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Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

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1 Taman Mini Indonesia Indah
‘Beautiful Indonesian Miniature Park’

2 What is it? Taman Mini Indonesia Indah or Beautiful Indonesia Miniature Park  was built in Indonesia in In this park tourists will find many Indonesia natural & cultural richness such as unique replication of traditional houses known as Pavilion. The park is an Ideal spot for family holidays and also visitors who did not have enough time to explore Indonesia The park has many activities for the whole family to explore! Ini Pavilion di Taman Mini Indonesian Inah!

3 Activities Sebegitu banyak kesenangan activites
There are so many fun activities that you can enjoy at TMII like Taking a trip on the cable car. You'll be able to see TMII from the top and experience the parks beauty. Or watch Indonesia movies at Theatre Imax Keong Emas! When you have finished the Imax you can even visit several museums in the area ! The parks orchid garden and bird park are always very popular among the tourists. Sebegitu banyak kesenangan activites

4 The Pavilions Paviliun begitu besar!
TMII has more than twenty five pavilions to walk through! Each represents the unique architecture of the different provinces of Indonesia. Visitors are provided a very fun and interesting experience to view the breadth and scale of the full range of Pavilions. The most popular Pavilions, to name are `Bogonjong` house of the Ranah Minang from West Sumatra, a `Lamin` of the Dayak people from deep in the interior of East Kalimantan, a `Tongkongan` from Tana Toraja, South Sulawesi, a traditional Batak `Bolon` house from North Sumatra; a `Joglo` house from Central Java, etc. Paviliun begitu besar!

5 Istana Anak-anak Indonesia
The Istana Anak-anak is a Children Castle, Featuring fairy tales, and paintings from Indonesia and all over the world. The Children and those young at heart are able to wander through the castle and join in activities. Istana Anak anak begitu indah

6 Teater Tanah Airku The "Tanah Airku" Theatre is the first in Indonesia equipped with modern technology. The physical aspect of the "Tanah Airku" Theatre is a marriage of the typical Indonesian and the international aesthetic. Indonesian ornamentation such as 'gunungan' , elements from Javanese puppet shows, the roof shapes of Sumatra and Sulawesi, with a touch of Kalimantan Dayak style.

7 Mascot of Taman Mini Indonesia Indah!!
Kera oleh sebab itu cute! Tak begitu ini one

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