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IT Essentials PC Hardware & Software v5.0

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1 IT Essentials PC Hardware & Software v5.0
Chapter 1 – Introduction to the PC Jeopardy Review Darren Shaver Kubasaki High School Okinawa, Japan Form A of the Exam

2 Motherboard Main System Storage Components Input/ Output Cables & More Final Jeopardy Start Menu 100 100 100 100 100 100 200 200 200 200 200 200 300 300 300 300 300 300 400 400 400 400 400 400 500 500 500 500 500 500

3 Motherboard 100 The size and shape of motherboards or computer case.
What is a form factor?

4 Motherboard 200 Two types of the common form factors used for building computers. What are ATX, Mini-ATX, Micro-ATX, NLX, LPX, BTX? (Only two required for answer)

5 Motherboard 300 The 24-pin connector serves this purpose for the mother board… What is deliver power?

6 Motherboard 400 What does the chipset (Northbridge & Southbridge) do?
What is communicate between the CPU and the rest of the motherboard?

7 Motherboard 500 The Northbridge chip set controls these items.
The speed and access at which the CPU can communicate with RAM and the video card?

8 Main System 100 Before buying this component, a technician should consider the case form factor and the total power requirement for the system components. What is a power supply?

9 Main System 200 Power supplies often have this to allow PCs to be sold in different countries. What are voltage switches from 110v to 220v?

10 Main System 300 Cache uses this type of memory to store data frequently needed by the CPU. What is SRAM?

11 Main System 400 These are very important to consider when building a system to run virtual machines. What are RAM and number of CPU cores?

12 Main System 500 How does the speed of the front side bus relate to the speed of DDR memory? What is the memory is generally two times faster (Double Data Rate) than the bus speed?

13 Storage 100 What is a HDD (Hard Disk Drive)?
This type of magnetic storage device for large files and operating systems is less reliable because it has moving parts and consumes more electricity. What is a HDD (Hard Disk Drive)?

14 Storage 200 Two types of magnetic storage devices.
What are Hard Disk Drives (HDD), Floppy Disk Drives (FDD), and Tape drives?

15 Storage 300 Two reasons for upgrading to an SSD?
What are reliability, performance and ability to withstand high g forces?

16 Storage 400 Stacks of hard disk drives programmed to act as a single disk and protect against failure. What is a RAID? (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks)

17 Storage 500 Hard drives and motors use this measurement for speed.
What is RPM (Revolutions per Minute)?

18 Components 100 This type of memory retains its contents even when the computer is powered down (non-volatile). What is ROM?

19 Components 200 Identify the following components:
What are NIC, Wireless NIC, Graphics Adapter Card and CPU?

20 Components 300 Name two of the pictured expansion slots.
What are AGP, PCI and PCI-Express?

21 Components 400 Upgrade this component to get the best performance boost for your system. What is RAM?

22 Components 500 Type of adaptor card used to transfer a video signal to a computer. What is a video capture card?

23 Input/Output 100 Term used when measuring the number of pixels(width & length) on a computer monitor. What is resolution? e.g.: 1280x1024

24 Input/Output 200 Two most common output devices.
What are the monitor and printer?

25 Daily Double Input/Output 300 Two most common input devices.
What are keyboard and mouse (pointing device)?

26 Input/Output 400 What are digital cameras?
Input device often used to create images of families and pets. What are digital cameras?

27 Input/Output 500 Output device that employs the use of polarizing filters with a liquid crystal solution between them. What is an LCD Monitor?

28 Daily Double Cables & More 100
SATA data cables have this many conductors. What is 7?

29 Cables & More 200 This peripheral port uses the IEEE 1284 Standard and is often used to send data 8 bits at a time to printers. What is a parallel port?

30 Cables & More 300 The legacy port pictured here is used for communications and sends one bit of data at a time. What is a serial port? (Also comes in 25-pin configuration)

31 Cables & More 400 Feature for a USB cable not found in a serial cable.
What is power to run external devices?

32 Cables & More 500 The types of connectors for IEEE 1394a and IEEE 1394b. What are 6-pin or 4-pin for 1394a and 9-pin for 1394b?

33 Final Jeopardy Features of RAID Levels 1, 5, & 0/1 Question: What are
1: Disk Mirroring, high performance, high cost 0/1: Combo of striping and mirroring, high performance and data protection, high cost 5: Combo of striping and parity, supports simultaneous requests, slower than 0 or 1

34 Input/Output 300 Daily Double
Name of three additional input devices. What are smart board, touchpad, scanner, web cam, microphone, etc.?

35 Cables & More 100 Daily Double
Number of pins for a SATA power connector. What is 15?

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