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Electronic Airport Layout Plans - “eALP” ACA, September 15, 2010 Kevin Shirer, AAE.

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1 Electronic Airport Layout Plans - “eALP” ACA, September 15, 2010 Kevin Shirer, AAE

2 FAA eALP Update Overview eALP – What’s an eALP? – Who is doing eALPs now? – Data Development: convert existing or new? What You Need to Know – Data Standards (AC’s) – FAA Airports GIS – “AGIS” Website – FAA “IDLE” Training Summary: What’s next

3 FAA eALP Update Presenter Background Kevin Shirer, AAE – Airport Management – 18 Years: PHX, SAT, SDL – Consultant – 6 Years – Airport eALP Projects: DEN, TUL, DSM – Airport GIS/IT Projects: PHX, ORD, SAN, LAX – FAA “IDLE” - Airport GIS Training Program

4 FAA eALP Update Imagery CADD Survey GPS Sensors Spatial Data Attribute Data GIS GIS Definition Integration of geographic data, other data and software Geographic Information System

5 FAA eALP Update What’s an ALP? – Airport Layout – Airport Airspace – Inner Approach – Departure Surfaces – Terminal Area – Land Use – Property Map – Data Sheet – Narrative Report

6 FAA eALP Update FAA Data Standards (ACs) Electronic deliverable Electronic approvals Defined views in Web Viewer Database Features & Attributes Electronic Viewer – Yes Engineering accuracy Various CADD Standards Paper deliverables Paper signature approvals ALP plan sheets Electronic Viewer – No Planning accuracy What’s an Electronic “eALP” ALP eALP

7 FAA eALP Update Video FAA AGIS & eALP Viewer

8 FAA eALP Update eALP’s – Who’s doing them? FAA Southwest Region – Initial 9 “pilot” – DFW, ATL, HRL, … New eALPs now starting – DEN, TUL, DSM, PIT, … eALP RFQ’s to be released soon – SFO, IWA, GUM, FAI, … Expanding existing ALP/Planning projects – ABQ, SAT, MRY, …

9 FAA eALP Update eALP Benefits One source/location for multiple ALPs Data accessible through a web portal FAA reviews – electronic workflow – Comments are electronic – iterative process Engineering level accuracy – useful for airport & FAA purposes

10 FAA eALP Update eALP – Proposed Future Non Primary Small/Non Hubs Large/Medium Hubs Graphic Courtesy of FAA AAS-100

11 FAA eALP Update Data Development; Use Existing or New? Data Sources – Survey Field collection Aerial Imagery & Photogrammetry Scanning – Design CAD Standards – AC 150/5300-16A; Survey Control – AC 150/5300-17B; Aerial Imagery – AC 150/5300-18B; GIS Data Standards

12 Data

13 FAA eALP Update Reuse Existing or New Validating existing data is nearly as intensive as collecting new Submittal of data to FAA “AGIS” Verification by NGS

14 ACs: 150/5300- 16A, 17B, 18B

15 FAA eALP Update What you need to know now 1.Become Familiar with the ACs 2.Determine the Type of Project 3.Determine Project Requirements AC 150/5300-18B, Table 2-1 4.Determine Data Sources 5.Collect New Data Survey Aerial 6.Develop Compliant Data 7.Submit to the FAA

16 FAA eALP Update eALP Data Review ALP CAD File Examination ArcView

17 FAA eALP Update AC 150/5300-16A Geodetic control network: – Primary Airport Control Station (PACS) and – Secondary Airport Control Station (SACS); 2 or more Tied to National Spatial Reference System (NSRS), maintained by the National Geodetic Survey (NGS) Data must meet geographic accuracy – 95% RMS

18 -AC 150/5300- 16A Survey Control: Monuments - PACS SACS

19 FAA eALP Update AC 150/5300-18B, Feature Definition Name & Definition Geometry Type CADD Equivalency Data Capture Rule Survey Location Accuracy Attributes

20 FAA eALP Update The Road Ahead eALP guidance and specifications – Pilot Program Lessons Learned will affect changes – Data update processes & data archiving Data creation for airports – FAA AGIS Training – FAA IDLE

21 FAA eALP Update FAA Airports GIS – “AGIS” Website

22 FAA eALP Update FAA IDLE Training Information is presented to 3 different user levels, and is more detailed and comprehensive for each: 22 Less Detail Level 1 Airport Managers, Proponents, Planners Level 2 Functional Managers (FAA) More Detail Level 3 Surveyors & Contractors

23 FAA eALP Update Summary Technology & FAA Goals for data management = industry culture shift FAA ACs are requirements! Resources for small airports are a challenge FAA “Go Slow” approach is now accelerating

24 FAA eALP Update More Information: FAA AGIS & FAA IDLE Training

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