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SUCCESS Think in a hobby or a leisure activity you have. How can you make of it a successful business?

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2 SUCCESS Think in a hobby or a leisure activity you have. How can you make of it a successful business?

3 PREFIXES A prefix is a word part added to the beginning of a word to create a word with a different meaning. PREFIXMEANING Overproduce Misinterpret Out-vote Co-founder Renamed Ultra-sophisticated Ex-president Deactivate Underselling Too much Better / more than Badly Extremely Former Opposite With Too little Again

4 The elusive dream of business success captures the imagination of aspiring and existing business owners everywhere. A vision of flowing profits, industry respect, thrilled customers, and a balanced life. This vision is only possible by developing habits that drive business success. Take the time to learn the 7 habits of business success. 1. Cultivate Inner Networks 2. Customer Centric 3. Humble Honesty 4. Adaptability 5. Opportunity Focused 6. Finding A Better Way 7. Balanced Lifestyle Management SUCCESS

5 JOB SATISFACTION Finally… when you are out of school! Now… I want a job with flexible schedule Well paid 30 days vacations Medical insurance High bonuses And a manager position Are you satisfied with your current job?

6 JOB SATISFACTION What would motivate you to work harder? Bonus Bigger salary Commission Praise More responsibility Threat of redundancy Hard-working boss Good colleagues Working for a successful company A better working environment Promotion opportunities Perks or fringe benefits ML 5.1

7 1.Most people like to have control over their work and therefore put _____ near the top of their list of motivating factors. 2. Dealing with _____ is a very time consuming, demotivaing problem which affects large businesses and organizations. 3. Overwork can lead to _____ if not spotted early. 4. Many job satisfaction studies, perhaps surprisingly, have found that often _____ is not the most motivating factor. 5. Offering _____ rather than a salary increase can be a way of retaining employees in traditional high staff turnover industries. 6. He received very generous _____ when he left the company. 7. One way of managers monitor and develop staff loyalty is by using _____ interviews. 1. Bureaucracy 2. Autonomy 3. Burnout 4. Pay 5. Appraisal 6. Perks 7. Golden handshake a) assessment b) remuneration c) fringe benefits d) severance package e) independence f) breakdown g) red tape 1 / g 2 / e 3 / f 4 / b 5 / a 6 / c 7 / d JOB SATISFACTION

8 HOW TO FRUSTRATE YOUR EMPLOYEES IN 10 SECONDS Ask your good employees to do a better job! Cancel posadas, trips and some events Having a terrible cafeteria service Give employees ridiculous incentives

9 Tell your employees… We have to cancel the posada this year You have to do your best to complete objectives We cant change our cafeteria service We will give you a healthy food plan as an incentive Give reasons for each point

10 When you say… Employees hear… The posada was canceledThe company is acting cheap Your performance has been monitored They are firing people! Some benefits will be taken awayThey will reduce benefits Overtime is being re-evaluatedThe company is in trouble

11 PASSIVE VOICE Its an structure we use it to inform, to report as the important in the sentence is the object or situation. STRUCTURE Object VERB VERB Situation TO BE IN PAST PARTICIPLE ++ Could be in any time Verb TO BE SIMPLE PRESENT PRESENT CONTINOUS PERESENT PERFECT SIMPLE PAST PAST CONTINOUS FUTURE WILL CAN, COULD, ETC… am / is / are am / is / are being have or has been was / were was / were being will be can, could, etc.. be

12 The posada was canceled Your performance has been monitored Some benefits will be taken away Overtime is being re-evaluated Overtime is well paid New perks should be given to employees PASSIVE VOICE The company well pays overtime The company is re-evaluating overtime They canceled the posada H.R. has monitored your performance They will take away some benefits The company should give new perks to employees S. present present Present Cont. Present continous S. past past Present Perfect Present perfect future

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