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2 CPA Rosemary Kinanu Gituma ICPAK REG NO. ICPAK REG. NO 2686 MBA, BCOM (Hons), CPA(K), AMP, PHD Ongoing Current Vice Chairperson 0721 436 285

3 COUNCIL MEMBER I am offering myself for re - election to the position of ICPAK Council Member and the following is my profile and vision for ICPAK 0721 436 285

4 “Your valued support in June 2011 enabled me join ICPAK Council and I was elected as Vice Chair in August 2013 in recognition of my commitment, dedication and good work. My immense contribution towards the Public policy setting in Governance and Accountability, CPA Brand Positioning and Member services enhancement has equipped me with invaluable experience in driving the Institutes’ Agenda.” 0721 436 285

5 ACADEMIC QUALIFICATIONS ICPAK practicing Member since 2000 MBA in Accounting & Finance (UoN) B.COM - Accounting Option (UoN) AMP Strathmore Business School/IESE PhD Student –Switzerland 0721 436 285

6 PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE (Private, Public and NGO sectors) 1.Finance Manager - East African Portland Cement Co. Ltd (14 years) At EAPCC, I also previously served as Ag Head of Financial Management, Internal Audit Manager Board Director- EAPCC (Uganda) 0721 436 285

7 PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Cont... 2. Numerical Machining Complex Ltd (Finance & Administration Manager), 3. Care Kenya (Financial Consultant), 4. Nairobi Bottlers (Treasury & Operations Accountant) 5. Kenya Airways (Management Trainee/Budget Accountant) 6. Audit Trainee (Deloitte). 0721 436 285

8 LEADERSHIP/MEMBERSHIP POSITIONS Apart from being ICPAK Member, I am also involved in the following; Elected as Vice Chairman- ICPAK Council in August 2013 Elected as ICPAK Council Member in June 2 011. ICPAK Council-Serves as Convener Research and Development Committee and Previously Strategy ICPAK Council -Member Finance & Strategy; and Public Finance Committees 0721 436 285

9 Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) member Association of Women Accountants of Kenya (AWAK) member and served in Management Committee. Trustee and Trust Secretary, Board of Trustees - EAPCC Pension Scheme. Institute Of Directors(Kenya) member. Vale Columbia Centre, Columbia University New York.- Correspondent. Involved in Mwichiune community centre. Served as Treasurer-St Peters Methodist Church and Langata Circuit Steward. 0721 436 285

10 MY PROFESSIONAL PASSION & COMMITMENT Served as the Organizing Secretary of Accounting Students Association (ASA), (UON) Attained highest CPD hrs. severally even prior to joining Council. I have continued to participate in most of seminars and ICPAK activities. My involvement in Thought leadership, Governance, Accountability and Financial Reporting mandates 0721 436 285

11 MY VISION FOR ICPAK My conceptualization of the prosperity of ICPAK is anchored on to four pillar issues which work together to make the difference in terms of perception, reputation, public policy participation and recognition. These pillars are; 1.Member services Revamp 2.Professional regulation 3.ICPAK positioning 4.ICPAK to continue as an Influential Voice 0721 436 285

12 1. ICPAK MEMBERSHIP There is no ICPAK without members. ICPAK membership should therefore first and foremost earn a member professional respect and recognition in the market place. For this to be enhanced, member services, capacity and resource acquisition must be enhanced. 0721 436 285

13 MEMBERSHIP DELIVERABLES  To profile members  Grow value adding products and services(Health, Medical cover, subsidized mortgage.) 0721 436 285

14 MEMBERSHIP DELIVERABLES CONT... To position the Accountant by seeking representation of ICPAK members in various Boards and County Governments. 0721 436 285

15 MEMBERSHIP DELIVERABLES CONT... Diversify and enhance value adding training and professional related opportunities, focus at varying price ranges and online seminars.  To improve service delivery through a service charter and ICT platform. 0721 436 285

16 MEMBERSHIP DELIVERABLES CONT...  To develop and market jobs placement and accounting skills Resource Centre. Implement a program for associates and Young ICPAK Members. 0721 436 285

17 MEMBERSHIP DELIVERABLES CONT... To identify additional services other than auditing, accountancy and tax advisory services that SMPs would offer and equip them with requisite skills. 0721 436 285

18 2. PROFESSIONAL REGULATION Regulation is the benchmark that gives a profession the justification for its reputation. A profession without enforcement allows quacks and unscrupulous money makers to spoil the name and credibility of the duly qualified and called. Regulation of the profession must be guarded jealously through enhanced Quality Assurance Programs, Investigations and Disciplinary systems. To conduct review of the Profession and benchmark with best global practices. 0721 436 285

19 3. ICPAK POSITION ICPAK’s Recognition; To build on ICPAK’s respect in Kenya, East African Region, Africa through PAFA and globally through IFAC. Existing MRAs are SAICA, EAICA and ICAEW Negotiate more MRAs While in Canada recently, I initiated discussions towards Mutual Recognition of CPA. 0721 436 285

20 4. ICPAK to continue as an influential voice Public Policy Participation; To identify and advice on key policy issues To date I have presented several position papers in Governance and Accountability on behalf of ICPAK Chairman leading into representation of ICPAK members in various national Boards. 0721 436 285

21 4. ICPAK to continue as an influential voice Shape Public opinion; To issue high quality position papers that are research based so as to articulate /advocate national issues more authoritatively. 0721 436 285

22 4. ICPAK to continue as an influential voice Representation – To continue to lobby for ICPAK members to be included in Boards, Board Committees and in all sectors including NGOs and County Gov’ts. Stakeholder meetings and forums such as county governments, cabinet secretaries, directors etc. 0721 436 285

23 4. ICPAK to continue as an influential voice Market Niche; Develop and market to employers guidelines outlining the positions to be filled by ICPAK Members. 0721 436 285

24 4. ICPAK to continue as an influential voice Contribute to Kenya’s Socio – Economic Transformation through our voice in Governance, Financial Reporting, Accountability, Implementation of Devolution and Legislative Agenda. 0721 436 285

25 4. ICPAK to continue as an influential voice Accountancy Legislation – at a time when the accountants Act is being reviewed to be in tandem with global practice, I will continue to critically contribute to the bills. 0721 436 285

26 4. ICPAK to continue as an influential voice To develop a Media & Communications Strategy and work plan that will ensure that the voice of the accountants is heard and respected. 0721 436 285


28 MY PROFESSIONAL PASSION & COMMITMENT Cont... My 18 years’ experience in Public Sector management in State Corporations is key in improving image, recognition and relevance of the professional accountant in the public sector. Personal attributes: technically active in reading and applying Standards, a team player, passionate and committed servant leader. Family and hobbies: mother of five, a member of Karen Country Club, Parklands sports club and Portland Senior Sports Club. I enjoy Travelling, Reading, Networking and Sports. 0721 436 285

29 MY CONTACTS CPA Rosemary Kinanu Gituma Tel : 0721 436 285, 0728 604 396 Email: or Website:

30 “Lets Lift our Voice Together and Make the Difference” let’s Guarantee Our Future Vote for CPA Rosemary Kinanu Gituma – council member position THANKYOU ~~~END ~~~


32 My 30 Actions




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