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Instant UDS Information

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1 Instant UDS Information
UDS Analysis Database Instant UDS Information

2 What is the UDS Analysis Database (UAD)?
The UDS Analysis Database (UAD) is a database application tool used by PCAs or PCOs to store, manage, and report on their health center’s UDS data.

3 What is the UDS Analysis Database (UAD)?
The UAD allows PCAs to do the following: quickly and accurately compile UDS data produce hundreds of reports on financial, clinical, productivity, and benchmark measures see data in specific health center, selected health center, or statewide rollup views utilize the data for quarterly reports, advocacy, or determining best practices

4 UAD Benefits to the PCA Menu driven, instant access to UDS Data
Robust graphical and statistical reports on UDS Data Electronic views of UDS tables Import process eliminates data entry and ensures data accuracy Simplified storage and retrieval of data for additional PCA reporting requirements

5 Menu Driven, Instant Access to UDS Data
Once a health center submits or updates their UDS data, the PCA can receive the UDS file from their health center and download it into the UAD. Combined files that include all of a PCA’s health centers can be downloaded from the PCA’s EHB site and imported into the UAD in a few simple steps.

6 Menu Driven, Instant Access to UDS Data
Main Menu of UDS Analysis Database

7 Robust Graphical and Statistical Reports on UDS Data
Utilize reports on numerous health center site metrics relating to staffing, financial, clinical, and BPHC benchmarks. Report highlights include multi-year trends, state vs. health center comparisons, and national and HP 2020 data points. Hundreds of hours of savings by avoiding data entry, simplifying data compilation, and having robust, presentation-ready reports.

8 Graphical Reports on UDS Data - Examples
Trend report on statewide data compared to specific health center data

9 Graphical Statistical Reports on UDS Data - Examples
Current year comparison reports, state vs. health centers

10 Electronic Views of UDS Tables
Table views have the same look and feel of the UDS tables produced by health centers. Table views are year specific, so table information looks the same as the year it was produced. Includes enhanced table information views and statewide roll-ups for all tables.

11 Table Views on UDS Data – Example
All the Tables that your health centers compile for the BPHC – all in one database!

12 Import Process Eliminates Data Entry
With one click of a mouse, upload your health center’s UDS data! Saves hours upon hours of data entry. Eliminates data entry errors and time needed for data verification. Allows for import of prior year’s data and any current year’s updates. Manual data entry functionality included for updating individual data points

13 Import Process Eliminates Data Entry And Ensures Data Accuracy
Import Menu Example

14 Simplified Storage and Retrieval of Data For Additional Reporting
All UDS files are kept in one database. Raw table data can be published to Excel and used for additional analysis.

15 Want to learn more? To learn more about the UDS Analysis Database and how to start reaping the benefits of quick and easy access to UDS data, please contact us at: Phone: (720)

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