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Trinity HS Senior College Planning Meeting Mon. , Sept

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1 Trinity HS Senior College Planning Meeting Mon. , Sept
Trinity HS Senior College Planning Meeting Mon., Sept. 29th, :30PM HOW TO PLAN, APPLY, AND PAY FOR COLLEGE

2 Welcome parents I am Leigh Bell, school counselor for students with last names L-Z I help all students navigate college admissions, financial aid, and scholarships I have been the senior counselor for 14 years now and been in education for 18 years. New to Trinity this year and happy to be a part of Bulldog Nation!

3 TONIGHT’S TOPICS Extracurricular Activities & Community Service through high school Course selection & grades and how that impacts college admissions ACT/SAT tests and preparation Applying to college Paying for college Advice from parent of 2014 graduate General Q&A

4 Extracurricular Activities & Community Service
Both play a big role in competitive college admissions & competitive scholarship success Students need to keep track of their volunteer work & extracurricular activities since 9th grade on their own student data sheet. See Jane Doe sample data sheet in your folder. Always give your data sheet to a recommender and include with scholarship applications Be specific about “what” you did within your community service, hours devoted, leadership positions held Colleges and scholarships want to see long-term service to fewer activities rather than the chronic “joiner” who is in too many activities/clubs and has very little tangible leadership or service hours within each activity

5 How to possibly win those BIG scholarships
A student who can demonstrate initiation of a community service project or event shows a level of commitment, leadership, maturity, and achievement much higher than merely participating in a project initiated by someone else. Try to start earlier than the senior year if possible to garner BIG scholarship consideration, however, it is never too late to do something early in your senior year for later scholarships. Example: A graduate initiated, planned, and carried out a 5K race in their town to benefit a children’s summer camp that she had worked at as a camp counselor. She worked with town officials to conduct planning, got t-shirts donated, etc.

6 Course Selection & Grades
Have students select a curriculum that is right for their ability and work ethic Students NEED a challenging curriculum if they are college bound Sometimes making a B in an AP class looks better than straight A’s in standard/Honors CP classes. See what the college(s) think… If a student is in CP level classes, try integrating one or two Honors courses first; then if there’s success there, try an AP class or two. Admission to the most competitive colleges requires a few to several AP courses (3-7)

7 ACT test- 2 or 4 year colleges
Curriculum based test- English, Math, Reading, Writing, and Science sections Score range is 1-36 for each section All colleges require ACT + Writing for admissions To register, pick up registration info. from Mrs. Crotts in the guidance office OR register Cost is $54.50 per test administration Fee waivers applicable for free or reduced lunch-see Mrs. Crotts. Take at the end of Algebra II, no later than end of junior year

8 ACT test- more details All current seniors took the ACT test here at Trinity HS for free on March 4th, Student scores on this test are applicable towards college admissions applications during their senior year. At the time of that testing session, students were given the opportunity to send their scores to up to 4 colleges for free. To send additional score reports, you must log onto and click on Send your scores on the left-hand side of page. Scores for that March ACT test are not on the high school transcript at this time due to restrictions by DPI.

9 SAT test- 2 or 4 year colleges
Aptitude based test- Critical Reading, Math, & Writing sections Score range for each section To register for test, get registration information from Mrs. Crotts in guidance office or at Cost is $52.50 per test administration Fee waivers applicable for free or reduced lunch-see Mrs. Crotts. Take at the end of Algebra II, no later than end of junior year SAT scores are not on the HS transcript. Test scores be sent directly from the College Board testing agency:

10 What Is A Good ACT or SAT Score?
It all depends on which colleges you are interested in applying to! (Avg. score ranges based on College Board 2014 publication) Duke University ( SAT CR + M only)/ (ACT) UNC-Chapel Hill / 26-31 ASU / 24-28 UNCC / 21-25 ECU / 20-23 WCU / 20-24 Lenoir-Rhyne / 19-23 High Point / NC Central / Winston-Salem State / 17-19

11 Minimum admissions standards to UNC system institutions
Appalachian State East Carolina Elizabeth City State Fayetteville State North Carolina A&T State North Carolina Central NC School of the Arts North Carolina State UNC-Asheville UNC-Chapel Hill UNC-Charlotte UNC-Greensboro UNC-Pembroke UNC-Wilmington Western Carolina Winston-Salem State THEN…. YOU MUST MEET THESE MINIMUM ADMISSIONS STANDARDS: 1) 2.5 WEIGHTED CUMULATIVE GPA AND… 2A) 800 SAT SCORE (CRITICAL READING & MATH ONLY) OR 2B) 17 ACT COMPOSITE SCORE

12 Going to College Highly recommend students creating an account and regularly using Their motto is “Plan, Apply, and Pay for College” Plan: materials on their website allow students to align their high school curriculum to their college & career goals Apply: students can apply online to most any 2-year/4-year NC college using CFNC & send their HS transcript Pay: students can search for NC based scholarships only available through CFNC; parents can set up 529 savings accounts for their children through CFNC and also get parent/student loans through CFNC

13 Planning for College Applications
Grades from 9th grade are reflected in a student’s cumulative GPA when they apply to college If you plan to apply to one of these colleges, taking AP classes is a MUST: Davidson, Duke, NC State, UNC-CH, Wake Forest Other colleges that it would be helpful to take AP to improve your file: ASU, ECU, UNC-Wilmington (these are getting more competitive) Talk to individual colleges to see what kind of curriculum they expect to see

14 Applying to College Research which colleges meet your needs! Adhere to admissions deadlines! Take into consideration: Majors offered, cost, location, size of college, student demographics, extracurricular opportunities, financial assistance available, student’s maturity level, etc. Start taking visits to colleges and/or college fairs to see if you “click” with that college. Many people change their mind after a college visit.

15 Applying to College Recommendation: Apply to at least 3 colleges
1) dream school, 2) “I think I can get in there” school, and 3) “Sure Thing” school(s). Make sure you have taken the ACT or SAT by the end of the first semester of the senior year. If you used a fee waiver and took the ACT or SAT on a Saturday, then you qualify for 4 college admissions fee waivers. Make a list of pros and cons for each college if you are having a tough time making a decision Some families let each college’s financial aid package make their decision on where the child will attend college. Students will be offered the most financial aid their first year of college. That amt. will likely go down each year afterwards.

16 College Application Week 2014
Will be held at Trinity HS from Nov. 10th-14th. Contact Shannon Edwards for details For students who have not yet applied to a NC college using Seniors can use class time to complete online college applications with the help of adult volunteers. Many private and some NC public colleges will waive their application fees that week. NOT for those seniors that want to meet early admissions deadlines.

17 Paying for College If there are no college savings in place, then here are other options: Financial Aid- FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Based on family’s finances. Application available Jan. 1st of student’s senior year. Must re-apply each year in college. Completing the FAFSA is necessary for consideration for ALL grants & federally managed loans. Financial Aid meeting with CFNC representative at Trinity HS on Monday, Dec. 15th. CFNC’s FAFSA Day is Feb. 28th, 2015 Scholarships- Merit based, leadership, diversity, and/or athletically based. Students must show talent for academics or athletics. Typically, academically based scholarships require grades at minimum GPA of 3.0 or better and essays/interviews are likely required in application process. Another good website to look for scholarships is through Work Study- Students can be placed on campus to work for limited hours and earn money either to help pay for college costs or earn spending money. Apply through FAFSA BEWARE of scam scholarship finders!

18 Scholarship app.’s & interview tips….
Seniors must be willing to write essays for scholarship applications Ask for recommendations WELL IN ADVANCE On an essay or interview, seniors need to focus on what is unique and/or compelling about themselves- makes them memorable Be specific with concrete examples of leadership, community service (include hours), any struggles, WHY are they deserving. Being a good academic student is sometimes just not enough when in high competition Practice interviewing with adults to weed out bad habits and get advice on how to improve

19 In Review…. Get involved in community & at school
Create data sheet early, save it, and add to it! Start researching college options Take college entrance tests & STUDY for them! Visit colleges and/or college fairs Get organized with dates/deadlines This is a joint effort: family members need to work together and help each other. Talk to high school counselors and ask questions- we love questions!

20 Survival Tips from a parent who has lived it….
Mrs. Kristi Green whose daughter is at UNC-Chapel Hill. My tips: 1) Get on my list 2) Stay tuned to my website for announcements 3) Do your own research through other means 4) Make it a priority to find $$ for college

VISIT the college campus and try to visit a dorm room. Your student needs to know what college living "feels" like. Could save some money this way because dorm life may not be what they thought it would be. Take the SAT or ACT immediately! Look to see what the qualifications are for all schools in which you are interested in applying---be realistic as well.

22 Inside your CFNC folder tonight…
Bright yellow sample student data sheet Bright pink CFNC account set-up & sending electronic transcripts directions Stapled Trinity FAQ sheet Gray ACT & SAT test dates & registration deadlines Orange sheet: Basic Steps to Navigating the Senior Year Lime green Timeline for College Bound Trinity seniors College Advice from College Officials document Stapled cream colored scholarship listings Light green North Carolina College Application Week flyer Blue sheet of minimum UNC admissions requirements ACT/SAT Average admissions ranges for NC colleges Stapled NC four year college profiles Trinity HS financial aid meeting flyer for December

IF YOU THINK OF QUESTIONS LATER, PLEASE ME AT or call me at ext. 111 Mr. Mel Jones (Names A-K) questions at or call him at ext.112 Please encourage other Trinity parents of seniors or underclassman to join my group or tell them to look at the my website & bookmark it for all this information. Go to the Trinity HS website & find my website under School Counselors on the left hand side of the page.

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