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Provost’s Office Faculty Contracts & Services Office (FCSO) Update July 2012.

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1 Provost’s Office Faculty Contracts & Services Office (FCSO) Update July 2012

2 Provost’s Office Outline 1)Preliminary Comments Jane Slaughter, Assoc. Provost for Academic Personnel 2)FCSO Assessment & Action Planning Melissa Vargas, Interim Director of FCSO 3)Implementation Rita Abeyta, Interim Manager of FCSO 4) Discussion/Q&A

3 Provost’s Office FCSO Mission The Faculty Contracts and Services Office (FCSO) provides customer service and consultation regarding all aspects of faculty employment for the Main and Branch Campuses. FCSO is responsible for reviewing and processing faculty employment transactions including recruitment, hiring, contracts, benefits orientation, leaves and separations.

4 Provost’s Office FCSO Mission Faculty Provisioning Faculty Contract Renewals & Revisions Faculty and Post Doctoral Fellow Benefit Orientation Post Doctoral Hires and Contract Renewals Visiting & Research Faculty Hires Temporary Part Time Faculty Hires and Rehires Non-Credit Instructor Processing Nonstandard Payment Processing UNM Jobs Support and Processing Letters of Academic Title Separations and Retirements Faculty Sick Leave, Leave Without Pay and Sabbaticals Faculty Data Reporting

5 Provost’s Office Background Statistics: Faculty Headcount Processed by FCSO Tenure/Tenure Track Faculty – 802 Non-Tenure Faculty – 227 Research Faculty – 94 Visiting Faculty – 59 Temporary Part Time – 761 Post-Docs – 85 Affiliates – 597 Non-Credit – 473 Approximate Grand Total - 3098 Note – Figures are estimates from October 2011 except for Non- Credit, which is from UNM Fact Book Fall 2010

6 Provost’s Office Background - December 2010 Faculty Hiring Non-Compliance Issues Report to the President Faculty Contracts & Services Office was out of compliance for 84% of its hiring actions since UNMJobs implementation in 2009 Late paperwork/employment actions Faculty on the job and being paid before the hire is complete Majority of non-compliance is related to temporary part-time faculty

7 Provost’s Office Background - January 2011 Internal Audit of Select Payroll Processes “The purpose of the audit was to assess the payroll processing cycle of the University to determine opportunities to achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness.” “The Administration should implement policies to end special exceptions…and processing off-cycle payroll adjustments. To help reduce exceptions, the Administration should implement initiatives to hold employees, supervisors and department heads accountable for delays and lack of attention.”

8 Provost’s Office Background – January 2011 Internal Audit of Select Payroll Processes Recommendations 9 – 13 Ensure faculty contracts are in place prior to the start of the academic year Ensure compliance with faculty hiring guidelines and payroll processing policies Implement a hiring process to ensure completion prior to employee start date, and prior to commencement of payroll payments Develop effective hiring procedures for part-time temporary faculty Work with OEO to determine the proper data necessary for Affirmative Action Reporting Develop Faculty Contracts internal guidelines for the data entry process

9 Provost’s Office Background - January 2011 Employment Data Centers (EDC) task force formed Office of Equal Opportunity Human Resources Main Campus Faculty Contracts HSC Faculty Contracts Office of Graduate Studies Student Employment Payroll Charged with addressing Internal Audit recommendations

10 Provost’s Office Background July 2011 Academic Leadership in the Provost’s office changed A full assessment of FCSO was initiated

11 Provost’s Office FCSO Assessment Outcomes October 2011 Strengths, Weaknesses and Suggested Areas of Improvement Strengths Dedicated staff, leadership support Weaknesses & Areas for Improvement Compliance with hiring criteria & payroll deadlines (internal & external) Overall functioning of the Office & Staff morale Relationships with partner organizations Lack of written operating procedures Little depth of knowledge and cross-training of staff

12 Provost’s Office FCSO Assessment Outcomes Other problems identified: Lack of technological advancements Record keeping/faculty files Resources I-9’s not received from new employees within the required 3 working days (Federal Law) Faculty not receiving notice of benefits eligibility within the 60-day required period Retiree process unclear Inaccurate data entered into UNMJobs & Banner

13 Provost’s Office Background - October 2011 Immediate Changes made based on the FCSO assessment: Hired a knowledgeable manager to handle day to day operations Hired additional staff at various levels including a planning officer to lead strategic projects Tasked staff with developing a mail log to track paper Issued campus-wide memo about adherence to deadlines Initiated a faculty file clean-up project Tasked staff with re-vamping FCSO website

14 Provost’s Office

15 Under New Management Goals: Gain a better understanding of the work of the Faculty Contracts & Services Office Create standard operating procedures including flow charts for each action we perform Streamline processes and reduce inefficiencies

16 Provost’s Office UNDER REVIEW

17 Provost’s Office UNDER REVIEW

18 Provost’s Office Under New Management Goals: Improve/standardize communication with our customers Automate all FCSO forms Develop an internal training plan focusing on key competencies and customer service Develop an external training plan Take actions to reduce hiring non-compliance rate Conduct comprehensive audit and overhaul of faculty employment files

19 Provost’s Office Implementation Addressing Internal Audit Recommendations Enforcing Faculty Handbook policies Enforcing Compliance Regulations, related to hiring and collection of I-9’s A university wide report is currently available that shows the number of payroll adjustments done on a quarterly basis. This is being done as part of the EDC Task Force

20 Provost’s Office Improvements Updated Website to have new look and feel

21 Provost’s Office Improvements Updated website to reflect type of forms used by faculty type Areas of Responsibility Page – shows who to route ePAF’s to and who questions should be directed to. Provide suggestions as to what you would like to see on the website to

22 Provost’s Office Improvements Creating data enterable forms vs. old carbon copy typewriter forms

23 Provost’s Office Improvements New FCSO forms must be used starting September 4, 2012. Old forms will not be accepted after this date. New hire documents must be submitted as a whole packet. Piecemeal documentation will be returned. Post-docs documentation required for processing include offer letter, PDCIF form and current CV.

24 Provost’s Office Improvements Only processes available for current ePAF’s will be used after July 31, 2012. UNMJobs training sessions being conducted for departments as needed. Faculty topics to be discussed at future HR/Payroll forums, suggestions let us know.

25 Provost’s Office Improvements TPT ePAF’s The implementation of the TPT ePAF’s has been delayed until Spring 2013 semester. 3 Rehire TPT ePAF’s will be available 1 semester Rehire 2 semester Rehire 3 semester Rehire The implementation was delayed in order to give departments more time to learn how to use the ePAF’s

26 Provost’s Office Improvements A focus group will be established to provide feedback on training materials and other aspects of the ePAF’s Interested in participating in focus group, email TPT Faculty will be paid for actual work dates beginning in the Spring 2013 semester

27 Provost’s Office Deadlines Enforcing deadlines at the department level and ensuring FCSO meets the Payroll deadlines.

28 Provost’s Office Discussion/Q&A

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