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CFILT1 Hindi Analysis System Sunil Kumar Dubey Indian Institute of Technology Bombay.

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1 CFILT1 Hindi Analysis System Sunil Kumar Dubey Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

2 CFILT2 Format of Discussion  Enconversion Overview  Working of Enconverter  Examples  Ambiguity resolution

3 CFILT3 Enconversion Overview  Enconverter Engine  Hindi Analysis Rules Morphological Syntactic Semantic  Dictionary

4 CFILT4 Morphological Analysis Study of word transformation and extract information about the Tense, Mood, Gender. Adjective Morphology Verb Morphology Noun Morphology

5 CFILT5 Engine Algorithm 1) Start scanning from left 2) Picks all morphemes from dictionary 3) Choose rule according to candidate word 4) Apply analysis rule and action performed according the type of rule 5) Process ends when only the predicate remains Output in UNL format

6 CFILT6 Working of Enconverter Enconverter Analysis Rules Dictionary CCCAA nini n i+1 n i+2 Node List A B E D C Node-net n i-1 n i+3

7 CFILT7 Working of Enconverter Contd… Condition Window Check two neighboring nodes on both sides of analysis window to judge whether analysis rule is applicable or not. Analysis window to apply one of the analysis rule.

8 CFILT8 Dictionary [ QaIro ] {} “slow(icl>how)” (ADV,MAN) ; [ AcC ] {} “good(aoj>thing)” (ADJ,AdjA,QUAL) ; [ Ka ] {} “eat(icl>do)” (V,VINT,VA) ; [ jaapana ] {} “Japan(icl>place)” (N,P,PLACE,INANI,3SG) ; Universal word Attribute list HeadwordFlags

9 CFILT9 What is a rule? For example : Syaama jaata hO. Condition window Rule type Left analysis WindowRight analysis Window Priority > {N,ANI : : agt :} {V,^AGTRES :+AGTRES : :} (STAIL)P20 Semantic relation can be generated by this rule

10 CFILT10 Simple sentence maaohna maOdana maoM Syaama ko saaqa fuTbaa^la Kola rha hO. play plc obj cag football @entry agt fieldMohanShyam plc(play(icl>do).@entry.@present.@progress, field(icl>ground)) agt(play(icl>do).@entry.@present.@progress, Mohan(icl>person)) cag(play(icl>do).@entry.@present.@progress, Shyam(icl>person)) obj(play(icl>do).@entry.@present.@progress, football)

11 CFILT11 Clausal Sentence Noun Clause maOMnao doKa ik maaohna iktaba pZ, rha hO. see @entry agtobj :01 read @entry agtobj bookMohan :01 II obj:01(read(icl>do).@entry.@present.@progress, book) agt:01(read(icl>do).@entry.@present.@progress, Mohan(icl>person)) agt(see(icl>event).@entry.@past, I(icl>person)) obj(see(icl>event).@entry.@past, :01)

12 CFILT12 [sa ]_oSya ko ilae‚ Aa[- TI yaU ek bahupxaIya gaaoYzI p`dana krtI hO jahaÐ sarkarI AaOr gaOr–sarkarI saMsqaaeÐ AapsaI ihtaoM ko xao~aoM mao samaJaaOtaoM pr baatcaIt krnao ko ilae imala sakoM AaOr eosao maanadNDaoM kao gaZ, sako jaao dUrsaMcaar saMsqaanaaoM ko inaiva-Qna pircaalana kao sauinaiScat kroM AaOr saBaI doSaaoM maoM [nakI phuÐca kao baZ,avaa do sakoM. obj(provide(icl>do).@entry.@present, forum(icl>seminar)) pur(provide(icl>do).@entry.@present,purpose(icl>intention)) aoj(provide(icl>do).@entry.@present, ITU(icl>International Telecommunication Union)) mod(purpose(icl>intention), this:00) scn(forge.@past.@ability, forum(icl>seminar)) qua(forum(icl>seminar), one) Long Sentence

13 CFILT13 Long Sentence Contd… aoj(multilateral, forum(icl>seminar)) obj(forge.@past.@ability, standard(icl>measure).@pl) obj(forge.@past.@ability, meet(icl>event).@past.@ability) aoj(meet(icl>event).@past.@ability, institute(icl>facilities)) pur(meet(icl>event).@past.@ability, discuss(icl>talk)) obj(discuss(icl>talk), agreement(icl>pact).@pl) scn(agreement(icl>pact).@pl, field(icl>category).@pl) mod(field(icl>category).@pl, benefit(icl>advantage).@pl) mod(benefit(icl>advantage).@pl, mutual(icl>)) mod(institute(icl>facilities), government) and(private,government) aoj(ensure,standard(icl>measure).@pl) mod(standard(icl>measure).@pl, such) and(promote(icl>do).@past.@ability,ensure)

14 CFILT14 Long Sentence Contd… obj(ensure, operation(icl>action)) mod(operation(icl>action), resource(icl>abstract thing).@pl) aoj(smooth, operation(icl>action)) mod(resource(icl>abstract thing).@pl, telecommunication(icl>communication)) obj(promote(icl>do).@past.@ability, access(icl>)) scn(access(icl>), country(syn>nation,equ>team).@pl) mod(access(icl>), these) aoj(all(icl>quantity), country(syn>nation,equ>team).@pl)

15 CFILT15 Inclusion Of Tag To clarify the syntax structure of sentence To clarify the role of component of a sentence Syaama nao Kato hue baccao kao doKa. Aapkao imaza[- iKlaanaI pD,ogaI.

16 CFILT16 Syntax Structure tags sentence start and sentence end phrase start and phrase end conjunction start and conjunction end

17 CFILT17 Phrase Tag @entry Syaama nao Kato hue baccao kao doKa. See agtobj coo Shyamchild eat Syaama nao Kato hue baccao kao doKa. see @entry agtobj eat Shyamchild agt

18 CFILT18 Role Component tag Specify part of speech Specify UW and/or attribute Specify relation

19 CFILT19 Relation Tag give @entry agtobj you sweet Aapkao imaza[- iKlaanaI pD,ogaI. give @entry benobj you sweet

20 CFILT20 Conclusion handle all the relation labels in the UNL specification. Can deal with simple, clausal and interrogative sentences. We have handled different corpuses e.g Agriculture corpus, ITU corpus There are around 6000 rules in the rule file

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