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Online materials in The Danish National Bibliography Presentation for IFLA Satelitte Meeting, Bibliography in the Digital Age, Warsaw 2012. Hanne Hørl.

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1 Online materials in The Danish National Bibliography Presentation for IFLA Satelitte Meeting, Bibliography in the Digital Age, Warsaw 2012. Hanne Hørl Hansen, Bibliographic consultant, DBC- Danish Bibliographic Centre

2 Danish National Bibliography is mainly produced by DBC (books, articles, audio, recorded music, images and movies) – the rest is produced by The Royal Library. DBC is a public limited company owned by the by Local Government Denmark and the state DBC’s part of the national bibliography is produced according to a contract between the The Ministry of Culture and DBC the legal basis: connected with library services and not legal deposit

3 At the same time DBC makes additional cataloguing for Danish libraries in the same process as registration for the national bibliography single out relevant materials for public libraries and point out the relevance of the material to certain types of libraries add data to support dissemination (notes describing the content etc.)

4 DBC also … operates and develops DanBib – the Danish Union Catalogue and superstructure system for the entire Danish library service operates and develops - the citizens’ OPAC to the Union Catalogue

5 Online materials - history in the nineties none of the selection principles for inclusion in the national bibliography considered online materials in 1998 a national bibliographic registration of e-books (INDOREG) was established on a trial basis the selection principles for sound, moving and still images were expanded to include online materials without further elaboration – but no expansion on the principles for recorded music and articles

6 Handling the selection principles All e-books (defined in a broad sence) that came to our notice and we could get access to registrated after the same criteria as printed books. All audiobooks and movies included in library solutions registrated as part of the national bibliography

7 Problems How is published defined when it comes to online materials? How to handle principles on extent online? Homepages, databases etc. – new and important sources to information and cultural experience were not included in the national bibliography The enormous amount of such resources The same ressource in different formats – how many records? Choice of and maintenance of link? Should the link refer to where to buy the material or point to a collection?

8 Legal deposit Since 2005 the internet is included in the Danish Legal Deposit Law. The task is undertaken by State and University Library and The Royal Library. can not be accessed by the general public. doesn’t assign metadata according to ICP

9 The Danish Bibliographic council (BIR) Discussions and several attempts to address the problems In 2009 a small working group was established Members: Mix of librarians from public libraries and experts in the bibliographic area. Task: To define what would be appropriate to include in the national bibliography. Also if possible state selection principles, suggest level of cataloguing – all at a responsible economic level. Basis and inspiration for the work: National bibliographies in the digital age

10 Result Vision: The national bibliography should serve as a current, timely and central service for disseminating a country’s published material with no consideration of physical or non- physical appearence Several pragmatic suggestions on what to include and suggestions on adjustment in level of cataloguing with respect to the economy The Bibliographic Council adviced the Ministry of Culture to move forward on the recommandations from the working group

11 Result The following tasks were defined to be carried out by a consultant Make the suggestions more concrete so they could serve as selection criteria Make more accurate guidelines on cataloguing level and maintenance Make estimation on extent and suggest quotas for the number of registrated items Make suggestions for ongoing evaluation of the area

12 All within the current economic frame ! It isn’t perfect but we are doing something!

13 Help from IFLA Guidelines Importance of content is key aspect and not media or type of resource We don’t need to be exhaustive but could be representative Different levels of description depending on the significance of the type of source are OK Encouragement to reuse metadata associated with the ressource

14 Result In June 2011 an amendment to the contract on the national bibliography concerning registration of online materials was signed by The Ministry of Culture and DBC.

15 Generel consequences Published is defined as: -intended published and available (for free or by payment) -not considered as handling private or local matters -not considered as intended for a closed group /a smaller audience but intended for a broad audience Completeness is defined as: If the material is brought to our attention by the publisher, through a library solution etc. and we can get access to the material – we are not obliged to actively screen for materials

16 Books all online materials similar to a printed book registrated in the same list as printed books online versions of printed books: new record copying the record of the printed book (only significant mediainformation is corrected) (From medio 2012) URL: to the place to buy the ressource: the publisher is preferred. Or else: If several internetbooksshops – no URL is recorded only sale on the internet Online multimedia included in the list of books Joint library solutions can get special URL registrated and we cooperate also on metadata

17 Books online materials not similar to books but with important information can be registrated within a yearly quota (300 a year - used for a retrospective project for now) and on a low descriptive level s election: –the basic criteria for physical material should be fullfilled –focus on dissemination and accessibility for libraries – we look at content, target audience and stability –How? An advisory board representing the users is about to be established DBC webarchive

18 Audios When registrating new physical audiobooks the onlineversion is registrated simultaniously as a copycataloguing Other online audiobooks received through cooperation with library solutions and from publishers are also registrated A quota – for now 100 a year - on other online audios than books with almost the same principles for selection as text which are not books (Playing time: Min. 15 minutes)

19 Moving images As a superior rule: Playing time: Min. 15 minutes All original Danish movies are candidates for registration: Danish: produced for Danish producents, Danish speak or with a Danish director – NB: Danish subtitles are not enough! Foreing movies with Danish subtitles are only registrated when they are relevant and accessible for libraries (quota: 200 a year) As much as possible is copycataloguing A quota (50) for slideshows, important TV- recordings etc. (not registrated elsewhere!) is available

20 Recorded music Registration as album when possible All registration within quotas All Danish music generally relevant for libraries: Copycataloguing made when the material appears physical if an onlineversion exist - no consideration of the accessibility for libraries at present (quota: 800 a year) New, original Danish music only published online can be registrated (low level of description) if relevant and accessible for libraries (quota: 200 a year) Advisory board representing the users established

21 Articles Normally we index articles from 750 serials New: Online serials can be indexed Articles both published in print and online get one record telling that this article also is available online. Codes are assigned for both print and online material.

22 Maintenance Automation (work in progress): every URL is checked every two weeks when the URL hasn’t given acceptable response over a period of six weeks the record is corrected automatically (the URL is to be removed and a note saying that the URL has been found not-accessible will be added)

23 Evaluation An annual report and plan for the quotas for the coming year including reactions/comments from the advisory board of users is to be delivered to the Danish Agency for Culture IMPORTANT!: Every second year the Danish Bibliographic Council will evaluate the area as a whole. Some important questions are: - Is it now possible to obtain synergy with - Does the national bibliography include the material needed in the libraries or should adjustments be made? …

24 2012 up to now (August 2) Books: 10328 physical books and multimedia 3837 online Audio: 1166 physical audios 333 online Moving images: 2068 physical dvd’s etc. 500 online Articles: 6660 only physical 1118 only online 9340 both physical and online

25 Thanks for your attention!

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