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The Musculoskeletal System

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1 The Musculoskeletal System
Muscular System and Skeletal System Connections

2 Maryland Science Content Standard
Students will explain and describe that the complex set of systems found in multicelluar organisms are made up of different kinds of tissues and organs which are themselves composed of differentiated cells (levels of organization)

3 Objective Today you will be describing how energy is needed for the movement of muscles (connection to cellular respiration) and this movement will in turn move the skeletal system (bones).

4 Notebooks Title: The Skeletal and Muscle Connection Date: 4/7/2017

5 Questions Based on what you learned Friday during the movie, what are some questions you have about the muscular and skeletal systems you would like answered?

6 Read Read “Joints of the Skeleton” pages 14 and 15 in the Human Biology Book In a chart format, give an explanation of each type of joint and a “real life” example Joint Type Explain Example

7 Continue Reading Answer in notebook:
Are bones alive? Explain your response Incorporate what you know about living things Read pages “Bones-Strong and Living” Do you have the same answer to the question above: Are bones alive? Explain why or why not based on the properties of life

8 Comprehension Explain the importance of marrow. Be sure to explain the connection to cellular respiration in your response. Using an activity you participate in as the base to this question, how are the joints in your body important to your success in the activity? What would happen if the bones in the joint no longer have cartilage?

9 Voluntary or Involuntary
Reading Read “Types of Muscle” pages in Human Biology book Create a chart like the one below and complete AFTER reading selection Type of Muscle Location of Muscle Example of Muscle Voluntary or Involuntary

10 Reading Read “Muscles at Work” Answer the following:
Explain how your muscles moved your skeleton while stepping during the Heart Rate Lab How does your answer above differ from your original answer?

11 Conclusion How does the skeletal system and muscular system work together in order for your body to carry out the necessary function of living things?

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