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Enterprise Ireland July 2012 -An Overview – Corporate Slide deck.

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1 Enterprise Ireland July 2012 -An Overview – Corporate Slide deck

2 What is Enterprise Ireland’s purpose ? What is the Economic Impact of Enterprise Ireland Clients? Ho do we help businesses start, grow and internationalise? What is Enterprise Ireland’s role in the commercialisation of research? How do we in Enterprise Ireland work together to help clients grow? What are Enterprise Ireland’s Governance/ Resourcing and Strategies?

3 What is Enterprise Ireland’s Purpose ?

4 Irish owned enterprise Policy analysis and advice Inward Investment

5 Enterprise Ireland Mission Enterprise Ireland partners with entrepreneurs, Irish businesses, and the research and investment communities to develop Ireland’s international trade, innovation, leadership and competitiveness The ultimate objective is increased exports, employment and prosperity in Ireland.

6 Agency Public Purpose – Driver of Job Creation, Innovation and Economic Development Anticipates and accelerates change Proactive catalyst for change Servant of the elected Government and democratic system Steward of public resources – accountable to tax payers Focus on impacts and achievements Innovative and can–do approach

7 Who we work with… Entrepreneurs starting companies with an ability to compete in world markets Ambitious co’s with the ability to scale & achieve significant success Manufacturing & Internationally Traded services companies employing ten or more Irish-based food and natural resource companies that are overseas owned or controlled High Potential Start-up’s Scaling Established SME’s Multinationals Potential Exporters Established SME’s currently focussed on the domestic market who have the ambition to export Developing links with Irish enterprise, MNCs to support research collaboration, commercialisation of publicly funded research, and access to FP7, ESA Research Community

8 Client Company Examples

9 Large Companies (Exporting) Exporting SME’s (HPSU’s) Micro Enterprises Domestic Market Businesses Large SME’s Micro Companies Businesses Enterprise Ireland works with… Enterprise Ireland IDA CEBs …. Internationally Trading Businesses throughout the economy

10 As businesses, agencies, individuals and a nation we must continuously evolve, learn and innovate in order to differentiate our products and services in the Global marketplace, so that customers throughout the world will buy much more from Irelands businesses and so lead to increased and sustained employment and incomes. Enterprise Ireland’s Core Message

11 Enterprise Ireland where Innovation means Business Small Open Economy - Global Trade as % of national income Ireland ranked 29 overall out of 142 countries in The Global Competitiveness Report 2011-2012 Product and service differentiation is key to growth, and so indigenous innovative capabilities throughout the economy is critical

12 Innovation Driven - Developed Economy – Focused on: Creating and sustaining jobs in Ireland New entrepreneurs and start-ups Expansion into existing markets Entry into new high growth markets – Trade Missions Continuous competitiveness improvements– Lean, costs Investing in research and development Promoting procurement opportunities Importance of the Diaspora and working to build Ireland’s confidence and reputation abroad A New Era in Economic Development

13 Our strategic partners in accelerating indigenous growth and innovation include…. DJEIIDAIBEC DAFSFIIEA DFAT (Including G.I.N)ForfasSFA Dept of FinanceAn Bord BiaISME Dept of Public Expenditure & Reform TeagascChambers Dept of EnvironmentSEIProfessional Bodies Dept of CommunicationNSAI Solas NTMA Skills Networks incl EGFSN Universities & IoTs

14 Enterprise Ireland as Growth Catalyst within Business Innovation Networks Enterprise Ireland Investors Researchers Infrastructures Buyers Companies Influencers

15 What is the Economic Impact of Enterprise Ireland Clients?

16 Irish Owned Companies Employment = 145,983 Spend in economy = €17.0bn Foreign Owned Companies Employment = 138,488 Spend in economy = €17.9bn Irish Services €3.9bn Payroll €7.6bn Payroll €5.4bn Irish Services €8.2bn Irish Goods €7.7bn Irish Goods €2.2bn It’s about Jobs & Economic Impact Source: ABSEI 2010, Forfás Employment Survey 2011

17 2002 2011 Total Employment 174,188 Total Employment 162,692 Sectoral Employment in Irish Owned Companies Source: Forfás Employment Survey 2011

