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American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Sixth General Body Meeting Mar. 12 th, 2014.

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1 American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Sixth General Body Meeting Mar. 12 th, 2014

2 Relay for Life  Joint team between AIAA and ASME  Team Engineers: AIAA and ASME  Contact: Katie Pham (  Wall-E is our team theme for this year  We are in charge of decorating the booth!

3 Running with the Dean  Starting up our Running with the Dean again  When: Next Wednesday (3/19) at 6:00PM  Where: Meet in front of the Bull Gator

4 Officer Responsibilities  Chair  Oversee the smooth operation of the society as a whole  Serve as the main speaker at general body meetings  “Keep the peace” between all working bodies of ASME-UF  This includes the leadership team, design team members, and the general body  Serve as administrative liaison for ASME-UF  Speak with professors, department chair, other society presidents and advisors

5 Officer Responsibilities  Vice Chair External  Serve as the middleman between ASME-UF and industry partners  Speak directly with companies about info sessions/sponsorships  Work with chair and treasurer to gather funds for ASME-UF  A good candidate would be a confident speaker who can effectively communicate with industry professionals

6 Officer Responsibilities  Vice Chair Internal  Oversee all internal programs of ASME-UF  This includes internal events, events within the college that we partake in, and all the design teams  Work along with the chair and treasurer to ensure all design teams are properly funded for “administrative costs”  A good candidate would be very organized, able to lead a team of people to run an event smoothly, and have the overall drive to perpetuate the good name of ASME-UF in the college

7 Officer Responsibilities  Treasurer  Oversee all monetary transactions for ASME-UF  Work with the chair to develop a budget for the entire year  Work with VC Internal to make sure design teams are properly allocating funds and have those funds to spend  A good candidate would be organized and have a good view of future expenses and budget management

8 Officer Responsibilities  Secretary  Serve as the liaison between the leadership of ASME-UF and the general body  Write weekly emails and meeting minutes to keep the general member up to date on ASME happenings  Keep the Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin accounts up to date  A good candidate would be organized, even more so than others, and be ready and willing to make ASME-UF better as a whole

9 Finally, Food!

10 Mr. Leroy Stephens Chassis Division Engineering Leader E-One

11 Thanks for coming! Max Rogozinski - Treasurer Andres Hidalgo – Internal Coordinator Mike Schulz – VP External Oliver Lolus – External Coordinator Cohen Harris – R&D Captain Kieran Wilson – MATE Co-Captain Garrett Schwalbe – HPVC Captain Matt DeVries - Historian Jeffrey Dickens – E-Week Coordinator Brad Wallace – Mentor Coordinator Reagan Fuhr – Fundraising Coordinator Jackie Breske – SDC Captain/Socials Coordinator Katie Pham – VP Internal Kevin Wilt - Chair Mani Angerhofer – MATE Co-Captain Harrison Schwartz – BEC Representative Not Pictured: Parth Bhatka – Secretary Austin Skoglund – Publicity Coordinator Ryan Buchenhorst – Vex Coordinator Kristin Petela – Garden Team Captain Dragan Nesic – Recruitment Chair

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