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Sinosteel AMC Proposal for 15 th International Nuclear Graphite Specialists Meeting (INGSM-15) Mr. Dai Huang, General Manager Sinosteel Advanced Materials(Zhejiang)Co.,Ltd.

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1 Sinosteel AMC Proposal for 15 th International Nuclear Graphite Specialists Meeting (INGSM-15) Mr. Dai Huang, General Manager Sinosteel Advanced Materials(Zhejiang)Co.,Ltd Professor Suyuan Yu Institute of Nuclear and New Energy Technology Tsinghua University Sinosteel Advanced Materials(Zhejiang)Co.,Ltd

2 Sinosteel AMC OBJECTIVE Sinosteel AMC will cooperate with Institute of New Energy Technology, Tsinghua University , to organize the 15 th International Nuclear Graphite Specialists Meeting in Hangzhou, Zhejiang. P.R. China INGSM-15, Sept. 15 th -18 th, 2014.

3 Sinosteel AMC Statements Sinosteel AMC and Institute of New Energy Technology, Tsinghua University apply for hosting the 15 th International Nuclear Graphite Specialists Meeting. Once successfully approved to hold INGSM-15, we will comply with the consistent convention of International Nuclear Graphite Specialist Meeting and make another good one. We will try our best to successfully organize the conference and provide stage for communication of international experts.

4 Sinosteel AMC Conference Organization Organizers Sinosteel Advanced Materials (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. Institute Of Nuclear And New Energy Technology, Tsinghua University Co-Chairman Dai Huang, General Manager Suyuan Yu, Professor

5 Sinosteel AMC Sinosteel AMC was found on 30th Oct, 2007 with registered investment 98.2millon dollar. Sinosteel Corporation(State-owned enterprise under management of SASAC) holds 38.4% of the whole stocks and the rest stocks are hold by private equities. Our predecessor, Shanghai Carbon Company which was found in 1958 is the earliest special graphite company producing nuclear graphite material. Our production capacity and technology always ensures our products leading among peers and we also commit national 801/806/820 projects and “863”special graphite research project. Besides, we are the only high-technological company which has the ability to producing high-quality and large size of isostatic graphite in china, with production ability of 3000 tons per year.

6 Sinosteel AMC Gross area: 80000 square meters; Net piping: about 18000 meters; Path: about 12000 meters Sinosteel AMC

7 INET: HTP-PM Design Carbon (borated) thermal insulation: H 16.8× OD Ø 5 m, W 130 t Graphite reflector: H 15.6× OD Ø 4.5 m, W 355 t Core cavity: EH 11.8 × Ø 3 m, W 250 t Total nuclear graphite procurement more than 1000 t / two reactors in HTR-PM

8 Sinosteel AMC INGSM-15 Topics Nuclear graphite properties Gasification and oxidation behavior Theory and modeling Decommissioning Materials and modeling Effects of irradiation Microstructural characterization Nuclear graphite application Code, ASME Projects – HTR-PM, etc

9 Sinosteel AMC Hangzhou INGSM-15 Venue: HANGZHOU

10 Sinosteel AMC INGSM-15 Venue: HANGZHOU 30km from Xiaoshan International Airport; 40min from Shanghai by High Speed Train; (120km from Shanghai) 2hour flight and 4hours high speed train from Beijing West Lake and many sceneries.

11 Sinosteel AMC Hotel: The Jade Emperor Hotel 4-star hotel in Hanzhou, having 182 modern guest rooms feature beautiful west lake views and wireless internet access. There are also various dining options especially the Hangzhou and Shanxi cuisine to suit every occasion and palate. Price: US$100~120/night

12 Sinosteel AMC The Jade Emperor Hotel Credit card accepted

13 Sinosteel AMC Organizing Contact: Mr. Mingyong Huang 9 Sinosteel Av, Changxing, Zhejiang, China Phone:(+86)-572-6218700 ; Fax :(+86)-572-6218700 Email Technical Contact: Dr. Ke Shen C105, INET, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China Phone:(+86)-10-62771746; Fax :(+86)-10-62794678 Email

14 Sinosteel AMC The Main Attractions of Hangzhou Hangzhou is the capital of Zhejiang province, it is also one of the seven capitals of ancient China. With the good reputation of “Heaven on earth”, Hangzhou has been one of the most renowned and prosperous cities of China for much of the last 1,000 years, due in part to its beautiful natural scenery. Among the numerous places of interests in Hangzhou, the most famous ones are West Lake and Xixi National Wetland Park. It has also a large student population with many institutions based in the city, including Zhejiang University, Chinese Academy of Art, etc.

15 Sinosteel AMC The history and culture of Hangzhou Hangzhou enjoy a history of nearly 8,000 since the Shanshan Kuafuqiao civilization founded in Neolithic age. In early years of Ming dynasty, the famous Italy traveler Macro Polo admired Hangzhou as “the most splendid and luxurious city in the world”. Since the foundation of Hangzhou government on 3th may, 1949, Hangzhou has been the capital city of Zhejiang province. Liangzhu culture(3400–2250 BC), which was first discovered in a small township called Liangzhu, in yuhang district, was excavated by Shi Xingeng who worked in original West Lake Museum. It is one of the most important ancient civilization in the lower reaches of yangtze river in china. Longjing tea, enjoying a history of 1200, is a variety of pan-fried green tea produced in Hangzhou. It is produced mostly by hand and has been renowned for its high quality, earning the most famous tea title in China. Hangzhou is also the home of silk in china, the excavated silk fabric(4700 BC) in Liangzhu reveals the long history of silk production in Hangzhou. In Han dynasty, the soft texture and gorgeous color of Hangzhou silk won its admiration of many and was sold abroad by the renowned silk road.

16 Sinosteel AMC Xixi Wetland Park

17 Sinosteel AMC Zhou Zhuang Village

18 Sinosteel AMC Thousand Islet Lake

19 Sinosteel AMC Impressions of Westlake

20 Sinosteel AMC Songcheng Eternal Love

21 Sinosteel AMC Welcome! Welcome Participants Participant families Welcome INGSM-15 sponsors worldwide! See you INGSM-15 (Website to be constructed) (First Announcement will be circulated in early 2014)

22 Sinosteel AMC

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