18 Enterprise Ireland Client Exports reached record levels in 2011 Client Exports 2011 Source: Enterprise Ireland Annual Reports; 2003-2011

19 Growth in R&D performance of EI client companies €100k R&D Spend€2m R&D Spend Source: Enterprise Ireland Annual Reports; 2005-2011

20 Client Exports 2011 by Major Sector Food remains Ireland’s most important indigenous sector Growing importance of Internationally Traded Services Source: ABSEI 2011

21 Exports by Major Sector Source: Forfás /Enterprise Ireland Annual Business Review. Results are based on companies responding to the survey in 2011 (grossed up to reflect non-respondents). Results can vary from previous estimates due to revisions made by companies and differences in the profile of respondents from one survey period to the next. 20102011Net Change 2010/2011 % Change 2010/2011 Food€7,470m€8,222m+ €752+10% Life Sciences, Electronics and Cleantech €1,061m€1,151m+ €90+9% Construction, Engineering P&P, and Consumer Retail €2,665m€3,178m+ €513+19% Internationally Traded Services €1,568m€1,691m+ €123+8% Software€860m€962m+ €102+12% Total€13,624m€15,204m+ €1,580+12%

22 Client Exports 2011 by Destination UK remains our most important market Focus on BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) Source: ABSEI 2011 (excludes sales to Irish Dairy Board)

23 Exports by Main Market Area 20102011%+/- United Kingdom€5,298m€5,535m+4% Northern Europe€1,821m€2,157m+18% Southern Europe, Middle East & Africa €1,573m€1,706m+8% Germany, Central, Eastern Europe & Russia €1,248m€1,599m+28% USA & Canada€1,449m€1,684m+16% Latin America€86.5m€139m+61% Asia/ Pacific€836m€978m+17% Rest of World€604m€736m+22% Total€13,634m€15,204m+12% Breakdown excludes sales to the Irish Dairy Board

24 Trade Environment Key Markets World Growth BRIC Areas + Middle East Credit Availability and Terms Innovative Products and Services We Have To Value Our Own More !

25 Source: OECD Economic Outlook May 2012. *Forecast World Growth Rates – May 2012 Growth prospects for Ireland’s main trading partners revised downwards in 2012… 200720082009201020112012*2013* US1.90.0- Eurozone2.90.4- UK2.7-0.1- China14. Japan2.4-1.2-6.34.4- Russia8.55.2-7.84.3 4.5 Brazil6.15.2- India9.96.26.810. Ireland5.2-3.0-7.0-

26 Enterprise Ireland Client Exports by Territory 2011 * Breakdown by Territory excludes Dairy Board exports ** Rest of world includes overseas markets unspecified by clients

27 Export Growth by Sector : 2011 2011 Exports - €15.2bn : 12% Growth

28 How does Enterprise Ireland help businesses Start, Grow & Internationalise ?

29 Increasing International Exports and Sales Building Competitiveness Developing Leadership and Management Capability Investing in Research and Innovation Encouraging & promoting Entrepreneurship Supporting Irish companies to create jobs in Ireland by:

30 How we work with companies.. Access Markets and connect with Buyers, Researchers & Investors Develop Strategic Business Plans Partnering with our Clients to: Build Leadership and Management Capability Access Finance to support Business Plans Create Jobs, Increase Exports and Prosperity in Ireland Supporting Irish companies to grow internationally

31 Challenging Clients & responding to meet their needs Company EI Response GOALS Have you a strategic Plan? CAPABILITY Are you capable of executing this plan? OPPORTUNITY RESOURCES Have you the required product ideas or/ and market contacts? Have you the cash required? EI OVERSEAS and RESEARCH NETWORKS EI FINANCIAL OFFER BANKS and VENTURE FUNDS EI MANAGEMENT DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMMES EI STRATEGY SUPPORT eg CHALLENGING, MENTORS etc


33 Key Features Finance Production Innovation Strategic Marketing Management Sustainable Innovative Companies

34 Management Innovation Customer-centric Structured Innovation Process Key people as leaders: Driven, Ambitious and Visionary Balanced management team Openness to external influencing Board experience in emerging challenges Competent in acquisitions Strategic Leverage within value-chain Recurring, repeatable revenue Substantial Business Plan Roadmap to scale Production Highly effective delivery Deep production / operational competence Outsourcing of non core activities Strong logistics management Marketing Clear value proposition Quality customer list Knowledge of competitors Strong domain knowledge Avail of all channels to customers Finance Strong financial controls Ideally profitable and cash positive Engaged in high margin activities Clear funding path for roadmap Willing to engage with investors & lenders Sustainable Innovative Companies : Key Features

