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Presentation on theme: "POST-SECONDARY PLANNING GRADE 12 PRESENTED BY: SIR JOHN A MACDONALD GUIDANCE OFFICE C. Parsons (A-L) / L.D. Swimm & J. Wiseman (M-Z)"— Presentation transcript:


2 G RADUATION R EQUIREMENTS : 3 English 2 Math 2 Science 2 Technology (Tech/math/science) 1 Physical Education 1 Canadian Studies 1 Fine Arts Credit 1 Global His/Geo 12 5 Grade 12 credits 9 Immersion Credits for those in Immersion Program Students are responsible to make sure they have the following compulsory credits for graduation: 18 Credits (minimum) