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Creating the Television Ad

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1 Creating the Television Ad

2 Visual Techniques Testimonials Serials Oldies Footage Spokesperson
Demonstration Close Ups Story Line Comparison Still photos/artwork Slice of Life Customer interview Vignettes Humor Animation Stop Motion Rotoscope Problem Solution Mood imagery Split and Bookend spots Infomercials Combination Testimonials- celebrities or other users of the product talking about it, Serials- continuing commercials Spokesperson-delivers copy, may demonstrate the product, product is hero Demonstration-don’t try to fool the viewer Close ups- hamburgers, things that need detail Comparison- making another brand or person look worse Still photos- slideshow, can still ad movement w/ zoom Slice of life- brand is hero in a story, open with a problem and brand is solution, usually emotional Vignettes- montage of people enjoying product and life (pepsi) Humor-challenge to make humor fit with product and not just humor Animation- cartoon or computer animation, fewer backgrounds the easier Rotoscope- animation and live action combined Problem solution- less depth of story than slcie of life, visuals Mood imagery- many different techniques to succesfully set a mood and image Split- 2 run with something unrelated between Infomercial- up to 30 min

3 Planning the Commercial
sound effects Sound has to fit with both sight and motion Audio should interpret and advance the visual Limit and time number of scenes Communicate thought in short smooth time Keep most shots detailed Act out the script, don’t just read it Make sure brand name is prominent If you demonstrate a sale feature, you talk about the sales feature Audio needs to be relevant but not describe the obvious

4 Planning the Commercial
The use of Supers can enhance the sale Generally try to communicate one basic idea Read audio aloud before to catch tongue twisters Use everyday words and simple sentences Write the video description as detailed as possible Enlarging single words to aid the sale Basic idea- state it, support it, demonstrate it, repeat promise at the end

5 Writing the Script Use easy to pronounce and remember words
30 ad only has 28 sec of audio Write friendly and conversational Write script next to video scene and music descriptions copywriting- flowers

6 Developing the Storyboard
Its Difficult to see the whole picture from the storyboard Quality varies from stick figures to full-color photos Usually 4-12 frames Standard size 4x3” Screen Shot Description of motion & audio

7 Basic Camera Shots Extreme Close up Shot Long Shot Close up shot
Extreme Long shot Medium shot

8 Sketch- type of shot and what who is involved, don’t have to be detailed
Sequence- order of shots Shot description- describe what can’t be said in the sketch Transition in and out- change to from and to next scene Video image- whether its title or movement or interview etc. Audio recorded- sound that is recorded during shot Added audio- audio planned to be put in during editing including music or narration Transition out Estimated time Any specifics that need to be said or known


10 Opticals Effects between scenes to aid in transition
Cut- no transition Dissolve- fade out as another fades in Fade in- from black Fade out- into black Matte- background changes Super- object super ceded over scene Wipe- scenes change in a geometric pattern Zoom- long shot to close up Follow a moving object Opticals could be part a large part of the commercial Fade outs and in work for lapses in time Wipe- used for rappid succesion of short quick scenes, montage effect Zoom can be fast or slow Best editing-jaguar

11 Music Soundtrack- transitions can fit changes in music
Can set the mood of the commercial Backgrounds Transitions Movement Accents Jingle- can take the place of announcing Transition music- tempo builds or slows to excite or change mood Movement- up scale or down scale Accents- beats put emphasis on certain points of the video music

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