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SCSI Technology Black Box Corp. Dave Mueller International Tech Support December 2000.

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1 SCSI Technology Black Box Corp. Dave Mueller International Tech Support December 2000

2 BB Brasil Training December 20002 History of SCSI IBM-360 Selector Channel SASI –1979 Shugart Assoc. Systems Interface Scaled down version of the IBM Interface –1981Submitted to ANSI X3T9.2 committee SCSI –X3.131-1986 –Approved in 1986

3 BB Brasil Training December 20003 SCSI Generations SCSI 1 and SCSI 2 –Each version was a complete specification –Narrow bus, slow speeds SCSI (formerly SCSI 3) –SPI SCSI Parallel Interface A collection of standards Wide bus on single connector, higher speeds Makes older standards (SCSI 1, 2) and features (HVD) obsolete –SBP Serial Bus Protocol (IEEE1394) –FCP Fibre Channel Protocol (Fibre Channel) –SSA Serial Storage Architecture (IBM)

4 BB Brasil Training December 20004 SPI SPI (SCSI-3) –10MBps (narrow) or 20MBps (wide) –Ultra (Fast-20) is a half standard Includes SPI but up to 20/40MBps (narrow/wide) SPI-2 (Ultra2) –LVD, SCA-80, VHDCI –20/40MBps SPI-3 (Ultra3) –Makes HVD and dual-cable wide bus (SCSI2) obsolete –WIDE only –160MBytes/sec –Many technical refinements (timing, command structure)

5 BB Brasil Training December 20005 Single Ended vs. Differential Single Ended –Low cost –Short cable length 1.5m @ 20 MBps, 3m @ 10 MBps, 6m @ 5 MBps –Most Common –Internal cables are flat ribbon Differential –Expensive –Long cable lengths HVD 25m at all speeds, LVD 12m at all speeds –Usually only on high end products (RAID array) –Internal cables must be flat twisted pair ribbon

6 BB Brasil Training December 20006 LVD vs. HVD HVD –Originally in SCSI 1 (differential) –Defined in SCSI 2 as HVD –Made obsolete in SPI-3 –25 Meters LVD –Defined in SPI-2 –12 meters –Backwards compatible with old SINGLE ENDED devices Bus can only function in one mode, LVD (12m) or Single Ended (1.5/3/6m) LVD Host adapter to legacy SCSI devices If any device is legacy SCSI SE, then all LVD devices function as SE only

7 BB Brasil Training December 20007 STA Terms

8 BB Brasil Training December 20008 Notes (1) The listed maximum bus lengths may be exceeded in Point-to-Point and engineered applications. (2) Use of the word "Narrow", preceding SCSI, Ultra SCSI, or Ultra2 SCSI is optional. (3) LVD was not defined in the original SCSI standards for this speed. If all devices on the bus support LVD, then 12-meters operation is possible at this speed. However, if any device on the bus is singled-ended only, then the entire bus switches to single-ended mode and the distances in the single-ended column apply. (4) Single-ended is not defined for speeds beyond Ultra. (5) HVD (Differential) is not defined for speeds beyond Ultra2. (6) After Ultra2 all new speeds are wide only. Chart and notes copied from SCSI Trade Association

9 BB Brasil Training December 20009 SCSI 1 5 MBytes/Second, 8 Bits wide Electrical –Single Ended Logic 1 = 0.0 to 0.5 VDC Logic 0 = 2.5 to 5.25 VDC –Differential (HVD - High Voltage Differential) Logic 1 = +Signal > -Signal Logic 0 = -Signal < +Signal

10 BB Brasil Training December 200010 SCSI 1 Connectors A Cable –Alternative 1 Unshielded 50 Pin, latches optional –Internal Ribbon, AMP-LATCH Shielded 50 Pin (AMPMODU) –Alternative 2 Shielded 50 Pin (External Telco, 50 pin Centronics, CHAMP)

11 BB Brasil Training December 200011 SCSI 2 X3.131-1994 Defines 8, 16 and 32 bit bus Defines Fast SCSI for 10, 20 and 40 Mbytes/second Adds the high density (.050 inch) 50 and 68 pin connectors

12 BB Brasil Training December 200012 SCSI 2 Connectors A Cable –Alternate 1 Unshielded HD 50 pin, no hardware Shielded HD 50 pin with latches –Alternate 2 Unshielded LD, no hardware (50 pin ribbon) Shielded LD with latches (50 Pin Centronics)

13 BB Brasil Training December 200013 SCSI 2 Connectors B Cable –Carries only high bytes A cable required for low bytes & termpwr –Unshielded HD 68 pin, no hardware –Shielded HD 68 pin, latches

14 BB Brasil Training December 200014 SCSI 3 X3T10 Committee A collection of substandards SCSI Parallel Interface (SPI) –Extension of SCSI 2 Serial –Fibre Channel –Serial Bus Protocol 2 (IEEE1394-1995) –IBM SSA (Serial Storage Architecture)

15 BB Brasil Training December 200015 SCSI 3 Ultra2 and Wide Ultra2 –40M and 80MByte/sec Ultra3 –160MByte/sec

16 BB Brasil Training December 200016 SCSI 3 Connectors P Cable –Unshielded HD 68 pin, no hardware –Shielded HD 68 pin, 2-56 screws –Carries control and 16 bits of data Q Cable –Same connectors as the P Cable –Used for high bytes in 32 bit systems P cable required for low bytes & termpwr

17 BB Brasil Training December 200017 Interconnections Narrow to Wide –Terminate high bytes Do NOT mix single ended and differential Do NOT mix HVD and LVD Customer must know their application See warning in AMP SCSI Guide

18 BB Brasil Training December 200018 SCSI Connectors SCSI 1 –Internal: 50 Pin IDC Ribbon –External: Centronics SCSI 2 –Includes SCSI 1 –Adds MD50 for external (MD for Micro D) SCSI 3 –Includes SCSI 1 and 2 –Adds MD68 for external (screw locks) and internal (no locks) SPI-2 –Adds VHDCI (Very High Density 68 pin) for external

19 BB Brasil Training December 200019 Black Box Products Cables and Terminators –Dead-end and pass through –High Line –Active, passive, forced perfect Differential ALWAYS passive, LVD is intelligent terminator Adapters –Does customer need adapter or High Line Terminator? Converters –SE to HVD, SE or HVD to Fiber Optic Repeaters Switches Host Adapters –IC510C is ISA, all others are PCI

20 BB Brasil Training December 200020 Host Adapters MD68 16LVDUltra280IC515C IDC50 MD68 16SEWide Ultra40IC514C 2xIDC50 2xMD68 1xMD6816SEWide Ultra40IC513C IDC50MD508SEUltra20IC512C IDC50MD508SEFast10IC511C IDC50 DB25 (Mac) 8SEFast10IC510C Int ConnExt ConnBus WidthSE/DiffSCSI Max Speed Mbytes/S

21 BB Brasil Training December 200021 Web Sites T10 Committee Website SCSI Trade Association

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