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Texas Education Agency Update

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1 Texas Education Agency Update
Mark Baxter Leticia Govea

2 Priority Schools Information
Priority list will remain the same for three years , , Priority list will not be updated annually

3 Priority Schools Funding- 1003(a) grant
Unspent funding will roll forward Roll-forward will show up in December on application Priority schools will receive a new allocation of 1003(a) grant funding for school year Pre-Award for school year will be allowed beginning September 1, (Travel and registration only) No limitation on 6100-Salaries Continued 75% limitation on 6300-Supplies and Materials only

4 Priority Schools Funding- 1003(a) grant
1003(a) Compliance Report for school year Released mid-August Due mid-October Potential TTIPS Cycle 3 grantees Expect conversations on the alignment of the improvement plan and TTIPS plan Cycle 3 grantees may continue the use of 1003(a) grant funds through September 30, 2014 but are not be eligible for 1003(a) roll-forward or funding

5 1003(a) amendment deadline—June 16, 2014
Suggested draw down goals Priority Schools Allocation comprised of both ‘12-’13 and ’13-’14 Must spend $86,842 (‘12-’13) by September 30, 2014 Unused $74,158 will roll into the ‘14-’15 application Suggested Goal % draw down June 15 30% July 15 50% August 15 70% September 15 90% Dollar amount $26,052 $43,421 $60,789 $78,157 1003(a) amendment deadline—June 16, 2014

6 Team Contact Information Division of School Improvement and Support Mark Baxter (512) ; Leticia Govea (512) ; Shayna Sheehan (512) ; Lisa Gonzales (512) ; Nicole Chupka (512) ;

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