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Al Morgan December 20001 Strobe Data Providing Solutions to Industry for 31 Years.

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1 Al Morgan December 20001 Strobe Data Providing Solutions to Industry for 31 Years

2 Al Morgan December 20002 Strobe Data - Background  Founded in 1972  Initially Data General OEM  Provided real-time systems for industry and government  Develop, manufacture and sell PC based compatible minicomputer systems

3 Al Morgan December 20003  Hawk - Migrates Data General Nova and Eclipse Hardware and Operating system to Wintel platform.  Osprey - Migrates DEC PDP-11 Hardware, Operating system and Application software to Wintel platform.  Kestrel Project - Will Migrate HP1000 hardware, RTE, and Application software to Wintel platform. With no changes in the original software!!! Emulation Experience - 27 years

4 Al Morgan December 20004 “” Seamless Migration !! “ Run your minicomputer applications today on your PC platform ”

5 Al Morgan December 20005 PDP-11 to Osprey Co-Processor Osprey PDP-11/83 PDP-11/20 PDP-11/93 PDP-11/05 PDP-11/44 PDP-11/24 1970 2000 1972 1988 1979 1981 1990

6 Al Morgan December 20006 Osprey DCJ 1 st Generation

7 Al Morgan December 20007 Osprey Co-processor Intercard connector 4 Megabyte, parity memory Clock generator Interface PC motherboard E/ISA slot FPJ11 Option Note: Osprey B is a stand-alone card Osprey Q attaches to Qbus Adapter Osprey U attaches to Ubus Adapter I/O detector Digital ’ s DCJ11 486 device emulator Xilinx programmable gate array Connector for Osprey Q & U

8 Al Morgan December 20008 Osprey DCJ Co-processor Features  PDP-11/93 CPU/FPU speeds  Digital DCJ/FPJ - 18 MHz  Zero wait state parity DRAM  Qbus/UniBus adapters  Software compatibility

9 Al Morgan December 20009 Osprey ISA 2nd Generation ISA Bus

10 Al Morgan December 200010 The Osprey ISA Features  WCS Microcode - Xilinx FPGA  Totally configured by host PC  Osprey PC/host software compatibility  DCJ/FPJ software compatibility DEC diags - OS - applications  Uses Osprey Q, Unibus adapters

11 Al Morgan December 200011 Osprey PCI 3rd Generation

12 Al Morgan December 200012 Osprey PCI 32 MB/S 132MB/S Read Write

13 Al Morgan December 200013 Osprey PCI Features 4Mx8 SRAM - PCI Bus CPU performance > 4.5 x PDP-11/93 FPU performance = PDP-11/93+ Fibre Channel - Unibus,Qbus adapter Disk Performance 20 times PDP-11/93 Host PC can directly access emulator memory

14 Al Morgan December 200014 Osprey Co-processor Features  “Container” files = PDP-11 disk images  PC/host Ram/disk/caching network files - RAID - etc.  MS-DOS, WNT, file interchange  VT Pipes, Character Pipes,  MS-Net, DECnet, Novell

15 Al Morgan December 200015 Osprey Co-processor Software Compatibility  DOS11, DSM11, IAS  MUMPS, RSTS  RSX, RSX11M, RSX11M+  RT11, TSX  TEKTEST, VISIONIK A few examples of proven compatibility !!--

16 Al Morgan December 200016 “More than just hardware” Virtualized I/O  PDP-11 I/O device controllers emulated by PC/host software  I/O instructions “trapped” local - real - virtual  PC devices, 3Com, GPIB, LPT Com/Muxes RS232/422/20ma

17 Al Morgan December 200017 All I/O peripherals Qbus or Unibus PDP-11 system Real Virtual User ’ s custom devices Devices not emulated Disk & tape devices Communication devices I/O detector Virtual Device Management Existing PDP-11 Configuration Osprey/PC system I/O devices Real vs Virtual I/O

