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Collaborative Initiatives Panel Joyce McCarthy HR Process Improvements.

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1 Collaborative Initiatives Panel Joyce McCarthy HR Process Improvements

2 Collaborative Initiatives The following leaders and their staff are participating in these collaborative initiatives… Raqui Martinez, Faculty Contracts & Services Office Marie Chestnut, Faculty Contracts & Hiring-HSC Brian Malone, Student Employment Marisa Castaneda, Student Employment and…

3 Collaborative Initiatives The following leaders and their staff are participating in these collaborative initiatives … continued Edwina Chavez-Salazar, OGS Denise Montoya, Client Services – Staff Josie Abeyta, Payroll Theresa Ramos, OEO Joyce McCarthy, HR Process Improvements

4 Collaborative Initiatives Panel Purpose: To provide an overview of the multiple initiatives that are underway through the collaborative efforts of the Employment Areas and OEO To develop understanding of how these initiatives fit together into a long-term plan and work together to better serve the University

5 What is driving the Initiatives? Goal to continuously simplify and improve our processes by using technology to: – Reduce manually intensive processes – Provide systematic approach for approving and tracking transactions – Reduce/eliminate need for duplicated hard copy files

6 What is driving the initiatives? Collaboration with all Employment Areas and other Core Offices such as OEO, Finance, and Budget to: – Challenge each other to reduce paper processes – Use same forms when possible – Provide consistency in processes whether hiring faculty, staff, or student (business rules will be different) – Provide consistent, clear deadlines for transactions

7 What are the main initiatives? Payroll Adjustment Report for Departments OneSource Automation of all employment transactions either through UNMJobs or ePAFS (Electronic Personnel Action Forms) Implementation of BDMS – Banner Document Management System KRONOS Staff Hiring Proposal Certification Process

8 Payroll Process Audit Available on Internal Audits website Reviewed types and causes of payroll adjustments Recommended core offices to provide tools to help departments and Employment Areas to reduce adjustments Efforts to address the audit were integrated into current initiatives that were under way

9 Payroll Process Audit Data supports that the major reason for payroll adjustments is late paperwork Report will assist in drilling down to the cause of late paperwork- Sent to Deans/Directors Employment Areas and OEO are using existing efforts to assist departments in reducing payroll adjustments Provision of clearly published deadlines and instructions for employment transactions

10 OneSource Website Collaborative Communication Tool One place to get deadlines, instructions, checklists, links to policies, for all types of employment transactions As more processes become automated – OneSource will provide guidance to departments on which process to use during the transition to automated processes Now live at

11 EPAFS Electronic Personnel Action Forms Currently use only for Labor Distribution Changes UNMJobs will continue to house new hires, transfers, and all transactions requiring applicant tracking EPAFS will eventually be used for all job maintenance Provide electronic routing for approval Defaults in current information on employee/job Allows online tracking of process by users

12 BDMS Banner Document Management System Currently used by Finance Ability to attach documents to an employees file in Banner Will move us closer to Electronic Personnel Files Eventually will replace hard copy files and need for archiving boxes of paper

13 KRONOS Timekeeping and Leave Management System Eliminates the need for paper timesheets Provides managers with a dashboard to manage overtime, leave requests, scheduling Eliminates the need for estimating time Can be used with time-clock or computer

14 Questions For more information, contact your HR Consultant

15 Open Forum Questions

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