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Year in Review Michigan Association of United Ways.

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1 Year in Review Michigan Association of United Ways

2 SECC Michigan State Employees Charitable Campaign

3 SECC Through its partnership with United Ways across the State of Michigan and with other federations, MAUW has developed a statewide network of relationships with which SECC can leverage. This allows MAUW not only to carry out its function in Lansing, but provide key participation and support from every community across the state.

4 SECC To maintain such a relationship, MAUW prides itself on providing clear communications to participants as well as consistent expectations to implement the high standards which SECC maintains across its partner charities.

5 SECC By partnering with over 1200 charities, the Michigan SECC is able to leverage the largest workforce in the state to create substantial impact in local communities. Throughout the past 25 years, State of Michigan employees have demonstrated their commitment to continuously improve the communities in which they live, work, volunteer and raise their families.

6 2013 Highlights $878,000 raised through payroll deduction and department events 4,464 donors 322 first-time donors $196.68 average donation 1,204 participating charities 282 volunteers

7 Michigan 2-1-1

8 2013-14 Accomplishments MAUW/Michigan 2-1-1 funding to support 2-1-1 service delivery $460,000- Veterans Transit Community Living Grant $400,000 - State Allocation through DHS $8,000 - DCH $200,000- Consumers Energy Fnd: Community Support $50,000 - Consumers Energy Fnd: MEIC Tax Prep $10,000 - MSU/Red Wing Alumni Hockey Game $1,128,000- Total Funding 8

9 2013-14 Accomplishments Veterans Transit and Community Living Initiative (VTCLI) Consolidated eight regional databases into statewide database, reducing duplication from 65,000 to 29,500 unduplicated programs and services at 7,900 agencies. Integrated all centers onto a single contact management platform allowing shared handling of calls. Projected to save a minimum of $35,000 per year under UWW master contract. Launched web site. $62,500 in supplemental funding from MDOT for transportation barriers study Partnership with Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency 2-1-1 is providing contact management platform and is contracted to provided after hours service Joint training and coordinated service delivery 9

10 2013-14 Accomplishments DHS Identified as essential partner for winter energy response MAUW/2-1-1 are at the table with Director Corrigan and key DHS leadership for transportation planning Joint development of 2015-16 proposed budget underway DCH $8,000 in funding to update emergency response information Consumers Energy Foundation $200,000 matching grant to assist with community support for 2-1-1 services $100,000 grant shared 50/50 with Michigan Economic Impact Coalition to support free tax prep activities 10

11 What’s next with funding and partnerships? Department of Human Services SNAP Outreach Reimbursement proposal would reimburse 2-1-1s for food assistance work/SNAP enrollment activities. Exploring funding for for One-Call/One-Click pilot project Developing comprehensive state budget for 2-1-1 MDOT Seek funding to implement and sustainably operate statewide One-Call/One- Click transportation planning service Consumers Energy Foundation/Other utilities Based on success of 2014 tax partnership with MEIC, developing proposal for expanded 2015 project. United Way Worldwide Michigan selected as only new partner for 2015 MyFreeTaxes expansion to provide phone-based tax prep assistance through Wal-Mart grant. 11

12 What’s next for 2-1-1 development Michigan 2-1-1 Service Delivery Leverage new database and contact management system for greater efficiency, identify additional opportunities to share resources and reduce costs. Focus on common standards and expectations for quality of service and overall operations. Develop capacity to proactively push information out to people who need it: callers, community partners, policy makers. Reporting and Data Analysis Secure funding to develop shared data analysis and reporting capacity. 12

13 Public Policy & Partnerships

14 Office of Great Start Forums Coordinate 10 Regional Forums statewide in partnership with the Office of Great Start Make local United Ways the host convener Convene over 500 local Early Childhood stakeholders Connect local stakeholders with the Office of Great Start to provide input on how best to implement the Great Start plan

15 ALICE: Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed Support bringing the ALICE project to Michigan Work with ALICE Steering Committee to engage 25 United Ways in a Michigan ALICE report and project launch Statewide Marketing and Training workgroup support

16 Friday Forums Provide partnership & learning opportunity to United Ways each month Social Mission

17 Financial Stability Learning Circle Convene roughly 15 United Way Community Impact Leaders Quarterly Support sharing of best practices and challenges Provide a United Way table for helping launch and guide statewide impact initiatives such as MBA, ALICE and AmeriCorps Financial Empowerment

18 Public Policy Wins this Year Secured $400K Funding for 2-1-1 Brought United Way’s voice to statewide advocacy efforts adding $65M funding to Early Childhood; gearing up for 0-3 next year Joined with Advocacy Coalition to move Medicaid expansion through the House Led integration of 2-1-1 and MBA into some state department operations Increased Coverage of Child Care Hours

19 MASP Michigan Afterschool Partnership

20 Education Initiative: Leveraging the Power of After-School After-School / Out-of-school time/ Expanded Learning before, afterschool and weekend programs; summer learning opportunities; service learning; mentoring and internships. Formal and structured opportunities for school-aged youth that complement the regular school day; provided by schools, community and faith-based groups, youth-serving organizations, cultural institutions, and city/state agencies. Engage youth and provide learning, enrichment, and leadership opportunities designed to support student academic success and overall development.

