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Urban wind turbines in The Netherlands Yigall Schilp, Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment Henry Terlouw, Municipality of The Hague.

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1 Urban wind turbines in The Netherlands Yigall Schilp, Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment Henry Terlouw, Municipality of The Hague Jadranka Cace, RenCom Commissioner’s Forum: Urban Wind Turbines July , DOB Headquarters, NYC

2 2 Yigall Schilp policy maker spatial planner, Msc project: windenergy on land Planning wind energy on a national level

3 July , DOB Headquarters, NYC 3 The Netherlands in Europe

4 July , DOB Headquarters, NYC 4 Dutch Facts –Over 16,5 million inhabitants –Capital: Amsterdam –Surface area: KM2 (roughly 1/3 the size of NY State) –Very densely populated  spatial planning important 432 municipalities Zoning plansRules and regulations 12 provinces Structural visionsOutlines National level (ministries) National schemes/visionsGuidelines Planning system

5 July , DOB Headquarters, NYC 5 Organization

6 July , DOB Headquarters, NYC 6 EU sustainability goals In 2020: Reduction CO2 emissions by 30% Renewable energy 20% percent of total energyuse

7 July , DOB Headquarters, NYC 7 Project “Windenergy on land” (1) Large scale wind turbines Now 2000MW on land and 230MW at sea 6000MW on land in 2020 and 6000MW at sea in 2020

8 July , DOB Headquarters, NYC 8 Project “Windenergy on land” (2) Small turbines ( up to 15m) National objectives for small turbines: At least: less obstructional policies At most: stimulating policies Use small turbines for social basis/acceptance

9 July , DOB Headquarters, NYC 9 Small turbines (1) Current obstructional policies In Environmental bill (detailed rules and procedures for environmental permit) In building permit (hard to get without certification) In zoning plan (long and expensive procedure to change)

10 July , DOB Headquarters, NYC 10 Small turbines (2) Planned stimulating policies Easier to get environmental permit (strike few regulations per 1/1 2011) Easier to build (building permit easier with certification) Experiments for changing rules and regulations (Crisis and Recovery Bill) 6 municipalities Mini turbine (max 10m) for a period of 10 years First step: non-residential areas Permanent evaluation Goal: change unnecessary rules and regulations

11 July , DOB Headquarters, NYC 11 Small turbines (3) Goal: Gain social basis for wind energy in general …Contribute to sustainable image / Likeability-factor …Fast homegrown results (you make you own power) …Handlings perspective (you can build and own it yourself)

12 July , DOB Headquarters, NYC 12 In conclusion More consistency in policy Less rules and regulations ‘it’s easy being green’

13 ‘The Hague Climate Neutral’ Henry Terlouw Coordinator Climate Change The Hague









22 July , DOB Headquarters, NYC 22 Jadranka Cace, RenCom Renewable energy consultant Owner of Renewable Energy Company (RenCom) Services: policy development product development project management Contact:

23 July , DOB Headquarters, NYC 23 How small is small? IEC definition rotor diameter 0, m rotor surface 0, m 2 rated power 0,1 -50 kW NWEA definitions (Netherlands Wind Energy Association) Small wind turbines in built surroundings: –rated power* ≤ 6 kW (*rated power at 12 m/s) –pole < 15 m Small wind turbines in industrial and rural areas: –rated power < 30 kW –pole < 25 m

24 July , DOB Headquarters, NYC24 Dutch small wind turbines with horizontal axis (HAWT) (1) Passaat, Montana, Alize Rated power1,4 kW 5 kW 10 kW Tulipo Rated power2,5 kW TWFi Rated power0,6 kW 1 kW 2,7 kW 6,6 kW

25 July , DOB Headquarters, NYC 25 Dutch small wind turbines with horizontal axis (HAWT) (2) Energy Ball Rated power0,5 kW 2,25 kW DONQI Rated power1,75 kW Piqo Rated power0,65 kW

26 July , DOB Headquarters, NYC26 Dutch small wind turbines with vertical axis (VAWT) Turby Rated power2,8 kW Urban Turbine by Ecofys Rated power2,5 kW

27 July , DOB Headquarters, NYC 27 UWT’s: Aspects to consider Location: wind conditions Turbine: safety, energy efficiency, noise, vibrations Spatial aspects: visual effects on surrounding Energy balance: electricity generation versus demand (saving) Building integration: load, force, vibrations, contact sound, accessibility Grid connection: requirements of the local grid operator Social aspects: building owner, tenants, neighbors Financial aspects: costs (all-in), incentives, tariff (€/kWh), maintenance Monitoring: kWh generated, -used, -into grid Maintenance, guarantees Permits Manufacturer/supplier

28 July , DOB Headquarters, NYC 28 Wind conditions h ≥ 20 x h

29 July , DOB Headquarters, NYC 29 Quick scan location Distance >20 times the height of the obstacle? Location OK Measure wind no yes no yes no yes no Location OK Open location on the coast? Location higher than 20 m? Measure wind Obstacles in the direction of the prevailing wind? Location OK

30 July , DOB Headquarters, NYC 30 Stepping stones UWT project Quick scan location Pre-selection turbines Apply for quote Roof scan Financial feasibility Permit requirements Decision making: ‘go’ - ‘no-go’ Agreements tenants and neighbors Apply for permit Commission, execution Monitoring, maintenance Artist impression Tulipo turbines, Railway Station, The Hague

31 July , DOB Headquarters, NYC Bottlenecks UWT projects in NL Market not transparent No independent market information Turbines not certified No dedicated legal framework No incentives (Public) acceptance Test field in Schoondijke 31

32 July , DOB Headquarters, NYC Pilot project The Hague Target UWTs 6 permits in three years Procedures take up to 1,5 year 6 turbines installed 36 turbines in process 20 turbines refused Reasons for refusing: oSpatial planning oAnticipated visual disturbances oProtests tenants and neighbors 32 Donqi turbines, Wooninvest, The Hague

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