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Development update for BOF meeting – 14 June 2005.

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1 Development update for BOF meeting – 14 June 2005

2 Slide 2 Outline main projects –discussed in detail smaller projects/collaborative networks/ watching brief trade bodies/liaison groups recent finishes proposals under consideration what are you doing?

3 Slide 3 Main Projects EU –Sustainable Bridges CIRIA –arch bridge manual –tunnel manual Advanced composites –joint venture

4 Slide 4 Sustainable Bridges “Assessment for future traffic needs and longer lives” Integrated Project funded through EU 6 th Framework programme - €10m project, €7m from EU, 32 partners from all over Europe. Response to EU objective of a 30% increase in rail passenger traffic & tripling of rail freight in 30 years

5 Slide 5 CIRIA Arch Manual (1) title not finalised – currently “Masonry arch bridges: management appraisal and remedial treatment” in same series as current CIRIA publications on embankments and cuttings cost about £150K (including in kind), cash funding from DfT through Roads Liaison Group & Bridges Board and from Network Rail ideally it will be “all you ever wanted to know about arches, but were afraid to ask”

6 Slide 6 CIRIA Arch Manual (2) research contractor –Mott Macdonald, supported by Prof Clive Melbourne (Salford University), Nisar Sawar (Birse Rail) and Carlos Sicilia (WK Ltd) steering group –about 20 people from all parts of industry final draft being circulated for comment publication later this year –electronic and hard copy

7 Slide 7 CIRIA Tunnel Manual (1) following on from arch manual total cost also about £150K, funding from more individual sources – including Network Rail research contractor – Mott Macdonald, supported by Prof Chris Clayton (Southampton University) and Kevin Roberts (Atkins/Trans4m)

8 Slide 8 CIRIA Tunnel Manual (2) steering group about 10 people, including Colin Sims first draft recently circulated –still very rough and ready –second draft due May 2005 publication expected early 2006

9 Slide 9 Advanced composites Exclusivity of MouchelParkman/TGP joint venture under review –possible that two further consultancies (also working as a joint venture) will be approved CETAN being reviewed –issue 3 expected soon Autumn road shows –nominations needed from TCE organisation

10 Slide 10 Smaller projects (1) CIRIA –manual on the use of rock in hydraulic engineering –whole life asset management across industries DTI –TSET (LSBU) –MMS 6 (OBU) –ACLAIM (AEAT) –monitoring of concrete structures (CIRIA) –specification for concrete durability (BRE)

11 Slide 11 Smaller projects (2) Mining related (with JS) –NDE for detecting mine shafts –monitoring and treatment of shallow mine workings –updated specification for procurement of mining related NDE

12 Slide 12 Smaller projects (3) Universities –Bath shear assessment/strengthening of older pre-stressed concrete beams –Cardiff usage cost drivers for masonry arch bridges –Glamorgan infra-red thermography for detecting faults in FRP –Keele non destructive evaluation of reinforced concrete

13 Slide 13 Smaller projects (4) Universities (cont) –Salford soil/structure interaction in arch bridges –Southampton wrought iron characterisation for FRP strengthening –Surrey FRP patch repairs for fatigue enhancement residual fatigue life in elderly wrought iron bridges

14 Slide 14 Collaborative Networks European –SafRelNet –ConRepNet UK –SIMoNET –SMART Net –NGCC

15 Slide 15 Trade Bodies CIRIA Concrete Society –Institute of Corrosion liaison Concrete Centre Concrete Bridge Development Group –fast construction task group –strengthening task group Steel Construction Institute –steel piling group –steel bridge group

16 Slide 16 Liaison Groups Bridge Owner’s Forum –mainly research focussed, but looks at some policy issues Bridges Board –Policy advice to DfT re highway bridges Bridgeguard 3 –CSS –LoBEG

17 Slide 17 Watching brief (1) Highways Agency –additional parts for BA86 (NDE manual) –review of BA79 – management of sub standard bridges –replacement of BD52/TD19 - road restraint systems –parapet sector scheme BSI –Committee B/509/1 BS EN 1317 - Road restraint systems BS6779 Pt 4 – Masonry bridge parapets

18 Slide 18 Watching brief (2) British Board of Agrèment –NTC17 – bridge expansion joints –HAPAS SG13 - scheme for composites approval –Level crossing panels DfT Bridges Board –bridge management code of practice –performance indicators for highway bridges TWI –CSWIP accreditation scheme for composites application

19 Slide 19 Watching brief (3) European Technology Platform for Construction RSSB –safe management of railway structures –scour and flooding

20 Slide 20 Recent finishes (1) BRE –“Triggers for Intervention” –maintenance optimisation tool for concrete structures CIRIA –scour manual –use of FRP for strengthening metallic structures –railway run off –unlocking whole life value (joint with ICE)

21 Slide 21 Recent finishes (2) Concrete Society –TR57 –revised version of TR55 –electrochemical tests for reinforcement corrosion HR Wallingford –whole life costs in fluvial engineering Nottingham/Cranfield Universities –use of GPS for structural health monitoring

22 Slide 22 Recent finishes (3) Highways Agency –BA86 Issue 1 –reliability PhDs Imperial –element and system risk considerations in bridge management Surrey –Optimisation of preventative maintenance strategies for reinforced concrete bridges Cambridge –uncertainty between inspection reporting and material quantities and properties

23 Slide 23 Current proposals (1) DfT Bridges Board –“CIRIA” manual on metallic bridges –assessment of dry stone walls CIRIA –construction risks to transport corridors smart materials KTN Edinburgh University –use of GPR on masonry arches

24 Slide 24 Current Proposals (2) Surrey University –reliability based bridge inspection frequencies –fatigue crack growth in wrought iron proprietary FRP products for use in bridges Laser deflection monitoring ICE Piling guide Radial pinning for arch refurbishment

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