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Performance Management Process Kayla Devereaux October 2009.

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1 Performance Management Process Kayla Devereaux October 2009

2 Why a new Performance Management Process? House Bill 2916 was passed by the 2008 Legislature Two committees were formed Steering committee Design committee

3 What is changing Objectives Mid-Year Discussion Performance Management Factors More options for overall rating Timeframe

4 Objectives Objectives are required. Objectives are important because they provide the employee with what will be expected of them to achieve for the year.

5 Objectives Goals are generally one of the following types: Operational/Task goal: A goal may clarify a job duty with more specific, measurable or qualitative criteria, e.g. "Answer each within 1 working day." "Reconcile unit balances by close of business each day." Performance Improvement goal: A goal may outline specific areas of improvement needed to achieve a rating of "Meets Expectations," e.g. "Improve timeliness by submitting financial report two days after transactions are posted." "No unauthorized absences in the next four weeks." Developmental goal: A goal may outline specific ways to enhance job skills, e.g. "Improve working knowledge of Excel by attending a workshop within 60 days." Project goal: A goal may define the desired outcome or milestones to achieve in a project, e.g. "Develop and implement on-line leave reporting system." Managerial goal: A goal may emphasize specific managerial tasks or characteristics, e.g. "Monitor work assignments by weekly review of project status with staff."

6 Objective examples Conduct a team building activity at the end of the four quarterly staff meetings that will enhance employees’ understanding of the benefits of working together. Attend CPR training to obtain annual certification by the end of the fiscal year.

7 Mid-Year Discussion April 1 st through June 30th The supervisor will discuss with the employee their progress towards the established objectives. The supervisor will document the mid-year discussion in GUS.

8 Mid-Year Discussion The employee will also have a chance to add comments in GUS. If comments are not added the employee will still need to push the submit button after they’ve read the supervisor comments. If the employee doesn’t have GUS access – The supervisor will need to print off the Mid-Year Discussion form and write the discussion comments on the form and then give to the employee to have a chance to write comments and sign. Then the form will need to be sent to HRS.

9 Mid-Year Discussion example 04/15/10 Met with Employee A and discussed his impressions and thoughts around his performance to date. We then reviewed the performance objectives that were on target. These included: 1. He held two quarterly team building activities to date. 2. He had some problems with attendance which have been discussed and was now meeting expectations. He has been attending work on time since discussion. We also discussed areas for improvement. This included enrolling in CPR training, so that he could renew his certification by the end of the year. In terms of ongoing communication and feedback, we decided to continue to meet on a monthly basis.

10 Essential Requirements Dependability and Agency Values Unsatisfactory rating will result in an Overall Performance Rating of Unsatisfactory

11 Core Competencies Job Responsibilities Communication Customer Service Initiative Teamwork

12 For Supervisors only Performance Management Leadership

13 Agency Competencies Safety Care of Equipment

14 Overall Performance Rating by Supervisor Unsatisfactory Needs Improvement Meets Expectations Exceeds Expectations Exceptional

15 Timeframe Objectives – between October 1 st and December 31 st Mid-Year Discussion – between April 1 st and June 30 th Evaluation – between October 1 st and December 31 st

16 Performance Review Website Performance Review procedures/

17 Questions?

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