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The Cloud Powering the Modern Business and Application 1.

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2 The Cloud Powering the Modern Business and Application 1

3 The cloud is one of the largest shifts in IT over the past decade, fueling innovation across the globe. Today, it powers many businesses and mission-critical applications, allowing organizations to take advantage of its inherent flexibility. 2

4 $200B Gartner estimates cloud-related spend to exceed by 2016. 3 It’s Time to Move to the Cloud 90% of new spending in the next six years will be cloud-based. 87% of businesses are using public cloud.

5 We stand to gain from these five cloud advantages 4

6 Rather than keeping physical servers online that may not be used, the cloud lets us pay only for the power we need. 5 1. Pay Only for What We Use

7 The cloud gives us the ability to add resources on-demand, especially during a high-traffic event. 6 2. Horizontal Scaling

8 Instant provisioning in the cloud replaces the lengthy purchase order process. 7 3. Quick Provisioning

9 8 4. Abundance of File Storage Storing large files on a content delivery network (CDN) frees up server space, enables faster data delivery and can prevent our site from crashing.

10 Gives us the ability to utilize the scalability of the cloud alongside the performance of dedicated hosting. 9 5. Hybrid Cloud Flexibility Hybrid Cloud PrivatePublic

11 Workloads in the Cloud: Moving the Basics 10

12 Workloads in the Cloud: Moving the Basics Email We can offload the time-consuming job of managing mail servers. 11 Large Media Files Hosting highly-requested images or videos on a CDN can free our server’s storage space and mitigate a popular file crashing our site. Web Servers A load-balanced configuration can scale horizontally to keep our site online when there is a surge in traffic.

13 -Jay Kiley, President of Commflo “ Even when I had a full-time employee managing the server, I wondered if I was getting my money’s worth, and if they really knew all of the intricacies and capabilities of Exchange. I wanted to utilize the benefits of the cloud so I could focus on growing the business. ” 12

14 Workloads in the Cloud: Moving More Advanced Pieces 13

15 Workloads in the Cloud: Moving More Advanced Pieces Custom Business Apps Our app can control the infrastructure it runs on—such as bringing on more resources as traffic increases—by making API calls. 14 Ecommerce Our online store can take advantage of the elastic properties of the cloud, scaling as necessary to meet customer demand. Content Management Systems A CMS can be run at scale, providing the flexibility to grow as we gain readers and content becomes popular.

16 “ As the fastest growing retailer in the world, imagine how quickly our website presence is growing. So scale was critical. ” - Ryan Bonifacino, VP of Digital Strategy at Alex and Ani 15

17 Raw Infrastructure vs. Managed Cloud 16

18 Raw Infrastructure vs. Managed Cloud Cloud hosting infrastructure must be managed by someone. Should we manage it ourselves or align with a company of cloud specialists? Similar to owning a car—some people choose to change fluids and replace the brakes, others hire a mechanic. It’s better to focus on what we do best and let the specialists do the rest. 17

19 Why Managed Cloud Adds Value to Our Business 18

20 Why Managed Cloud Adds Value to Our Business We gain a partner that knows all facets of cloud hosting. We don’t have to hire an in-house group of cloud specialists. If there is a problem with our cloud infrastructure, we have a team to help us, 24x7x365. 19

21 Types of Managed Cloud Expertise 20

22 Types of Managed Cloud Expertise Architecture Guidance System Administration Performance Tuning Monitoring and Reporting Infrastructure Level Automation Tools Application Deployment CMS and Ecommerce Expertise Digital Platform Management Application Level 21

23 Rackspace Managed Cloud Advantage 22

24 Rackspace Managed Cloud Advantage We can tap the power of cloud computing without becoming an expert in everything. Let the experts manage the computing, storage, networks and OS, in addition to the complex tools and application stacks. Rackspace supports over 200,000 customers around the globe. Proactive communications and 24x7x365 support. Rackspace responds in 15 seconds by phone. Recommendations on how to optimize our existing applications for performance and enhanced security on the cloud. 23

25 -Dane Atkinson, CEO, SumAll “ Once you get your business to any kind of scale, you need a partner that helps you manage your bigger growth, and has specialization that’s not just commodity. With Rackspace, not only will you get the same performance multiplying, but you’ll get advice and counseling and a whole portion of your business just taken care of. ” 24

26 This enables our company to keep focus on the core business—on building great applications, products and landing new customers. 25

27 Audit applications running on internal IT infrastructure. Next Steps to Get to the Cloud Determine which workloads are the best fit for migrating to the cloud. Schedule a call with Rackspace to better understand the Managed Cloud. 26

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