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Budget Advisory Committee, September 16 th, 2011 FY11/12 SUNY ONEONTA STATE PURPOSES BUDGET UPDATE.

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1 Budget Advisory Committee, September 16 th, 2011 FY11/12 SUNY ONEONTA STATE PURPOSES BUDGET UPDATE

2 FY11/12 Budget Context: NYS Budget FY11/12 State Budget Deficit: $10.0 billion FY11/12 State Budget cuts & other actions addressed this deficit SUNY State-Ops’ net share of Executive State Budget cuts: $131.4 million Current Out-year State Budget Deficit Projections (as of 6/30/11) : FY12/13: $2.4 billion FY13/14: $2.8 billion FY14/15: $4.6 billion 9/16/2011BAC Budget Update

3 Out-year Budget Context SUNY 2020 may help limit the severity of cuts over the next 4 years Included in the legislation: “The State would be required to appropriate… General Fund operating support in an amount no less than provided in the prior State Fiscal Year, except that if the Governor declares a fiscal emergency…” Inflationary costs can still have an impact – lack of funding to cover inflation has the same effect as a funding cut Funding reductions may still come from within SUNY:  changes in Resource Allocation Method  funding for SUNY Strategic Plan State tax revenues for April – June 2011 were up relative to last year, with NYS near the top with a gain over last year of $2.3 billion (21%) 9/16/2011BAC Budget Update

4 FY11/12 Financial Plan v. Estimated Need $44.4m ($45.4m) ($1.0m) ($8.7m) FY11/12 State Financial Plan Funding, including $300 tuition increase: $12.8m State Support $32.0m Tuition and other related revenue ($0.4m) Tuition Credit funding FY11/12 Projected Campus Need: $45.0m Adjusted FY10/11 State Financial Plan $0.4m salary inflation FY11/12 Net Budget Gap Net losses over the last four years 9/16/2011BAC Budget Update

5 Closing the Budget Gap: Campus Actions ($1.0m) FY11/12 Budget Gap $3.4m in savings & revenue actions Salary & Other Savings, $2.5m, July 2010 - present  Savings from turnover, Early Retirements, Administrative Restructuring  Net reduction of approximately 19.5 vacant positions Increased Tuition Revenue, $0.3m  FY10/11 enrollment growth  Residential v. Non-Residential (including International) Mix Student Fee Revenue, $0.2m  enrollment growth, inflation-indexed fee increases (per SUNY guidelines)  Summer Session Technology Fee Room Rate Increases, $0.4m 9/16/2011BAC Budget Update

6 9/16/2011BAC Budget Update

7 9/16/2011BAC Budget Update

8 9/16/2011BAC Budget Update

9 9/16/2011BAC Budget Update

10 9/16/2011BAC Budget Update

11 9/16/2011BAC Budget Update

12 9/16/2011BAC Budget Update

13 Billed Cost of Education: Fall 2011 Per Semester Fall 2010Fall 2011$ Change% Change In-State Undergraduate Tuition$2,485.00$2,635.00$150.006.0% Dorm Room (Standard Double)$2,767.00$2,936.00$169.006.1% Dining Plan (Unlimited)$1,875.00$1,925.00$50.002.7% Tuition, Room & Board Subtotal$7,127.00$7,496.00$369.005.2% Athletic Fee$181.00$187.50$6.503.6% Technology Fee$196.00$196.50$0.500.3% Health Fee$141.50$147.00$5.503.9% College Fee$12.50 $0.000.0% Transcript Fee$5.00 $0.000.0% Comprehensive Fee Subtotal$536.00$548.50$12.502.3% annualized$1,072.00$1,097.00$25.002.3% Student Activity Fee$94.25$96.00$1.751.9% Alumni Fee$10.00 $0.000.0% Other Fee Subtotal$104.25$106.00$1.751.7% SEMESTER GRAND TOTAL$7,767.25$8,150.50$383.254.9% Annual Cost$15,534.50$16,301.00$766.504.9% 9/16/2011BAC Budget Update

14 Looking ahead… $2.4m savings banked for FY12/13 We do not anticipate another ERI Program. Utilize campus reserves to smooth over the bumps Work with campus community to identify additional savings and/or revenue opportunities Continue to invest in strategic priorities Develop formal means to prioritize budget allocation that is strategic, transparent, and inclusive. 9/16/2011BAC Budget Update

15 QUESTIONS? 9/16/2011BAC Budget Update

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