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1 PLANNING BRANCH DIRECTORATE OF EDUCATION Ph. 23818704, 23973681, 23811440 E-mail :

2  Funds are considered as blood in the body of an organization- whether govt., or other- wise  In Govt., the broad classification is Plan and Non-Plan  All plan related is the concern of JD(P)/Planning Br whereas non plan is dealt by DCA/Budget Br.

3  Formulation of Five year and Annual Plans including new schemes  Opening of new schools/bifurcation/upgradation/Merger/Stre ams/Subjects(At Sr.Sec Level only)  Matters relating to new Education Districts  Policy/Procedures relating to Guest Teachers  GIA to Local bodies/Aided Schools/GIA to private Un Aided Schools under RTE Act  Education Statistics of Delhi


5 Student Related :-  Free Supply of Text Books/Writing Metrical  Uniform Subsidy  LBS  EBM  KISHORI  YUVA  Free Transportation for Rural Girls Students  Payment of CBSE Exam Fee for SC Students  Free Ship Quota Related Benefits  RTE related scheme

6  All students in Govt.& Aided schools from Nursery to XII class irrespective of income and gender are covered under the schemes.  A set of text books is provided to all students from classes I to VIII in Govt. schools  Cash in lieu of books is provided to students of IX&X,XI and XII classes at the rare of Rs.600,Rs.700 and Rs.800 respectively

7  cash subsidy of Rs.30/-per student to all students of classes VIII, IX and X and those students of classes XI and XII who opt mathematics as subject is given towards purchase of Geometry Box.  Section 8 of RTE rules provides that a child attending a school of Govt. shall be entitled to writing material also besides books and uniform. A fixed sum of Rs. 300/- and Rs.400/-cash subsidy is given to the students of (primary(I-V) and upper primary(VI-VIII) respectively) towards stationary.

8 All students from classes Nursery to XII (irrespective of gender and income) from government & Aided school. All students admitted in private schools against free-ship quota. CLASSAMOUNT (P.A.) Nursery to VRs. 500/- Class VI to VIIIRs. 700/- Class IX to XIIRs. 900/-

9 ItemsPrimaryUpper Primary Protein12 gms. (Minimum) 20 gms. (Minimum) Calorific value 450 cal.700 cal. Pulse20 gms.30 gms. Vegetables50 gms.75 gms. Oils & fats5 gms.7.5 gms. Salt & condiment As per need

10 Eligibility criterion :- Students of class VII-XII in government schools who secure 80% and above marks in aggregate in preceding class. His parental income should not exceed Rs. 2.00 lac per annum. CLASSAMOUNT (P.A) VII and VIIIRs.1000/- IX and XRs.1500/- XI and XIIRs. 2000/-

11 Eligibility Criterion:- All Muslims and Neo Buddhists student whose parental income does not exceed Rs. 1 lacs per annum. CLASSAMOUNT (P.A.) PrimaryRs.300/- MiddleRs.400/- SecondaryRs.500/- Sr. Sec.Rs.600/-

12  To promote menstrual hygiene among adolescent girls in school.  All girls in Govt. and Aided schools from Class VI to XII be provided a pack of sanitary napkins every month so that they maintain hygiene and do not skip schools.

13  DTC buses are provided in 07 schools in villages of Districts North West A, North West B and South West B. These villages are SKV Bakhtawarpur, SKV Prahalpur, SKV Daryapur Kalan, SKV Narela No.1, SKV Khera Kalan, in North-West (A), SKV Qutabgarh in North West-B, SKV Chhawla in South West-B  The facility is available for girls from only those rural areas where schooling facility is not available.  Buses are provided free of cost for girl students.

14  Local tours for all students @ Rs. 100/- per child subject to a ceiling of Rs. 3 lacs per school  students of class XI who have secured highest marks in proceeding annual examination in class X and those excelled in extra curricular activity shall be taken to such tours. An amount of Rs. 1.00 lakh was allocated to schools.  Annual day /school magazine/YUVA Club are other components of the scheme

15  System Related :-  Expansion & Improvement of Pre-Primary Education  Additional Schooling Facilities  Improvement of School Library  Stg. of RPVV  School Extension Program  Computer Education  State Award to Teachers  Award/Incentives to Students Schools Teaching Staff  Coaching Facilities to Students  Examination Reforms  Bhagidari  Capital Works  Vocational Education  Correspondence courses  Teacher Education

16  Under this scheme new Sarvodaya schools will be provided Rs.1 lakh funds to meet contingent and misc. expenditure  Existing Sarvodaya schools will be provided Rs.10,000 per annum towards purchase of play way material for students of pre-primary classes in the schools. The material, inter-alia, could include good quality audio-visual equipments, plastic, electrical, and mechanical toys and other teaching and learning materials to make students understand various concepts.

