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BC501 eBusiness Topic 2.....

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1 BC501 eBusiness Topic 2.....

2 Last week The Major challenge… ……..Search how to find things and be found

3 Introduction to the digital economy Search how to find things and be found. Search is the Major challenge Examples **

4 Search examples :- What are the most popular search engines? How would you find out?popular search find out What search terms would you use?

5 Should you believe everything you find? Onion news Yes Men CNN Other sources?

6 In whom then do we trust? What about wikinomics? What about wikinomics?

7 You are found so what next… Assuming you have been found can people navigate your site and find what they are looking for Designing a space and the overall architecture becomes the main challenge. Not just talking about aesthetics. More taking people through a transaction process.

8 Business processes All sorts of issues. Much wider than just how to design a website well. But today what do users want to accomplish? what does it mean to engage with users? what type of processes are you trying to walk them through?

9 Getting it right Hard to design a good transaction or other digital business processes. Sites can cost millions of dollars so getting it right is a challenge. What are some of the things that help get it right?

10 Effective websites Jodie Dalgleish – industry analyst from Gartner What is the title of her book? Streaming video presentation…. dalgleish.ram dalgleish.ram

11 Customer-Effective Web Sites 1 - Evaluate business and product 2 – Select a product and make a transaction 3 – Get Help (may be before or after transaction) What questions might you have? 4 – Feedback 2 way = + - 5 – Stay informed so they are aware of product updates or other ancillary products or services to enhance their customer experience.

12 So take 1: Evaluate business and product Customers will search – price, features, and… Need to be able to browse in a targeted way. Understanding about the product or service before making a decision.

13 Then 2 - Move on to the transaction Could be the purchase or just decision to proceed A lot of details Shipping, in stock, out of stock gift - so separate address from billing address. Is the vendor reliable? Secure?

14 Is the goal to make it simple but not easy? Example 1 Choose bank for cheque account or Internet service provider Example 2 Or perhaps the goal should be to make it simple and easy b) buy a book

15 Help 3rd element customers want is help. Before, during after. A real person, or even database.

16 I have an opinion!! 4th Feedback – at least a vocal proportion of users want access to feedback. How can you give feedback? What are advantages, disadvantages?

17 5 th Keep me informed Stay informed so they are aware of product updates or other ancillary products or services to enhance their customer experience.


19 From last week…. Listen to first 2 podcasts Build a wiki, blog or web page Think about and explore search concepts

20 Next week Metrics

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