21 Michigan After-School Partnership C.S. Mott Foundation National Network – 47 states Multi dimensional stakeholders Creating strategic partnerships to support local efforts to increase access to high quality expanded learning opportunities Sustainable funding streams Ensure high quality and collect data

22 Food/Nutrition Outreach VISTA Partnering with Michigan Hunger Solutions and Michigan Department of Education Increase access to summer food programs Increase participation in afterschool snack and supper programs

23 STEM/STEAM and Badges Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Inclusion of the Arts Noyce Foundation Project Lift Off grant– building capacity of out of school time programs in Michigan to offer high quality activities in STEM Partner with Michigan Department of Education, Mozilla Foundation and MacArthur to build open digital badges system to help students demonstrate and showcase learning achieved in out of school time programs

24 MBA Michigan Benefits Access

25 Training Impact CY 2013 167 trainings held 2,420 participants 826 – agencies represented Training Outputs (January – May, 2014) 96 - trainings held 1,531 – participants 477 – agencies represented 56% of all applications are submitted via MI Bridges (46% - July, 2013)

26 Community Partner Process Update Total Community Partners as of May 2, 2014 – 441 Access Partners 85 Access Partners to date Navigation Partners 356 Navigation Partners to date 1,799 Navigation Partner User ID applications

27 MBA Mini-Grants Used to increase the infrastructure and capacity of Navigation Partners and focus on Point of Integration Dedicated MBA Integration Coaching and Benefits Access Services Support provided to mini-grant recipients 4 rounds of RFP - received 106 proposals Awarded 72 mini grants around the state – 3 local United Ways funded $458,922.15 distributed to grantees; Grant size between $1,200 - $10,000

28 MIBENEFITSACCESS.ORG MBA Outreach Website Activity (January – May 2014) 10,788 - new visits to the MBA website 5,267 - linked to MI Bridges from website 381 - linked to DHS You Tube videos from website

29 AmeriCorps Community Resource Navigator Program

30 Program Year 2012-13 24 AmeriCorps Members successfully completed service AmeriCorps Members: Educated 1,633 Organizations regarding MBA and MI Bridges Recruited 1,240 people to attend MI Bridges Training Assisted with 24,397 211 calls Participated in 183 Civic Engagement Activities

31 Program Year 2013-14 (current) Began in October 2013 (will end in February 2015) So far AmeriCorps Members have: Educated 535 Community Based Organizations about MBA and MI Bridges Recruited 426 people to attend MI Bridges Training Assisted with13, 645 calls at 211 Participated in 37 Civic Engagement Activities

32 AmeriCorps 2014-15 Introducing…The Financial Empowerment Coaching Corps! Beginning in Fall of 2014 19 Members will assist individuals and families with financial services in order to increase their self- sufficiency. More information to come from Laura Kilfoyle.

33 Community Services

34 Liaisons Integrated five new community services liaisons across the state Jana Rout; United Way of the Lakeshore Brian Negovan; United Way for Southeastern Michigan Dan Lane; United Way of St. Claire County Dave Palowski; United Way of the Battle Creek and Kalamazoo Region Stevie Blanchard: Metro-Detroit CLC

35 Community Services School Hosted 5 day conference at the UAW Family Education Center for 100 union members from around Michigan Hosted a half-day poverty simulator for students Donated food to the Onaway Food Pantry Raised over $2,500 to support scholarships for the Community Services School program Offered classes on the United Way Impact Areas for students featuring local UW CEOs and their labor liaisons

36 Trainings & Education 17 regional UCAN Community Services training classes One week Labor Liaison education training Featured sessions on grant writing and the ALICE: Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed Project Week long Community Services School One day Fall Seminar training Featured panel on United Way Impact areas

37 Leadership Awarded Kitty Lipsky (Lansing, MI) the Walt Campbell Community Services Award United Way Worldwide Vice President of Community Services, Ana Avendano, to keynote upcoming Fall Seminar New leadership at the International UAW including outgoing President Bob King replaced by Dennis Williams and Ron Bieber replacing Miguel Foster as Director of Community Services

38 Member Services

39 New Website Launch – May 2014

40 Conferences & Events Hosted two Small Cities conferences for local United Ways Hosted successful Legislative day for Michigan 2-1-1 and MAUW

41 Publications Launched new advocacy website Engage Facilitated second wave of United We Read outreach and press materials Launched new and improved Member Center through website

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