17  An amount of Rs.1.00 lac would be allocated to newly opened schools for purchase of books, Computer System, book shelves etc.  An amount of Rs.15,000/-, Rs.10,000/- and Rs.5.000/- would be allocated to Sr. Secondary, Secondary and Middle schools respectively annually.

18  The funds for purchase of material and equipment in existing science lab, are provided out of non-plan funds.  When a science is introduced as a new stream in a school, Rs.3.00 lakh per school are provided for establishment of science lab from Plan funds.  Career Melas are organized in schools with assistance of EVGCs to help students in selection of course/streams according to their interest and aptitude  Covers other science activities

19  Funds are provided for following activities :-  Rs. 4 lacs to new :Rs.3lacs to upgraded and Rs.2lacs to bifurcated schools  To meet contingent and misc. expenditure by newly opened, upgraded and bifurcated school water cooler, computer system, furnishing of HOS room etc (S&M)  Purchase of computer system,furniture for new/old schools.  Salary of teaching and non-teaching posts under plan in Govt. (Salaries)Schools.  Payment of honorarium to guest teachers, contract teachers.(OC)  Advertisement for admission and other school related activities.  Research study on larger issues like drop-out etc.  Printing of admission forms, preparation of I-Card of (OE)students/plans write-up, circulars etc.  Additional educational facilities in slum areas.  Research and Evaluation.

20   SSA  RMSA  RTE

21  Funds are provided by G.O.I Ministries  In case of Scholarship schemes it is 100%  In case of MDM it is 75:25 and SSA it is 65:35  Furnishing of beneficiary data in time and accurately is essential  Follow the guidelines,Supply data of each of the scheme in separate module, check the report,edit where ever needed,

22  Post Matric (XI &XII)SC/OBC  Pre-Matric -SC  Pre-Matric -OBC  Pre-Matric – MIN(Except JAIN)  Below 55% in previous class.Rs2lacs A.I  All SC students of IX & Xclass.Rs2lacs A.I  Class I-X below 55% marks in previous year.Rs.44500/-A.I  Class I-X.Marks 50%- but below 55% marks in previous. year.Rs.1.00 lakh A.I

23  NSIGSE  NMMS  SC Girls (Un married) of IX class. supply of Bank Details mandatory.  Class IX-XII. supply of Bank Details mandatory.

24  Free Supply of Statonary to SC,ST,OBC&MIN students  Class I-XII  70% attendence in previous year  Rs.2lacs income per annum  I-VIII:Rs.1000/-  IX-XII:Rs.2000/-

25  Merit Scholarships to SC,ST,OBC&MIN students  SC/ST: No income limit,  ClassI-VIII :No marks criteria  Class IX-XII : 55% and above,slabs vary with marks  OBC: Rs.2 lacs income limit :Marks criteria 55% and above slabs vary with marks  MINORITIES: Rs.2 lacs income limit. No marks criteria up to I-VIII :Class IX-XII : 55% and above,slabs vary with marks

26  Scholarship to wards of construction Labour  Limited to TWO wards  Registered with labour board  Data of ward to be entered in the module against registered worker  After entry claim is to be submitted in SSA  I-VIII Rs.100/-p.m  IX-X Rs.200/-p.m  XI-XII Rs.500/- p.m

27  The role of DOE is that of a facilitator to ensure effective implementation of the scheme

28 Dos and Don’ts of Implementation of Plan Schemes Timeliness Accuracy :enter properly in the respective module Transparency: transfer in to bank A/C Compliance of Guide Lines Maintenance of Proper Records Draw funds only with respect to no.of students/beneficiaries. Withdrawing funds in lum- sum ignoring actual requirement and depositing back through T.R 5 is bad practice.It results in wastage of plan funds.


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