35 Journey of Innovative Companies R&D Pre-Revenue Start Up Established SMEs Large €100m+ €20m+ €5m+ O/seas Market Development Product Development Acquisitions Competitiveness Restructuring Initial Exporting Succession/New owners Attracting Mobile Projects R&D Centres Lean and Green Leadership Restructuring Pre Revenue Establishing HPSU Pre Scaling HPSU Growth Scaling Steady New Entrants Overseas College MBOs

36 Global Sectoral Team Client Development Advisor Market Advisor Technology Transfer Technology Development Advisor

37 Leadership and Management Development Strategic Leadership 4 CFOs Driving International Growth Accelerated Growth Programme

38 International Sales & Partnering Market Research Intelligence Buyer Introduction/ Evaluation Bringing key buyers to Ireland Introductions Third Party Services PR and Sales leads Networking Opportunities Business Accelerators Messaging and Positioning Trade Fairs/Trade Missions Incubator Offices Business Support Centre Inward Technology Transfer Building Reference Sites

39 North America Boston New York Silicon Valley TorontoSEMEALA Dubai Madrid Mexico Milan Riyadh Sao Paulo JohannesburgCEERN Budapest Moscow Prague Warsaw Stockholm Asia-Pacific Beijing Seoul Guangzhou Shanghai Hong Kong Sydney Singapore Tokyo Kuala Lumpur New Delhi Western Europe Amsterdam Brussels Glasgow London Paris Düsseldorf Global Office Network

40 Market Research Centre An Enterprise Ireland service Enterprise Ireland invests in a wide range of market, sector and company information to assist clients seeking opportunities to grow their own business. We provide our clients with direct access to this global research, which is provided by some of the world’s leading market research companies. The service is supported by a team of experienced Information Specialists with: –Research desks available during business hours at East Point –Regional Access by appointment Market Research Centre

41 Client Feedback “An excellent way of getting market information otherwise beyond our reach …” “We made an informed investment decision thanks to the reports accessed…” A very productive afternoon which validated a large chunk of our project…”

42 R&D Support EU, FP7 and ESA – access funding and research partners across Europe Applied Research Enhancement Centres – collaborate in clusters of companies and access equipment and technology Innovation Partnerships – up to €250,000 available for collaborative projects between companies and research teams in Higher Education The R&D Fund – grants for inhouse R&D projects, small and large, and collaboration bonuses for company-to-company collaboration R&D Advocates Scheme – Assistance to explore how R&D can help your business and help you get involved in R&D Innovation Vouchers - €5,000 for small companies to get innovative solutions to technical and business challenges Technology Centres – industry-led research in emerging technology sectors Helping companies of all sizes to engage in Research and Innovation

43 43 Summary Funding Offer 2012 START-UPPRODUCTIVITYEXPANSION CUSTOMISED INVESTMENT PACKAGES ADVERTISED CALL for INVESTMENT PROPOSALS EXPLORING OPPORUNITIES * Not available to co’s in receipt of Innovative Aid ** Not available to food companies – supported by Bord Bia *** Not available to Large Companies Feasibility Study Strategic Consult* BAP Trade Fair Mentor INNOVATION HPSU Package Competitive Start Fund Feasibility Study Strategic Consult* BAP Trade Fair Mentor R&D Projects Innovation Partnership R&D Fund FP7 Feasibility Study Innovation Voucher Lean Transform Programme Lean Start Lean Plus Expansion Package New Market Research Programme ** Job Expansion Going Global Graduates 4 Int’l G Feasibility Study Strategic Consult*** BAP Trade Fair**/*** Mentor*** Key Mgr eBusiness***

44 Key Considerations Enterprise Ireland Financial Service Support Company Projects: New Product, New markets, Productivity Improvement Company Strategy Return to Taxpayer, Economic Impact: Value for Money