18 Al Morgan December 200018 RSX BRU test (du0:[*,54]) Osprey PCI QXP in 400MHz Pentium II Osprey ISA DX in 400MHz Pentium II PDP-11/93, RD54, TK50 ~ 16 Minutes

19 Al Morgan December 200019 Osprey Enclosures Applications Environments CommercialAdverseIndustrial Tower PC, server class Mil- ruggedized Chassis Rack Mountable Chassis

20 Al Morgan December 200020 Commercial Tower PC Host Example Digital`s Prioris XL server

21 Al Morgan December 200021 Adverse Mil-Rugged Osprey/PC

22 Al Morgan December 200022 Industrial Rack Mountable Osprey/PC Chassis FCC and CE certifiable chassis 500 Watt universal PS Fan cooled Unibus backplane for 4 or 9 hex-height custom cards 267 or 356 mm H 483 mm W 560 mm D 20 kg Qbus backplane, 4 quad slots

23 Al Morgan December 200023 Industrial Rack Mountable Osprey/PC Chassis Osprey Q card set plugs into PC motherboard Strobe ’ s Qbus chassis PC motherboard Power supply Qbus

24 Al Morgan December 200024 RMOC Q5 with 4 Qbus slots

25 Al Morgan December 200025 Rack Mount Osprey Chassis 4 UniBus slots

26 Al Morgan December 200026 Rack Mount Osprey Chassis 9 -UniBus slots

27 Al Morgan December 200027 Israel Electric - Osprey User

28 Al Morgan December 200028 Phillips Petroleum - Osprey User

29 Al Morgan December 200029 Boeing Flight Test - Osprey User

30 Al Morgan December 200030 RAF Nimarod Simulator - Osprey User

31 Al Morgan December 200031 Ford Motor Company - Osprey User

32 Al Morgan December 200032 USN Bangor Sub-Base - Osprey User

33 Al Morgan December 200033 Representative list of Osprey Users  AT&T  Boeing Company  Cypress Semiconductor  Designed Solutions  Electro Scientific Industries

34 Al Morgan December 200034 Representative list of Osprey Users  Federal Aviation Authority  General Dynamics  Hughes Missile Systems  IBM & Intel & Israel Electricity  Johnson Controls

35 Al Morgan December 200035 Representative list of Osprey Users  Leica UK & Litton & Los Alamos  Maxim Semiconductor Company  Nanosecond Computing (UK)  Outokumpu Mintec (Canada)  Paragon Management Systems

36 Al Morgan December 200036 Representative list of Osprey Users  Robins AFB & RF Westin Co.  Sandia Laboratories  Transport Canada  U S Navy

37 Al Morgan December 200037 Representative list of Osprey Users  Vatek (Korea)  Webster Computers (Australia)  Xerox

38 Al Morgan December 200038 Osprey Co-Processor highlights!  Code and Binary compatible with PDP-11 software and application code.  Emulates a wide class of PDP-11 peripherals.  Full architectural emulation supports all PDP-11 software.  Q-bus and Unibus adapters available for special I/O needs  99% of the time plug and play!!

39 Al Morgan December 200039 Benefits of an Osprey!  Move to a high reliability, low maintenance cost system platform  Investment protection –Keep existing peripherals –Retain the existing code and licenses –Preserve special or custom I/O devices using Q-bus and Unibus adapters  Access to new, cost-effective technology –Replace low-density, high-cost PDP-11 mass storage peripherals with modern commodity devices –Migration of multiple PDP-11 systems to a single PC –Code development can continue as on a real PDP-11, Or data from the PDP-11 can be piped into new applications on the PC without disturbing the PDP-11 code.

40 Al Morgan December 200040 Summary Ride PC improvements into the future!  Trivial transition from PDP-11 to Osprey/PC  Increased reliability using PC devices  Preserves existing PDP-11 software investment  Improved performance  Reduced floorspace and electrical power

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