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Grievance Handling Effectively Representing Your Members.

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1 Grievance Handling Effectively Representing Your Members

2 What is a Grievance  A workplace violation  A dispute between the union or a unit member and management

3 Is it a Gripe or A Grievance  Grounds for a grievance The contract The Law & Education Codes District Rules and policies Past Practices

4 The Crucial “W”s of Grievance Investigations Who When Where What Why

5 Crucial “W”s (cont.)  WHO is involved  WHEN did it happen  WHERE did it happen  WHAT happened (EXACTLY)

6 Crucial “W”s Continued  WHY is it grievable  WHEN must the grievance be filed  WHAT are the deadline dates  WHAT must be done to make the grievant WHOLE

7 Guidelines for writing Grievances  The Situation Who, what, when & where  The Contention Why is it grievable  The Remedy What is needed to remedy the situation

8 Grievance Levels Informal  An initial attempt to solve the problem at the lowest level.  Usually consists of an informal meeting with the grievant,steward and management.

9 Grievance Levels Formal  Usually steps 1 thru 4 (depending on contract).  Must be in writing.  Includes through the Board level.

10 Grievance Levels Arbitration/Civil Court  Types of arbitration Binding Recommendary  Civil Court Alternative forum of redress

11 Duty of Fair Representation A Legal Responsibility  Union has a duty to represent all people included in the unit, regardless of membership.  Union has a duty to investigate all grievance requests fairly.  Union must have a basis for not pursuing a grievance.

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