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How Plant and Animal Cells Differ

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1 How Plant and Animal Cells Differ
Pages A6-A11

2 Discovery of Cells Too small to be seen
Microscopes invented: opening up the world of tiny things Robert Hooke was the first to see them

3 The Discovery of Cells 1665, Robert Hooke Looked at cork
Named them “cells” after rooms in monasteries

4 The Cell Theory- Part 1 Cells are the building blocks of all living things They make up everything that is alive Larger organism have more cells Why would Hooke see cells in cork?

5 The Cell Theory- Part 2 All life activities take place in cells
Different types of cells do different things Example: muscle cells contract to make us move

6 The Cell Theory- Part 3 New cells are made from old cells
Living things grow larger from their cells producing more cells New cells replace old cells Ex: dry skin falls off, new skin cells replace the old

7 Questions about the discovery of cells
Who first discovered cells? Before the invention of the microscope, why couldn’t scientists learn what living things were made of? Are all cells alike? Are all organisms made up of millions of cells? How does an organism grow? Why don’t all cells look exactly alike? In what ways are cells different? In what ways are cells alike? What are the three parts of the cell theory?

8 The Parts of a cell An animal cell Cell membrane Vacuoles Chromosomes
Nuclear membrane Nucleus Cytoplasm Mitochondria

9 Parts of a cell A plant cell Same parts as animal cell plus: Cell wall

10 To help you remember… Mighty Mitochondria Vacuum like Vacuoles
Cell and nuclear membrane

11 To help you remember about the plant cell….
Cell wall: gives plant cell it’s shape Chloroplasts: contain chlorophyll Makes plant food… Makes plant green

12 Questions about cell parts
How are you similar to a flower or a bird? What two structures do plant cells have that animal cells do not have? What is the function of the cell wall? Why don’t animal cells have chloroplasts? What part gives the cell power?

13 The Nucleus of the Cell The nucleus is the control center or brain of the cell Contains Chromosomes Chromosomes are made up of DNA “blueprint of life” Makes up who you are

14 Questions about the nucleus
Why do you think the nucleus is sometimes called the brain of the cell? How are chromosomes and DNA related? What is DNA?

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