45 Getting to Investor-readiness Supports for High Potential Start-Ups Market Information & Access to overseas offices Seed Capital Certification Mentor Technology Assessment Innovation Voucher Investor Ready Workshops Pitch Preparation Trade Fairs Enterprise Platform Programme Introduction to VCs Value Proposition Workshop Introduction to Business Angel Network Feasibility Study BES Certification Supplier Development Programme Enterprise Start 2 & 3 (BICS)

46 Companies Goals Capability Opportunities Resources Mentoring Manag. Dev. Networks Investment EI Influence And Leadership EI Influence and Leadership

47 With Key Stakeholders, Policy and Decision Makers Thought-leadership Representational EngagementLiaison Advocacy Expert Opinion Influencing Export GrowthJob CreationProcurement International Growth Sectors, Markets and Opportunities for Irish companies and Entrepreneurs Ireland’s Entrepreneurial talent, skills and business strengths for international markets and MNCs Client company needs for sustainability, growth and success Commercialisation Research and Innovation Competitiveness and Infrastructure Expert Group on Future Skills Advisory Reputation ManagementPromotional A Voice for our Clients Government Action Plan on Jobs 2012 Effective Collaboration

48 Outputs Financial approvals Strategic workshops Management Development New contracts Buyer introductions Spin-outs/licences Impacts Present Future New Exports HPSUs New Jobs Scaling Sustained Jobs Business Transfers Small Enterprises Innovative Capability Regional Dev and Sectoral Change Actions Company Action Plans (CSS) Events/Workshops/Programmes Industry-led research Resources Staff Budget Processes Driving Impact

49 What is Enterprise Ireland’s role in the Commercialisation of Research

50 What Enterprise Ireland Does Enterprise Ireland works in partnership with the research community to build on their technical capabilities and ensure that ideas with economic potential are brought to market.

51 Research Environment The Interface Industry Sustained funding for infrastructure A culture to recognise & reward commercialisation Effective systems to capture & protect IP Incubation Space Where EI Operates Funding Contacts Networks/Influence Quality Industry R&D performers Skills to manage the absorption of technology Effective technology strategies - thinking ahead Getting the System Working Right Building on the Research Investment

52 Enterprise Ireland’s Commercialisation Activities Investing in Commercialisation of ResearchInvesting in Commercialisation of Research Funding for proof of concept, technology development & advanced commercialisation investment. Business Partners ProgrammeBusiness Partners Programme Introduction of seasoned entrepreneurs to intellectual property in the academic system so that they can facilitate its translation into viable Spinouts Technology Transfer OfficesTechnology Transfer Offices Funding the University Technology Transfer system to be more professional and effective Development of Institutes to SupportDevelopment of Institutes to Support Industry Supporting the applied research capability of the Institutes of Technology by developing centres of excellence in applied research for the benefit of enterprise Development incubation centres – 16 Incubation centres up & running, employing over 1000 people. Development incubation centres – 16 Incubation centres up & running, employing over 1000 people.

53 EI Academic Enterprise Collaboration Innovation Partnerships InitiativeInnovation Partnerships Initiative Provides support for Collaboration between companies and researchers in the third level sector Innovation VouchersInnovation Vouchers Voucher worth €5000 – enables companies <50 employees to work with academic researchers. Industry-led ResearchIndustry-led Research Programmes allow industry to set a research agenda which high calibre third level researchers deliver on. Technology CentresTechnology Centres Centres led by industry that are resourced by highly qualified researchers who undertake market focussed research

54 Technology Centres: - Food for Health Ireland (FHI) - Composites Materials - Biorefining and Bio Energy - Microelectronics - IT Innovation - Manufacturing Research (ICMR Ltd) - Applied Nanotechnology - Innovation for Ireland’s Energy Efficiency I2E2 - Learning Technologies - Financial Services - Cloud Research prioritisation - Areas for future research investment: Future Networks and Communications; Data Analytics, Management, Security and Privacy Digital Platforms, Content and Applications; Connected Health and Independent Living Medical Devices; Diagnostics ; Therapeutics; Food for Health; Sustainable Food Production and Processing; Marine Renewable Energy; Smart Grids and Smart Cities; Manufacturing Competitiveness; Processing Technologies and Novel Materials; Innovation in Services and Business Processes Research Priorities

