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DM Business Integration

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1 DM Business Integration
Rodney L. Joffe Chairman American Computer Group CenterGate Research Group, LLC

2 It is easier to keep an old customer
A business ‘truism’ It is easier to keep an old customer than to get a new one.

3 “Stickiness”

4 Consumer transactions:
Impulsive Lower $ value

5 The Killer App: Portals

6 Search engines Free services Stock Quotes News Weather reports Calendars etc. etc.

7 Yahoo Lycos SNAP c|net Geocities

8 Portals are not just about advertising and ad banners.

9 Traditional web sites are moving towards a portal model to retain ‘viewers’.

10 Traditional web site
Links buyers and sellers of used cars Chat rooms Automotive news Road tests of new cars

11 Syndicated services: News Weather Sports

12 Transition Barnes & Noble PeopleSoft

13 Business-to-Business
Similar techniques, but higher $ value Significant effort into customer retention.

14 Business-to-Business
Not an impulse buy Information Support Order

15 “There is no data connection between customers and vendors”

16 Enterprise Resource Planning.

17 No data ever gets entered more than once during it’s life…
and There is only one system, spread across all of the companies in the commercial process.


19 Bind your customer to you.

20 Downloadable order forms
Downloadable or electronic invoice and statement Shipping URL

21 Create a secure interactive website that is linked to your existing business processes...

22 Accounts receivable Production status Payment via eft. Order entry Configurator

23 List industry Online counts -> Online orders -> Download ->

24 Service Bureau Counts Order entry Delivery Billing

25 Ask your vendors to do the same for you!

26 Consumer Integration examples
GapKids--- gift reminder profile management features newsletters BlueFly --- Make your own catalog

27 “There are only 2 ways to create a sustainable competitive advantage:
By increasing value, or decreasing costs.” Fred Gluck, Past Managing Director, McKinsey and Company.

28 Access to account Keep in the loop like employees Integrate workflow with yours Tools to make dealing with you easy Use technology

29 DM Business Integration
Rodney L. Joffe Chairman American Computer Group CenterGate Research Group, LLC

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