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TRED 251 Goes techie!.

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1 TRED 251 Goes techie!

2 PowerPoint training PowerPoint in the classroom: The above is a hyperlink. To create it, choose Insert and then Hyperlink (or Ctrl+K) IMPORTANT: set the location you want it to “Link to:” Even if it looks like a link it won’t work if you don’t do this step. Note that your links will only be active in the slide show view, not in edit view. This slide has a custom transition: choose Slide Show - Slide Transition, then a style

3 Links Step 1: Insert… Step 2: copy link into correct window

4 Order of animated events
Click the arrow to move items into a new order:

5 Putting in Pictures To put a clip art image in, choose Insert and then Picture. Choose Clip Art for a standard image or File for your own picture. You may want to change the text box so it doesn’t overlap the picture. You can change the text color, too Note the custom animations on this slide. Use the Slide Show.. Custom Animations menu.

6 Add a Word document

7 Add sound or video To insert the video, choose Insert - Movies and Sounds - then either Movie from Gallery or file, or Sound from Gallery or File. If using your own, be sure to upload the file with your presentation. I put a sound into this slide; it’s set to play automatically. Control-Click on the Quicktime icon to edit the sound object - change action settings to choose mouse-over or click

8 Add a chart Choose Insert, Chart, then edit the chart in Excel. You can create a spreadsheet in Excel then make it into a chart Trip to Library - Fall 2005

9 Record Narration Going to be absent? Record your lesson for the sub to play!

10 Questions? You can also make your text fly in
Choose Slide Show - Preset Animations - then the style Or use Custom Animations. Note that you can move the items that are animated up and down in the order in which you want them to appear.

11 World Language Study PPs
Many teachers are using PowerPoints to liven up their classroom interactions with games and multimedia presentations. Here’s a list of presentations one teacher has created:

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