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To the Leader Removing One of the Biggest Obstacles for Any Organization One of the things organizations, businesses and companies struggle with the most.

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1 To the Leader Removing One of the Biggest Obstacles for Any Organization One of the things organizations, businesses and companies struggle with the most is also one of their simplest, most essential components. For years, everything from government organizations to top-tier companies have wasted time and money trying to get one thing efficiently: data. Managers and employees having trouble uncovering data that’s “theoretically” available know that sales and opportunities are often lost because of this. Fortunately, there is finally a more powerful, more effective process available.

2 New, Patent Pending Technology Lets You Access Enterprise Data, Quickly & Easily—Guaranteed

3 What is it? It is a data retrieval system for organizations with between 200 and 10000 employees Perfect for complex organizations Perfect for Public organizations

4 Name: Eyjólfur Gislason Owner/founder/ceo of Teldware Master of Science in Electrical Engineering Denmark 1990 Expert software developer Oracle/linux/perl expert Independent IT consultent 13 years Consulting for Government of Faroe Islands Consulting for a Telecom company Consulting for a Genetic Bio bank Who is behind? Has two subcontractors to install and support teldware systems

5 How does it work? 1.Repeatedly fetches data from databases within the organization 2.Stores data in a optimized format 3.Provides interactive web access to the data


7 Happy, efficient employees are effective employees For users in any organization depending on data retrieval, waiting significant amounts of time for tedious data retrieval has become a norm that drains efficiency throughout the workday.

8 What Makes the Teldware Method Essential? It shouldn’t take an exceptionally tech-savvy professional to retrieve basic, necessary data. And yet many companies are finding that the general employee – and even manager – is unable to do just that or is wasting vast amounts of time doing it. The fault isn’t the individual’s; it’s the system’s.

9 As a Teldware user you will Enjoy on demand data access and let old style time-consuming reporting be thing of the past Save time because you will get response times of under 2 seconds for over 93% of inquiries and under 15 seconds for over 99% of inquiries Increase your productivity because you will get fresh data updates 2-3 times/day Avoid a long learning period because of the simple interface, which is both quick to learn and easy to use Get exactly the data you need on demand when you need them because of the powerful features Enjoy centralized data access integration across your diverse existing systems Get a data access system tailored to your specific data sources Enjoy professional consultation, support and maintenance

10 Documents Receivables General Ledger Salary Assets Budget Municipalities Payables Appropriation Act RDBMS Administrator It just works! Hurtigt !!Fast! Flexsible! Correct! Easy to use! Detaljer !! Details! Overview! Scalable! Reliable!

11 The Teldware Method I have worked for over 15 years to develop a solution to data retrieval: The Teldware Method. Already the data retrieval system of choice for the Faeroese Government (Gjaldstovan) since 1997. The Teldware Method brings the fastest, most reliable data retrieval available for Oracle eBusiness Suite users and others. Hundreds of users already relay on a Teldware system in their every day work and view over 7,538 teldware pages per day.

12 Don’t Choose between Functionality and Speed With web browsing tactics users already know, the Teldware Method is both fast and functional for any basic user. Whether searching for detail level or aggregated data the Teldware Method is fast and simple.

13 Which database systems it works with? A teldware system pulls data out of data sources and stores the data in a centralized database that is optimized according to the teldware method. A teldware system can pull data out of any relational database system such as Oracle database or SqlServer database. Currently we have systems that pull data out of various oracle databases and Microsoft SQL Server databases. We have adapted the system to oracle eBussines Suite, Microsoft Dynamics Nav and various other customer specific data sources. Teldware system can also pull data out of your existing data warehouses if you have any.

14 What if there’s a problem with the system? As a teldware system is accesses data source in your existing IT environment changes in this environment can affect the system. If there is a problem of any kind with the system we solve it according to a support contract.

15 This graph shows the teldware system is used around 2 Million times in 2011. Teldware is used 10 times (hits) pr. day pr. user on average The drop in 2012 is caused by improved caching resulting in fewer recorded pageviews even if an estimated 5% increas in pageviews actually occured.

16 Testimonial

17 Testimonial

18 Testimonial

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20 Testimonial

21 How much does it cost? The installation fee is pr. hour of actual work and has been about one week and 5.000$ in one case and about for months and 50.000$ in another case. The large difference is due to one case where the target installation was almost identical with a prior installation and the higher represents an installation where the system was adapted to a very different data sources. We charge a yearly license fee. As an example we are charging 12.000$ pr. year for an organization with expected 200 active users. For support we are charging this same organization about 540$ pr. month. For ongoing maintenance and improvements services we charge about 150$ pr. hour of actual work performed.

22 How to buy?

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