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2 You have decided to try out for the track team next year. The tryouts are a weeklong and involve a lot of running. You have decided that over the summer you are going to train for the tryouts. You know that you will need to practice running, but you are wondering if there are other things besides physical training that you can do to help you become a better athlete. You have heard that your diet can play a role in how much energy you have and how you feel, but you are not really sure what this means. Since you really want to be prepared for the tryouts you have decided to do some research to find out. It is your new mission to learn all about food and how it works with your body. With any luck all of your hard work will pay off and next year you’ll be the newest member of the track team! Introduction

3 1)Visit the following websites to find out the 6 main kids of nutrients that are in foods. Then find out what each nutrient does and why it is important. Print out the following worksheet and record your answers. Make sure that your answers are clear and inworksheet complete sentences. You will turn in the worksheet upon your completion of the WebQuest. You can also place the types of nutrients in a search engine to find out more information. *Continue this section on the next slide! Task

4 2)Visit and to find out what the 4 most important minerals and 6 most important types of vitamins are. What kinds of foods can you find these minerals and vitamins in? Record your answers. 3)Visit this website ndex.htm and play the interactive games to help the children figure out which nutrients they need more of in their diets. ndex.htm Task Continued

5 1.What are some ways that you can make sure that you get enough nutrients in your diet? Explain your answers based on what you have learned about the function of nutrients in the body. Give evidence to support your answers. 2.What kinds of foods do you think could help you improve your performance at the track team tryouts? Write them down. Then visit What are the 5 food groups? Figure out what food group corresponds with each food that you have listed above. 3.How many servings of each food group should you get a day? 4.Are there some foods that should be avoided or only consumed in small amounts? Why? Explanation:

6  Finally visit to see if you can find any more nutritional tips to assist you in your summer training for the track team tryouts. You may also put phrases into a search engine that have to do with healthy eating and athletic training. As you are viewing this page think about the following things: Are there certain things that you should do as an athlete that you shouldn’t do if you don’t exercise? What are some good tips for everyone, no matter if they are an athlete or not? Put all of your ideas together in a Powerpoint presentation that will inform people about healthy eating. Remember to include your research from the beginning of the WebQuest (Example: nutrients, food groups, etc.) Elaboration

7 Take The 6 Basic Nutrients and The 5 Food Groups quiz at Nutrients--5-Food-Groups-1 and print out your results. Nutrients--5-Food-Groups-1 You will be evaluated on your quiz, how complete and accurate your responses to the questions on the worksheet are, and how accurate, well put together, and informative your Powerpoint is. Congratulations! You have completed this WebQuest! Evaluation:

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