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2 BACKGROUND OYAP = Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program Have participated since amalgamation Enrolment has remained steady Funding received from Ministry

3 Relationship between COOP and OYAP All OYAP students are COOP students OYAP students are those placed in Apprenticeable trades Apprenticeable trades are clearly defined by Ministry of Training, Colleges, Universities OYAP students may be registered but for statistical purposes it is not necessary

4 Definition of OYAP students A student receiving COOP credits for work experience in an apprenticeship occupation Students may or may not formally register PPLP Personalized Placement Learning Plan must be based on the approved training standards for the trade

5 PARTICIPATION Students who: Are at least 16 years Have completed 16 credits Are in grade 11 or 12 Have an interest in a skilled trade

6 Trade Areas More than 100 trades under the following: Apprenticeship & Certification Act (ACA) Industrial, Automotive and Service sectors Trades Qualification & Apprenticeship Act (TQAA) Construction sector

7 Most common areas in DSB ONE Educational Assistant 56 Early Childhood Educator 33 Hair Stylist 17 Welder Fitter 13 Automotive Service Technician 11 Heavy Duty Equipment Technician 8 Cook 8 Small Engine Technician 7 Partsperson 6

8 Registered students 2003/04 11 Information Support Analyst 7 Auto service Technician 1 ECE 1 Farm Equipment Technician 1 Plumber 1 2002/03 9

9 Restricted and non restricted trades ACA has both restricted and non restricted trades Restricted trades contain skills that may be practised only by certified journeypersons or registered apprentices Restricted Trades include: Mainly automotive trades and hairstylists

10 What does this mean for OYAP students ? Students not registered may not perform any skill from a restricted skills set Restricted skill sets are not in PPLPs Example: Automotive service technician Student could not work on fuel lines, brake systems, electrical systems or transmissions Could observe and assist by handling tools, cleaning up, changing oil, topping up fluids,changing light bulbs, assist in office work

11 Yearly progress 99/0000/0101/ 0202/0303/04 Schools 68810 Total 98 68M 30F 150 90M 60F 172 80M 92F 162 70M 92F 216 115M 101F Employers 50608570134 Registered 039911

12 Continuing Initiatives ITSA program with College Boreal 3 students registered as apprentices 4 credits ( 2 COOP and 2 ICE courses) Students attend all day at College Boreal 2 ICE are in school portion of registered apprenticeship sponsored by Apprenticeship Office 2 COOP in Computers for Schools Service Centre at College Boreal Board receives full funding for students

13 Committees related to OYAP Advisory Committee 4 areas boards have structured one committee Representation from employers, agencies, union Priorities Improving relationships with unions Consideration of common forms for use with employers Local promotion Transportation

14 Regional OYAP committee Northern Accent All French and English boards across Northeastern Ontario Promotion Northeastern Ontario Truck panel Calenders Issues Improving participation Sharing of resources

15 FNETB Far Northeast Training Board Apprenticeship Subcommittee Serve in advisory capacity

16 New Initiative EA Pilot through Northern College 12 students from THVS will participate Students to receive pre placement training based on EA curriculum for 35 days prior to placement in local schools Students will be able to transport credits to Northern College for either apprenticeship route or post secondary EA program Hope to register students for duration of placement Evaluation will determine future initiatives

17 Evaluation Survey Participants ? Schools almost never turn away students Occasionally students are redirected Areas of difficulty for student placements ? Dependant on local community and availability Small engine, auto service technician,heavy duty equipment mechanic,welder fitter,electrician,millwright,stationary engineer, carpenter,hairstylist

18 Survey continued Employers reluctant to take students ? Community specific Major employer reasons for not participating ? Labour laws: age requirements Scheduling (prefer students full days) Seniority issues with unions Transportation issues Liability issues (safety on the job)

19 Suggestions Promotion and awareness within community Strategy for union issues Is being discussed at Advisory committee Local coordinators have intent to sit down with union representatives

20 Suggestions Enhance availability of pre apprenticeship courses at secondary schools through Tech Departments Unless students have opportunities to experience an introduction to a trade area they are unlikely to become interested in the specific trade


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