview (AC-16 Plans - New PACS/SACS) RECON

12 Overview (AC-16 Plans - New PACS/SACS) Survey Preparation and RECON –NGS Database search Existing Stations (stability code A, B, or C) –Need to Occupy by GPS NSRS (HARN & BM Tie Candidates) –Definition of HARN Stations –BM Priority Table

13 Bench Mark Priority Table

14 Overview (AC-16 Plans - New PACS/SACS) (cont.) Survey Preparation and RECON –NGS Database search NGS Data Sheets DSWORLD Software WINDESC

15 Overview (AC-16 Plans - New PACS/SACS) (cont.) RECON –Importance of Airport Manager Interview Clearance to work on Airport Any Existing NGS Marks on Airport (Published or Unpublished)? Candidate sites for New Marks –Clear of future construction –Underground Utilities Airport Security and Safety

16 Overview (AC-16 Plans - New PACS/SACS) (cont.) –Required Equipment for Vehicle –Unescorted access to AOA Control Tower or Unicom Taxiway Designations/Map FAA Terminal Procedures Publication FAA Airport Facility Directory Call Sign –FAA Guide Airport Ground Vehicle OperationsFAA Guide Airport Ground Vehicle Operations –Get a familiarization Tour of Airport

17 Overview (AC-16 Plans - New PACS/SACS) (cont.) Survey Requirements/New PACS/SACS –Survey Monuments Mark Settings/Stability Code A, B, or C Stamping must be the LID followed by a sequential letter, followed by the year the mark was set. (eg. SFQ A 2009, SFQ B 2009, SFQ C 2009) Site Conditions –Greater than 60 meters from runway edge –PACS/SACS should be 400 meters apart –Clear of ILS critical areas

18 Overview (AC-16 Plans - New PACS/SACS) (cont.) –Intervisibility PACS and both SACS are all intervisible with each other PACS is intervisible with both SACS but the SACS are not intervisible with each other. PACS is intervisible with one SACS and both SACS intervisible with each other

19 Overview (AC-16 Plans - New PACS/SACS) (cont.) –Use of existing monumentation (PACS) Meets stability A or B An existing concrete mark with a published stability of “C” can be used if it meets the requirements of Section –The disk already exists –The monument is poured in place concrete –The monument is a triangulation station, azimuth mark, or bench mark stamped “U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey”, or any mark stamped “National Geodetic Survey.” –The monument is set below the frost line. –The monument is set in non-expansive soils. –The monument shows no evidence of movement. –The monument meets all siting, construction, and intervisibility requirements.

20 Overview (AC-16 Plans - New PACS/SACS) (cont.) Use of existing monumentation (SACS) An existing mark may be used as a SACS if the mark meets A, B, or C stability.

21 Overview (AC-16 Plans - New PACS/SACS) (cont.) Station Location Sketch and Visibility Diagram –Required for all marks (Proposed and Existing) –Show survey marks relation to Runway ends Taxiways Airport Lights, fence lines, buildings Reference measurements

22 Overview (AC-16 Plans - New PACS/SACS) (cont.) Observations (minimum) and data collections –Observation LogsObservation Logs –CORS to PACS (TWO 4 hour sessions) –HARN Tie (ONE 4 hour session) –BM Ties(2 BM’s- ONE 4 hour session) –SACS – (TWO 1.5 hour sessions) –See AC 8.7.4- –See AC 8.7.5-8.7.6

23 Overview (AC-16 Plans - New PACS/SACS) (cont.)


25 Example Project Vector Diagram

26 Overview (AC-16 Plans - New PACS/SACS) (cont.) –Required deliverables Geodetic Control Plan NGS Sample –Submission FAA AGIS Web Portal

27 Overview (AC-16 Data - New PACS/SACS) Survey Requirements – New PACS/SACS –Data Processing PAGE NT Software (See AC 8.8.1)PAGE NT –Be sure to update the files on your computer from this site on a regular basis –Be sure to download the PRECISE ephemeris (CORS download page) –NGS recommends also downloading the Global Navigation File (CORS download page) Adjust Utilities SoftwareAdjust Utilities

28 Overview (AC-16 Data - New PACS/SACS) (cont.) Vector Processing (AC 8.8) –Pay attention to sequential order of vector processing –Solution type based on vector distance –PACS processed first –Process BM Ties from PACS –Process HARN Tie from PACS –Create PACS Gfile –SACS processed relative to PACS –Create SACS Gfile –See Readme.txt file for PAGE NT sample data set

29 Overview (AC-16 Data - New PACS/SACS) (cont.) –NGS example (Process and Compare with posted G file)NGS example –Special Consideration for AZ, OR, WA, NV, CA, and AK HTDP – Update positions and observations to a specified date.HTDP

30 Example Vector Processing Scheme Averaged Coordinates for PACS 1 st CORS to PACS Session 2 nd CORS to PACS Session

31 Solve Coordinates for PACS

32 Example Vector Processing Scheme (cont.)

33 Averaged PACS coordinates PACS to HARN and BMs (L3) PACS to SACS (L1)

34 Example Vector Processing Scheme (cont.) PACS to HARN and bench mark AND PACS to SACS sessions only

35 Overview (AC-16 Data - New PACS/SACS) (cont.) Create TWO separate Gfiles from running Sinex2g.exe –PACS.gfl – Contains CORS, PACS, HARN, BM vectors –SACS.gfl – Contains PACS and SACS vectors

36 Overview (AC-16 Data - New PACS/SACS) (cont.) Create TWO separate Bfiles –PACS.bfl – Contains CORS, PACS, HARN, and BM stations, sessions, and GPS antenna/receiver information –SACS.bfl – Contains PACS and SACS stations, sessions, and GPS antenna/receiver information

37 Overview (AC-16 Data - New PACS/SACS) (cont.) Create TWO sets of Afiles –Horizontal Free –Horizontal Constrained –Horizontal Free with Accuracies (QQRECORD) –Vertical Free –Vertical Constrained

38 Overview (AC-16 Data - New PACS/SACS) (cont.) Bluebook Adjustments (AC 8.9.2) –Pay attention to sequence of adjustments –PACS adjusted first –SACS adjusted relative to PACS (do NOT run MODGEE) –Run all Adjust checking programs on final files –Criteria for NSRS HARN Tie 5cm hor, 10cm ellipsoid –Criteria for NSRS BM Tie 15cm orthometric –Criteria for PACS to SACS 3cm hor, 4cm ellipsoid, 5cm ortho

39 Overview (AC-16 Data - New PACS/SACS) (cont.) Import final Bfile into WINDESC and complete descriptions/recovery notes for all stations except CORS. –Run spell check on all descriptions –Run DISCREP on all descriptions –Run NEIGHBOR on all descriptions –Export and check the Dfile Run OBSDES to compare final Bfile and Dfile

40 Overview (AC-16 Data - New PACS/SACS) (cont.) Required Deliverables –NGS SampleNGS Sample Submission –FAA AGIS Web PortalFAA AGIS Web Portal

41 Help and Training NGS Web Page: FAA AC150 5300-16 DeliverablesFAA AC150 5300-16 Deliverables Training –Corbin Training CenterCorbin Training Center

42 Questions ?

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