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Cyclical Program Review 2015-16 Staff Session August 2014.

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1 Cyclical Program Review 2015-16 Staff Session August 2014

2 Contact details Claire O’Brien QUQAP Coordinator Ext 75536 Peggy Watkin Associate Director (Academic Initiatives) Ext 75322

3 Today’s presentation  Cyclical Program Review-what it is  Who does what  Key points in CPR  Staff roles

4 What is Cyclical Program Review?  A process aimed at continuous program enhancement  A requirement stipulated by the Council of Ontario Universities  Review process involves the whole unit/department: staff, faculty and students.  Happens once every 8 years


6 Who is involved?  Department/Academic Unit  Faculty/School  School of Graduate Studies (when a graduate program is involved).  Office of the Provost and Vice-Principal (Academic)

7 Department/Academic Unit  Prepares nominations for Review Team Members, and rank orders them Important to start this early on Template on Provost’s Office QUQAP website  Develops self-study, including CVs and relevant supporting documentation October 2014 to April 2015

8 Faculty/School  Provides support to academic unit with review process  Reviews and pre-approves self-study

9 Faculty/School: Review team  Reviews and pre-approves Review Team nominees  Secures Review Team members once nominee list is approved  Consulting with academic unit, sets date and schedule for Review Team site visit  Arranges travel and accommodation for external reviewers, pays travel expenses and honoraria.

10 School of Graduate Studies  Where graduate program involved, provides academic units with support for review process  Reviews and pre-approves self-study  Reviews and pre-approves Review Team nominees

11 Office of the Provost  Responsible for overall process and official documentation  Provost (or delegate) provides final approval for Review Team nominees  Reserves the right to approve self-study before it is sent to Review Team  Supports the Senate Committee on Cyclical Program Review  Liaises with COU Quality Council

12 Every time I learn something new, it pushes some old stuff out of my brain

13 Key points in Review Timeline  Development of the self-study documents  Site visit by review team  Review by various levels of governance, leading to Final Assessment Report and Implementation Plan

14 An Effective Self-Study is: Reflective, analytical, inquiry-based (SWOT) Focussed on student learning Curriculum aligned to learning outcomes A collaborative process involving all faculty

15 Unit Staff Role in Self-Study  Providing support for QUQAP committee  Possibly helping arrange faculty session (retreat?) to review curriculum and learning outcomes.

16 Staff Role in Self-Study (cont)  Project management; keeping development of self-study on track  Collating and formatting documents, including faculty CVs  Ensuring partners have been consulted (CTL, OIRP, Equity Office, Library services)  Arranging for involvement/consultation of students

17 Review Team Site Visit  In many ways, a central piece of the review process  Good to begin identification of possible reviewers early in the process  Faculty office responsible for much of the organization of the schedule, in conjunction with Unit

18 Review Team Site Visit: Evening Before TimeMeeting withLocation 6:00-8:00 pmReview Team – working dinner [Organizational Meeting]TBA

19 Review Team Site Visit: Day 1 Time Meeting withLocation 7:30–8:30 amReview Team - working breakfast (as needed)TBA 8:30–9:00 amDepartment/Unit Head(s) Unit 9:00–9:30 amFaculty Dean/Associate Dean(s)Dean’s Office 9:30–9:45 amTravel to Office of the Provost and VPA 9:45–10:15 amProvost and Vice-Principal (Academic)Richardson Hall 10:30–11:00 am Vice-Provost and Dean, School of Graduate StudiesGordon Hall 11:00–11:30 amDepartmental tour Unit 11:30–12:30 pm Regular faculty members Unit 12:30–1:30 pmLUNCH with Undergraduate StudentsTBA 1:30–2:00 pmRepresentative from appropriate University LibraryUnit 2:00–2:30 pmAssociate Dean(s) (Faculty and SGS)Unit 2:30–3:30 pmUnscheduled time to discuss/plan ReportUnit 3:30–4:00 pmAdjunct faculty members, Cross-appointees and EmeritiUnit 4:00-5:00 pmUndergraduate CoordinatorUnit 5:00–6:00 pmBREAK 6:00–8:00 pmReview Team - working dinner [closed]TBA

20 Review Team Site Visit: Day 2 Time Meeting withLocation 8:30–9:30 amSupport Staff Unit 9:30–10:30 amGraduate Coordinator Unit 10:30–11:00 am BREAK Unit 11:00–noonCognate Heads Unit Noon-1:00 pmLUNCH with Graduate StudentsTBA 1:00-2:00 pm Staff/students/faculty not available during other scheduled times; postdoctoral fellows; TAs (as appropriate) Unit 2:00-3:30 pmUnscheduled time to plan/prepare ReportUnit 3:30–4:00 pmDepartment/Unit Head(s)/Faculty Assoc. Dean/SGS Assoc. Dean [Exit Meeting] Unit 4:00–4:30Review Team – debriefing session

21 Thank you!  Please check the Provost’s office website for the guide to QUQAP and the templates you’ll need  bilities/qualityassurance.html bilities/qualityassurance.html

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