55 Economic Impacts of Commercialisation Economic outputs from research: - 121 Technology Licences to Industry in 2011 - 31 Spin-out companies from Higher Education Institutes in 2011, 10 of which have received HPSU Status AUTM (U.S.), ASTP (European) Performance indicators for 2006 to 2009 per 100m PPP$

56 How do we in Enterprise Ireland work together to help clients grow

57 Agency Public Purpose – Driver of Job Creation, Innovation and Economic Development Anticipates and accelerates change Proactive catalyst for change Servant of the elected government and democratic system Steward of public resources – accountable to tax payers Focus on impacts and achievements Innovative and can – do approach

58 Global Sectoral Team Client Development Advisor Market Advisor Technology Transfer Technology Development Advisor

59 Enterprise Ireland’s Teams working together to help clients grow Clients Sectors HPSU’s/ Scaling Regions Commercialisation Capability Development ISD GAD/ CSU Events Corporate Marketing/PR HR Policy Finance

60 Global Sectoral teams Why? Shared Cross-Sectoral view of: Companies (Established, Scaling, HPSU, Large) Group Events Sectoral Strategies leading to action Who? Relevant DA’s, MA’s, Technologists, Commercialisation, etc. How? Periodic structured meetings to review key companies, group events, strategies Actions entered into CSS Action Plan Ongoing Engagement and Collaboration Led by Sectoral Department Manager

61 Education Telecoms E-learning Construction – Asia/Pacific and Americas Lifesciences Engineering Financial Services Business and Consumer Services I.M.E. Petfood/Equine Cleantech Consumer & Retail Global Sectoral Teams

62 Client Engagement Model Prioritisation of clients as Tiers 1,2 &3 in terms of economic potential an Enterprise Ireland impact Translates to Enterprise Ireland Action Plans with Clients on CSS Through Global Sectoral Teams

63 ROLESPURPOSE Development AdvisorTo stimulate companies to grow, and to organise and provide supports to assist companies to grow and so increase client companies’ exports and employment Market AdvisorTo work with Irish client companies to support them achieve significant growth in their exports into relevant market TechnologistTo work with client companies to stimulate their technology development AdministratorTo provide a comprehensive administration support service to the team across a number of key activities and contribute to the overall Department objectives Investment Services Advisor To manage a portfolio of EI companies and evaluate new investments for submission to relevant reviewing or approving authority Commercialisation Specialist To promote and facilitate the commercialisation of research Regional ExecutiveTo drive the development & implementation of EI’s regional strategy with a particular emphasis on increasing entrepreneurship and start-up business regional locations. Client Management Executive To support the delivery of EI strategy for the development of leadership and management capability within our clients (CMD)

64 Development Advisor Role - To stimulate companies to grow, and to organise and provide supports to assist companies to grow, and so to increase employment and exports. What Objectives: To manage, develop and champion a portfolio of clients To manage the EI financial offer To develop, help implement and/or project manage Enterprise Ireland’s group/sectoral responses To challenge and influence the client To develop and articulate sectoral, sub-sectoral and cluster strategies

65 Market Advisor Role – To work with Irish client companies to support them achieve significant growth in their exports into relevant sector/market/region. What Objectives: To understand and promote the capability of individual Irish priority clients To address clients and related transaction requests for market information and analysis To provide individual clients with introductions to targeted potential buyers To project manage a market group event To build up and continuously qualify and expand contacts and networks of buyers To discuss with priority clients and new market entrants their overall sale and marketing strategy

66 Technologist Role – To work with client companies to stimulate their technology development. What Objectives: To carry out technical assessments and related due diligence on company proposals To provide technology and/or innovation knowledge, expertise and challenging input To help a client validate how proposed technology developments will impact on its growth and competitiveness To provide R&D mentoring and introductions To input expertise into reviewing lean operations as to an efficient manner for the sector To input technology and innovation knowledge and expertise into the development of sectoral strategies and technology road-maps To encourage the development of collaboration of relevant networks

67 Way of sharing and shaping what we know and do Shared Diagnostics Six steps of engagement Shared Knowledge Store Signposts to Tools and Resources External and Internal Clients Content driven by Individual Business Units The EI way: Engaging with Clients - A Basic Framework -

