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Introduction What is Arudha.

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1 Introduction What is Arudha

2 Definition and understanding
Arudha lagna Definition and understanding Yavadeesasrayam padamrzukshanam. Arudha Lagna is the point obtained by counting as many signs from the place of lord of Lagna as the lord of Lagna is removed from Lagna.

3 Jaimini says Similar concept with respect to AK
Argala to determine wealth and other paraphernalia

4 Moon and arudha lagna Moon as significator
Lagna is satyapeetha, karaka is sun Arudha lagna is mayapeetha, thus the reflector, moon is karaka Paka lagna is the place of intelligence, so Jupiter is significator

5 Planets in arudha lagna
Sun in arudha lagna exalted vs debilitated Similarly for other planets

6 Lord of arudha lagna placed in various bhavas

7 Planets from arudha lagna
2nd from arudha lagna, 7th from arudha lagna, 12th from arudha lagna need special mention

8 3rd and 6th from arudha lagna also very important to judge parakrama and renunciation

9 Additional points like saturn in 12th from Al
Make the planets stand in a week day order, add rahu, ketu in end and then count four

10 Transits over Arudha lagna, Jupiter, Saturn , Rahu, ketu, Sun, Moon

11 Padanavamsa dasa a variation of Narayan dasa to see changes of Image
The image or ärudha is mäyä or untruth and cannot be permanent. It changes with time based on daçä. Every dasä affects the äruòha by (1) house placement from it and (2) argalä (planetary intervention) Näräyana dasä, Vimsottari daçä and other such methods of progression are useful tools to decipher the changes in image. Natural years of carakäraka replacement also cause major changes in the ärudha.

12 Examples

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