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How to Check Layout and Copy for the Essentials of a Good Ad

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1 How to Check Layout and Copy for the Essentials of a Good Ad
NIE Design an Ad Competition

2 The single most important factor determining how many people will read any newspaper ad is the skill and technique used in preparing the ad Research indicates the following: Attention increases with the size of the ad People are drawn more to ads directed at their gender Color increases the number of readers Tie-ins with news events attract greater attention

3 Make Your Ads Easily Recognizable
Use distinctive art, layout and type face Make ads distinctive/different from the competitors ads

4 Use a Simple Layout The layout should carry the reader’s eye through the message easily and in proper sequence: from headline to illustration to explanatory copy to price to your store’s name Avoid too many different typefaces and overly decorative boarders

5 Use a Dominant Element Use a large picture or headline to insure quick visibility Photographs of real people win more readership as do pictures of local people or places

6 Use a Prominent Benefit Headline
Select the main benefit which your merchandise offers and feature it in a compelling headline Ask yourself, “What is the mani benefit of…”

7 Let Your White Space Work for You
White space is an important layout element in newspaper advertising because the average is so heavy with small type. White space focuses the reader’s attention on your ad and will make your headline and illustration stand out

8 Make Your Copy Complete
Know about the merchandise and the benefits most appealing to your customers such as fashion, design, selection (size & colors) Complete sentences are easier to read than one composed of phrases and random words Be enthusiastic and sincere

9 State Price or Range of Prices
Dollar figures have good attention value; don’t be afraid to quote a price even if it is high Readers will often overestimate omitted prices Explain why an item represents a good value

10 Specify Branded Merchandise
If an item is a known brand, say so in advertising You can capitalize on their advertising while enhancing the reputation of your store by featuring branded items

11 Include Related Items Offer related items along with a features one
Accessories always make a good sub feature in apparel ads

12 Urge Readers to Buy Now Stimulate prompt action by using phrases such as “limited supply” or “this week only”

13 Finally, … Don’t forget your store name and address
Don’t be too clever Don’t use unusual or difficult words Don’t generalize Don’t make excessive claims

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