68 Engaging with Clients Plan / Response Engage / Contact Listen to Issues & Goals Generate & Agree Actions Conclude & Exit Follow through & Review

69 EI Emerging Competency Map Marketing Innovation Operations Communication Collaboration And Teamwork Consulting And Influencing Finance HRD Strategy Analysis + Problem solving Execution Project Management Business Values Client/Customer Learning Integrity Excellence/Results Networking Teamwork

70 What is Enterprise Ireland’s Corporate Governance/ Resourcing and Strategy

71 Legislation Industrial Development Act 1998 –Establishes Enterprise Ireland as a body corporate Industrial Development Act 1986 -2009 – The Agency operates in accordance with the provisions of the Industrial Development Acts 1986 – 2009 and under the aegis of the Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation EU State Aids – In addition to its own governing legislation, the agency is also required to comply with a range of other statutory (National & EU) and administrative requirements.

72 Establishment of Enterprise Ireland 1998 1994 1988

73 Roles of the Development Agencies in Driving Business Growth and Innovation Capabilities IDA Ireland Strategy Sectoral Development MarketingInnovationOperations Attract / root mobile plants Overseas promotion Irish based Project Executives HRDFinance Global Mobile Projects SFI Strategy Sectoral Development College influence MarketingInnovation Market research? Support for researchers OperationsHRDFinance Grants to researchers Market- influenced college research investment Enterprise Ireland Strategy Company Challenging Sectoral Development Marketing Overseas Network Sales contracts Innovation Technologists Commercial- isation Operations Lean HRD Client Mgt Dev DAs Finance Direction of grants / equity / Seed Venture Capital / Banks Strategic Business Development Trade Sales Innovative Capabilities Industry-led programmes Technology Assessments Innovative Capabilities Technology Transfers

74 Enterprise Ireland Board Chairman 10 Members Appointed by Minister for Jobs, Enterprise & Innovation, with the consent of the Minister for Finance

75 Audit Committee Investment Portfolio Review Committee Remuneration Committee Special Advisory Committee Innovation Fund Ireland Committee Executive Committee Investment Committee R&D Fund Committee Seed and Venture Capital Funds Committee The Industrial Research and Commercialisation Committee Job Expansion Fund Committee Going Global Fund Committee Committees

76 Freedom of Information Acts, 1997 & 2003 Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act, 2005 Worker Participation (State Enterprise) Act, 1988 Prompt Payment of Accounts Act, 1997 Prompt Payment to Suppliers, Rule 2011 Ethics in Public Office Act, 1995 Data Protection Acts, 1988 & 2003 Employment Equality Acts, 1998 & 2004 Official Languages Act 2003 Swift 3000:2010 Code of Practice for Corporate Governance Assessment in Ireland Environmental Policy Statement Disclosure Policy on Payments and Investments Corporate Governance

77 Our Organisation Structure

78 Enterprise Ireland Staffing Structure Supporting High Potential Start-ups HPSU Equity/VC Supporting Exporting Businesses Internationalisation O/seas Network Market Development/Missions Global Purchasing Capability Sectoral teams Scaling Competitiveness/Lean Client management development/mentoring Grants admin Commercial Evaluation Driving Commercialisation and Innovative Capability – FP7 – Commercialisation Teams – Innovative Programmes – R&D/Technology Transfer – Shannon Labs/Environmental Services Supporting Small Business – Micro-enterprise and Small Business – Potential Exporters Ensuring Corporate Delivery – Finance/Procurement/Facilities – BPI & IT – HR – Policy & Implementation – Secretariat – Press, PR & Corporate Marketing

79 Regional Office Network

80 North America Boston New York Silicon Valley TorontoSEMEALA Dubai Madrid Mexico Milan Riyadh Sao Paulo Johannesburg Asia-Pacific Beijing Seoul Guangzhou Shanghai Hong Kong Sydney Singapore Tokyo Kuala Lumpur New Delhi Western Europe Amsterdam Brussels Glasgow London Paris DüsseldorfCEERN Budapest Moscow Prague Warsaw Stockholm Global Office Network

