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Lower Churchill Project Aboriginal Recruitment & Retention November XX, 2013.

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1 Lower Churchill Project Aboriginal Recruitment & Retention November XX, 2013

2 Safety Moment Hotel Safety:  Plan ahead  Checking in  In your room  Leaving and returning to your room

3 Lower Churchill Hydroelectric Development Interconnecting Transmission Lines between Muskrat Falls, Gull Island, and Churchill Falls 2250 MW/ 12 TW-h/yr Reservoir length – 232 km Flood area – 85 sq km A dam and powerhouse at Gull Island Two dams and powerhouse at Muskrat Falls 824 MW/ 5 TW-h/yr Reservoir length - 60 km Flood area – 41 sq km

4 Muskrat Falls Generating Facility

5 Management Business Support Services & Administration Engineering & Geosciences Technologists & Technicians Researchers & Scientists Inspectors Site Services Truck Drivers Logging, Forestry & Mining Heavy Equipment & Crane Operators Structural Trades Electrical Trades Construction Labourers Carpentry Trades Other Trades Mechanical Trades Totals Muskrat Falls Project Labour Requirements Average Number of Jobs per Year: (effective March 2013)

6 Hiring Protocol  Nalcor Energy has an adjacency principle for employment.  For work in Labrador:  Qualified members of Innu Nation (as per IBA)  Qualified residents of Labrador  Qualified residents of Newfoundland  Qualified Canadians Contractor determines qualifications for positions. Contractors and unions must adhere to hiring protocol.

7 Hiring Protocol From the Collective Agreement(s): 7.03 In order to meet the obligations applicable to the hiring and retention of qualified Labrador Innu and obligations contained within the Benefits Strategy, the Parties agree that all Project partners, including the Association, its Contractor members, the Council of Unions and its Union members will work proactively and progressively to advance the participation and integration in the areas of employment, training and apprenticeship for women and members of underrepresented groups as per gender Equity and diversity objectives. 7

8 Labrador Aboriginal Training Partnership The Labrador Aboriginal Training Partnership (LATP) is a partnership between: Innu Nation, Nunatsiavut Government, NunatuKavut Community Council, and Nalcor Energy - Lower Churchill Project. Other supporting partners include: – Human Resources Skills Development Canada – Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency – Aboriginal Affairs & Northern Development Canada – NL Department of Labrador Aboriginal Affairs – NL Department of Advanced Education & Skills 8

9 LATP Successes Completed over 900 client assessments between individuals funded in approved training programs. Over 100 individuals registered in the Apprenticeship Program. 399 clients obtained employment with LATP assistance (prior to project sanction) In total, LATP supported 177 wage subsides. Currently, LATP has ongoing training programs in: Rebar, Scaffolding, Concrete Formwork, Truck Driver, OHS, Environmental Monitor, Tower Steel Assembly, Safety Certifications 9

10 Aboriginal Employment to Date As of September 2013, 176 Aboriginal individuals employed on the Project. Of the workers at site in Labrador, this represents 20% of the workforce. Positions held include: Heavy Equipment Operators, Electricians, Truck Drivers, Carpenters, OHS, Labourers, Camp Attendants, Environmental Monitors, Engineering Aboriginal people are also in supervisory/management positions. 10

11 Aboriginal Retention Layoffs are in reverse order of Hiring Protocol Aboriginal cultural awareness is mandatory for all Project employees Specific workplace orientation is provided to Aboriginal employees Respectful workplace training in mandatory for all Project employees Project employs an Innu Employment and Training Coordinator and an Innu Liaison Coordinator Innu Employee Advisory Committee has been implemented Unions have appointed aboriginal people as shop stewards 11

12 Gender Equity & Diversity Program As per the provincial benefits strategy between Nalcor Energy and the provincial government, a Gender Equity & Diversity program has been submitted for approval. GED program includes the following under- represented groups: – Women – Aboriginal People – Visible Minorities – Persons with Disabilities GED program outlines goals and objectives regarding: – Recruitment – Retention – Workplace Policies


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