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WelcomeFamilies Thank you for coming to Back to School Night Please make sure you Sign-in.

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2 WelcomeFamilies

3 Thank you for coming to Back to School Night Please make sure you Sign-in

4 Agenda Meet your teachers Curriculum/Grading Classroom Expectations/Behavior Policy Class Schedule Homework Important Class Information Attendance Contact Information

5 Teachers

6 Ms. Lauren Singson Educational Background CSU East Bay: B.S. Human Development (Child) CalState Teach: Multiple Subject Teaching Credential Program Work Experience 2 nd year at OLG, Holy Spirit School, Dublin Unified, OLG/Prince of Peace School, private tutoring

7 Our Staff Ms. Singson: 2 nd grade teacher Mrs. Ng/Mrs. Pennelly/Mrs. Maldonado 2 nd grade instructional assistant Mrs. Chu: 2 nd grade Religion Mr. Nick Thomas : P.E. teacher Mrs. Zeppa: Music Teacher Ms. Traci Colon: Librarian

8 Curriculum and Grading

9 Curriculum Language Arts: SRA: Imagine It! Writing Program: Step Up to Writing Handwriting Without Tears Math: Sadlier Science: Scott Foresman Social Studies: Harcourt Religion: RCL and Sacramental Preparation

10 Grading PowerSchool Letter Grades will continue as in K and 1 st grade Grades: VG (Very Good), G (Good), S (Satisfactory), NI (Needs Improvement), U (Unsatisfactory)

11 ClassroomRules

12 Classroom Rules 1. Listen when the speaker is talking 2. Follow directions quickly 3. Respect others. Respect yourself. Respect our school. 4. Make smart choices 5. Be safe. Be kind. Be honest.

13 Behavior Policy When classroom expectations are not met the student will receive a: #1 Reminder #2 Verbal Warning #3 Reflection Ticket/Parent Contact No Bully Program I will be notifying you of any other situation that arises during the school day if necessary

14 Schedule

15 Schedule MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFriday 8:00-8:10Assembly 8:10-8:30Morning Warm-ups 8:30-10:35Language Arts PE 9:50-10:35 10:35-10:50Recess 10:50-11:45MathPE 10:55-11:45Math Music 11:15-11:50 11:45-12:30ScienceMathScienceMathScience 12:30-1:10Lunch 1:10-2:00Religion Social StudiesReligion 2:00-2:40Music 2-2:50Social Studies Art 2:40-2:50Clean-up PE: Tuesdays and Fridays

16 Important Information

17 Homework Purpose: To practice and reinforce material learned/learning in class Time Frame: 30-60 minutes Weekly homework packets will be sent home on Mondays Please return packets by the following Monday Late packets will be accepted until Thursday (points deducted) If your child is unable to complete homework during the allotted time due to family emergency or if homework is taking longer than 60 minutes please contact me for special arrangements

18 Folders Class Work: Stays in class (unfinished work) Important Papers: Returned corrected work (Goes home Fridays and return Monday) Homework: Goes home nightly and return the next day (homework packets, notes, reminders, unfinished work - return next day)

19 Birthdays Celebrated during the last 10 minutes of the school day (Please contact me prior to arrange) One snack and one drink (29 students) Please be aware of food/nut allergies Birthday party invitations may only be delivered at school if ALL students in the class are invited to the party.

20 ParentVolunteers(sign-up)

21 Field Trips and Class Projects TBD

22 Important Dates 50 th Anniversary: 9/6/14 Christmas Program: 12/18/14 @ 7:00 PM 2 nd Grade Snack Sale: 1/12/15-1/16/15 School Play: 3/26/15 and 3/28/15 First Communion Mass: 5/2/15 and 5/4/15 Spring Concert: 5/12/15 ***More announcements to be made in school bulletins, school calendar, and/or classroom notices***

23 Attendance Please send an e-mail (or call the office if your is going to be absent) When your child returns to school, please provide a written excused note for the child’s absence Any work missed in class will be sent home to be completed. Please complete and return within 2 days

24 Money Payments for extended care, field trips, pizza lunch, etc. need to come in a sealed envelope labeled with your child’s name, grade, and what the money is for. If it is cash, a receipt will be provided by the office

25 Contact Information E-mail: (preferred) Notes sent in Homework Folder School Phone (510) 657-1674 2 nd Grade Class Website

26 Anyquestions?

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