81 2011 Income: Income€’000 Exchequer Funding (Oireachtas Grants) 304,207 Other Funding - Own Resources9,116 - 3 rd Party Funding18,924 Profit/(Loss) on disposal of fixed assets 11,235 Total Income343,512 Expenditure€’000 Financial Support to Industry194,032 Disbursement to other State Agencies re Financial Supports to Industry 2,312 Administration, Operation and Promotion 89,742 Diminution in Value of Fixed Assets 22,030 Diminution of Value of Financial Incentive Assets 923 Total Expenditure309,039 2011 Expenditure: Budget 2011

82 Enterprise Ireland Allocation of Funds - 2011

83 Enterprise Ireland - Allocation of Funds - 2011

84 Exports and Jobs Performance 2011 Exports gross gains per annum Export sales grew by 12% in 2011 from €13.93 bn (2010) to €15.2 bn (2011) Jobs 2011 141,228 employed in Enterprise-Ireland client companies at the end of 2011 Jobs Created: 9,076 in 2011 Gross Gains = 9,076 Gross Losses = 9,070 Net Gains/ Net Losses = +6 (Net Change) Cost per job sustained 2011 – €12,254 (2004/2010) Efficiencies – Reduction of 33% staffing since 1998 Clients engaged in significant R&D (€100,000 spend annually) = 743 Clients engaged in €1m R&D Spend per annum = 129 Clients engaged in substantial R&D (€2m spend annually) = 54

85 Objective – jobs created and sustained driven by export development Means – current service and finance supports PLUS New sources of enterprise – overseas/food/female Potential Exporters Division High growth markets Global Sourcing /Procuring innovation International Mentors/Networks/Peer Learning Development Capital Funds Health Innovation Hub More Technology Centres/Research Priorities Manufacturing Development Forum Closer EI/IDA Ireland collaboration Local Enterprise Offices /Community Enterprise Development EI Strategy 2012 Action Plan for Jobs

86 2012 Corporate Plan EI’s Contribution to National Wellbeing & Growth Why? What? How? Making it Happen Jobs Exports Procurement/ Supply Chain - Innovation- Competitiveness - Leadership & Management Development - Funding Growth- Research - Influencing the Diaspora - Maximising our Effectiveness & Efficiency - Communications- Thought Leadership Facilitated By

87 Government Action Plan on Jobs 2012 Making Ireland the best small country in the world in which to do business, and increasing the number of people at work in Ireland by 100,000 by 2016 Key actions highlighted include A one-stop shop for small business supports; a Micro-Enterprise and Small Business Unit in EI to work with local authorities to establish a network of local enterprise offices in each authority A new Potential Exporters Division in EI; mentoring and management development networks; SME mentoring by top business leaders, multinationals and large Irish companies A €150million Development Capital Scheme aimed at addressing a funding gap for mid-sized, high-growth indigenous companies with significant prospects for jobs and export growth; a Loan Guarantee Scheme; a €100million Micro-Finance Loan Scheme Procurement opportunities to help more small businesses win big contracts ‘Succeed in Ireland’ Scheme to provide direct incentives to the Diaspora to create jobs in Ireland International Entrepreneurship : ‘Start in Ireland’ programme to attract more international start-ups to Ireland Implementation of Research Prioritisation Plan

88 Established a Micro Enterprise & Small Business Division New Potential Exporters Division operational within Enterprise Ireland Launch of the Development Capital Scheme and Innovation Fund Ireland Working jointly with IDA Ireland on issues such as Global Sourcing and Public Procurement Initiatives within key sectors that will be a source of job creation and economic growth including:- Manufacturing Development Forum Health Innovation Hub Research Centre in Cloud Computing Enterprise Ireland and Action Plan for Jobs 2012

89 Other Key Deliverables … 2012  Delivery of EI targets including 95 HPSUs 700 New Buyers for Irish Companies 600 buyer visits to Ireland 1000 meetings at International Markets Week 740 companies conducting at least 100K in R&D  Promotion and management of the International Entrepreneur Fund and the running of the Competitive Start Fund  CEC Business Development Scheme  700 Managers from Irish companies on short term Management Development Programme and 250 Managers on long term Management Development Programmes

90 Client Company Examples

91 How to Follow Up? Next Steps Review our Corporate Website Meet with your Dev Advisor Call our Help Desk

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