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IF we know each other, it will be easier! Academy Global Meeting Who is Who Is not necessary modify this slide.

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1 IF we know each other, it will be easier! Academy Global Meeting Who is Who Is not necessary modify this slide

2 We are here Who are we and where are we from Country: Uganda Leading organization: None Agents involved in the NTA: EA Telecentre networks Working languages in the NTA: English

3 Uganda Development Services goal is to reduce rural poverty in Uganda by providing appropriate information to facilitate the development and training of people in practical applications, to build their capacity and apply the information to their development needs. UDS seeks to use ICTs to provide the information needed by rural communities, as tools to improve their socio-economic welfare. Organisational Objectives: To provide access to information and promote use of Information Communication Technologies (ICTs); To empower rural women and women groups to increase their participation in development activities; To build capacity of young people, through training, to increase their possibilities to create a better life for themselves; To work with local NGOs and Community Based Organisations (CBOs) through the provision of relevant information and training, in order to improve delivery of services for poverty eradication To support local organisations to access funds from international donors UDS Programs Information Sharing Capacity building Networking Organizational strengthening and development What do we do

4 57... umber of telecentres in your country Which are the most outstanding telecentre networks or actions in your country? Recognition of telecenters and their contribution by government Space for sharing has removed isolation for telecentres especially those based in rural areas Does the NTA leading organization manage a telecentre network? If so, how many telecentres are in the network? UDS does not manage a Telecentre Network, it owns a telecentre What are the most popular tasks and usages in the telecentre? Internet usage, agricultural information dissemination, library, photocopying, telephone Which social groups use the telecentre most frequently? School going children, youth, farmers, Business men and women, teachers Telecentres in your country

5 What word do you use to refer to a motivator in your country? Lorem ipsum How is a telecentre motivators professional profile in your country? Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet Guidelines4: This slide should introduce the role of motivator. 1) Substitute the phrases Lorem Ipsum and N… with the adequate information. 2) Answer each question briefly writing over Lorem Ipsum. 3) Delete these guidelines. Facilitators N... umber of potential motivators who could be reached in the future

6 What is your experience on motivator training up to now? Guidelines5: This slide should show the experience that leading organizations have on training issues. You should… 1) Drag and drop in the big box the differents orange tags with the items that are already working. 2) Give more information on the proposed questions. If necessary, insert a new slide. 2) Delete these guidelines. About motivator training Training Training resources E-learning training Describe shortly : how long have you been working on motivator training, for how many motivators, what kind of courses/training have been delivered, what e-learning platform are you using, what sort of resources are you offering, and the information you think is useful.

7 What are your expectations from the meeting? What is your motivation? What needs are you expecting to fulfill? My expectations are to learn about setting up a telecentre academy, to hear about experiences from other countries how they started and what processes they went through My motivation is the need to establish the East African Regional Telecentre Academy What could you contribute to the meeting? What are your organizations strengths? I can contribute my experience in managing a Telecentre as an NGO Motivation, needs, contributions

8 Thank you Academy Global Meeting

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