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FAA Airports GIS (AGIS)

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1 FAA Airports GIS (AGIS)
AC 18 and AXIM Standards/Symbology Charles Adler, Contract Support for AGIS Robert Bonanni, National Resource Expert for Airport Airspace Issues Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Airport Engineering Division (AAS-100)

2 Current Status of Data Different Naming Conventions
Different Accuracies Different Symbology Different Applications Different Publications Different Perspectives and Stakeholders

3 Databases Feature Classes Feature Attributes Relationships
Applications Sharing and Exchange!

4 The Data Order Internal FAA Order Responsibilities
Authoritative Sources Workflows Updating and Maintenance

5 The Advisory Circulars
Advisory Circular (AC) 150/ , “General Guidance and Specifications for Submission of Aeronautical Surveys to NGS: Field Data Collection and Geographic Information System (GIS) Standards.” AC 17 – Imagery AC 16 – Geodetic Control AC 19 – Non-FAA Funded Small Airports

6 The Applications of NextGen
Airports GIS (AGIS) Data Usage: eALP (electronic Airport Layout Plan) Airport Diagrams (black and white) OE/AAA analyses Airport Moving Maps In-Cockpit Applications Inter-Agency Needs… 6

7 eALP Example - DFW View 14 Data Table

8 Runway Safety Area Inventory (RSAI)

9 Airspace Analysis - Dublin

10 Future NextGen GIS Viewer 3D Visualization and Analysis

11 Future NextGen 3D Visualization Departure Surface/Obstructions

12 Data GAP Analyses AIM/NFDC and External Data Exchange
NASR and AXIM Data Model Airports/AIM and Internal Data Models AGIS to AXIM Databases: SOAR, NAP, RSA, OE/AAA, and the others 12

13 Aeronautical Data Exchange from AGIS to AIXM Identifying Mapping Solutions for Data Integration
Talk to almost any Tech Ops field technician and they will tell you (if they can remember them all) the number of times they were on an airport surveying to install a new navaid and ran into other surveyors from NGS or working from the airport. All of them collecting the same or very similar information, all trying to occupy the same control monument But why? Why were there numerous survey crews all doing different tasks on the same airport but collecting the same data? It just didn’t make sense then, it doesn’t now. This is the genesis of the Airport Surveying/GIS Program

14 FAA AGIS 2010 Tasks Workflow Streamlining using Auto-generation
Database Integration (5010/ADCR, SOAR, RSA, CAEG, NASR, NAP, OE/AAA) Modular Tool Development FAA LOB’s Geo-Processing Tools and CONUS Query AC’s 16B, 17B, 18C, 19A 3-D Viewing and Analysis Maintenance Workflow and In-Service Review Helpdesk Tier 1 and 2 Technological Reviews (Satellite and LiDAR) Ortho-Imagery Submission 14

15 FGDC 2010 Potential Tasks Facilitate the identification of authoritative sources Convey and encourage adoption of aviation requirements of non-aviation feature classes Continue coordination with DOD Establish an inter-agency process 15


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