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Everything manifests from Ārūḍha including weaknesses, sufferings and troubles We examine the AL6 and AL8 in some charts

2 Bhāva is based on rāśi = Resources (Aditya - Sun)
Tripod of Life Bhāva is based on rāśi = Resources (Aditya - Sun) Pāka Lagna, the knowledge, is like Guru Āruḍha Lagna, the image, is like the Moon Everything manifests through ārūḍha Just as Lagna is most important of houses (pradhāna), so also its image Ārūḍha Lagna is most important Lagna SUN Pāka JUPITER Āruḍha MOON Every House has a resources associated called Bhāva Manipulation of resources is the work of its lord (i.e. Pāka) What manifests from this is Āruḍha

3 Ārūḍha Bhāva Mark the sign having “AL” as the “Manifested Image” The houses are reckoned from this sign called Ārūḍha or Pada Lagna House indications are similar to the bhāva indicated by Parāśara for houses from Lagna However, the results are “more pronounced” Ārūḍha shows the “Sources” through which things manifest Effects of Planets are based more on their lordship of natural signs of the Zodiac. Moon is the significator of the Ārūḍha

4 Ārūḍha and Planets Everything about the person is the Ārūḍha Lagna
Benefics Jupiter, Moon (Sattva) and Venus, Mercury (Rajas) associating the Ārūḍha show a likable, socially successful personality. This can lead to fame and great success Sun is reclusive and brings a royal or spiritual image Saturn spoils the reputation due to weaknesses, alcohol, drug additions etc., and consequential lying to cover-up these weaknesses Rāhu shows excessive consumption and greed which can come from denial and addictions while Ketu shows one who renounces easily, a donor and an elite. Either way, they can lead to impoverishment of the ārūḍha. The aspect and conjunctions brings a mixed effect of the personality

5 Ārūḍha Creation Rāhu or Saturn  Very low (Saturn) mean-minded (Rāhu) qualities Mars or Mercury  Labour, Worker, Service Jupiter  Priests who perform daily worship Venus  Teacher, Preacher, Speaker Jupiter or Venus dṛṣṭi Malefic(s)  normal good people not very strict about spiritual discipline; kṣatriya etc. Sun  distinguished person or government officer Ketu  Elite person or sadhu If Moon or Venus  Lady Moon is with Saturn  bad women; Moon + Venus + no malefic(s)  very good lady Moon + Jupiter  Chaste Lady … In this manner examine the planets and see the “blooming of the person” in Ārūḍha from the seed in Lagna.

6 Parivartana Yoga = Change must happen for ārūḍha to rise
Jupiter: Religion Mercury: Name A.R.Rahman Ārūḍha Lagna in 10H in Pisces with Lord Jupiter [saint, priest] conjoining Moon [lady, mother] in mercurial sign Gemini (change of name, identity) Much suffering after death of 9 years age [mysterious disease which doctors failed to diagnose] “I changed my religion and became Allah Rakha Rahman: My mother's belief in spiritual healers grew stronger after our family went through a rough patch following my father's death. Sufi saint Karimullah Shah Kadri changed our lives and all of us converted to Sufism. But it wasn't an instantaneous decision — it took us 10 years to convert. The change in religion was like washing away the past. In 1982, I left Dileep Shekhar behind and became Allah Rakha Rahman.” Jup daśā Mer antara (age 16)

7 Ārūḍha Duṣthāna 3rd, 6th and 12th bhāva are duṣthāna like 8th House
AL6 = 6H from AL: Enmity, Ṣaḍripu, Growth Suffering of prārabdha karma Upachaya if associated With benefics without malefic dṛṣṭi or With malefics alone but they give ṣaḍripu AL12 = 12H from AL: Expenses, Losses (good and bad) AL3 = 3H from AL: Deprivation, Death Go without food, fasting Deprivation Death circumstances AL8 = 8H from AL: Terrible Suffering, Past Debts to Repay in this life

8 Serious Drug Abuse 6H from Ārūḍha Lagna shows Weakness
AL6 Lord must be conjoined Saturn to confirm addiction of some kind AL must also be afflicted by Saturn to confirm serious addictions Other malefic planets afflicting show the intensity of these addictions If AL alone is afflicted by Saturn, then alcoholism is indicated If AL6 Lord alone is afflicted by Saturn, then smoking or smaller addiction Both AL and AL6-Lord afflicted by Saturn shows drug usage Additional afflictions can show very serious abuse cases These rules show the manifestation of weaknesses in the chart Saturn is significator for Weakness This is an additional confirmation tool and supports regular chart study

9 Kurt Cobain Ārūḍha Lagna in Taurus: Both AL and AL-Lord Venus afflicted by Saturn and pāpa kartari between Rāhu and Sun AL6 is Libra: AL6-Lord Venus afflicted by Saturn AL afflicted by Mars and Rāhu (graha dṛṣṭi) Tormented by heroin addiction leading to suicide in Saturn daśā Moon antara. Moon is lord of AL3

10 Boy George Ārūḍha Lagna (AL) in Cancer afflicted by Mars and Saturn
AL6 is Sagittarius; AL6-Lord Jupiter afflicted by Saturn and Mars The death of friends due to heroin overdose in his house (1986) led to a wake up call. Moon daśā had just started and with the Moon conjoining Mercury, he used Buddhist chanting and other programs to come clean. Remedy: AL6-Lord is Jupiter afflicted by Sat + Mar: “normal good people not very strict about spiritual discipline” … remedy was Spiritual Discipline by chanting mantras

11 Jimi Hendrix Ārūḍha Lagna in Aquarius afflicted by nodes (Ketu, Rāhu) and Saturn (graha dṛṣṭi) AL6 is Cancer; AL6-Lord Moon in Cancer is aspected by Saturn Hendrix was negotiating with his girlfriend to buy a London apartment. Before the deal was closed, he spent his last days doing drugs and drinking heavily. He died in the early morning hours of 9/18/1970 due to suffocating from the inhalation of vomit due to barbiturate poisoning. Hendrix had swallowed nine of his girlfriend's sleeping pills. The coroner could not determine whether it was suicide or accidental poisoning. AL3 in Aries (London), Mars-property

12 Elis Regina Ārūḍha Lagna is aspected by Mars but AL-Lord Mercury is afflicted by Saturn and Sun and is also in debility AL6-Lord is Rāhu afflicted by Saturn (we can also take Saturn as Lord which is in Maraṇa Kāraka Sthāna) She died of a drug overdose on 19 Jan 1982, 11:45 AM, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Although rumours of suicide surfaced, there was no evidence found to indicate that her death was not an accidental overdose of cocaine combined with Cinzano. AL3: Scorpio, Lord Mars afflicts AL6

13 AL8: Debts from Past The 8th Bhāva from Ārūḍha Lagna shows what ‘punishment’ will manifest in this life 8H from Ārūḍha generally indicates evils due to past debts and bad karma If Sun associated with AL8, Royal displeasure OR Police or Army Trouble (Gov. action) AND if Sun is in - Movable navāṁśa  Loss of mineral, land etc. Fixed navāṁśa  Loss of property with plants Dual navāṁśa  Battle with King! If the Moon so placed in AL8 is weak, native goes without food. But if strong, Sri Kṛṣṇa (exalt) or Annapurna (Mo + Ve) will give rice at least! If Mars (injury) associated with AL8 Sarīsṛpa (jala) Navāṁśa  Snake or Scorpion bite (poison) Chara Navāṁśa  Weapon Sthira Navāṁśa  Thorn Dual Navāṁśa  Insect or animal bite

14 Maharaja Yudhiṣṭhira Sun is alone in AL8; Sun is also lord of 9th house (father) = Paternal relatives; Sun in chara navāṁśa = Loss of properties (kingdom!) Sun subjected to pāpa kartari between Saturn (battle with king) and Rāhu (cheated by king) Result: Mahabharata War Note: Jupiter exalted in AL6 + 2nd Lord from Lagna Saturn Exalt + … Always truthful, never spoke a lie in his life; Mars debilitated in AL6 (gambling)

15 AL8: Debts from Past If Mercury (work) associated with 8H from AL, obstruction to work was caused by Movable Navāṁśa  Sick Leave Fixed Navāṁśa  No resources, support Dual Navāṁśa  Verbal duel (with boss etc.) If Jupiter (prayer, wealth) associated with AL8 Dual navamśa: Prayers are obstructed Fixed or Movable navamśa: Wealth is lost If Venus (spouse, clothes) associated with AL8 Jala Navāṁśa  Mice or white ants nibbled clothes Movable Navāṁśa  clothes torn by laundry, washing machine Fixed Navāṁśa  clothes torn or damaged by thorns, washing machine Dual Navāṁśa  clothes lost or given away

16 AL8: Debts from Past If Saturn (delay, danger) associated with 8H from AL Movable Navāṁśa: Great danger, theft, losses of every kind Fixed Navāṁśa: Food very late or unpalatable Dual Navāṁśa: Untold suffering at home or at work If Rāhu or Ketu (shock, sudden) associated with AL8, legs will be damaged; mobility will be lost movable navāṁśa  Stones, hard metal fixed Navāṁśa  Thorn, Wood dual Navāṁśa  Snake bite etc. Gulika associating with planet in AL8  Legs wounded or paralyzed The rāśi and nakṣatra lord are afflicted by Gulika The daśā of the gulika nakṣatra lord is called ‘gulika daśā’

17 8H Multiple Sun, Ven, Mer, Jup in AL8; Sun is weakest and shall lead the suffering (debt collection); Sat dṛṣṭi on Sun in AL8 (battle with King) Sun in fixed navāṁśa  Loss of Lands with Plants. native lost all paternal properties with plantations as well as his palatial house; Mercury in AL8 in Cp Navāṁśa (Sat, Mov)  Career in doldrums after 36 years when leaves excellent job to start business Jupiter in AL8 in Aq Navāṁśa (Sat, Fix)  All wealth is lost, factories lost in litigation Venus in AL8 in Ta Navāṁśa (Ven, Fix)  Nimitta about clothes not experienced

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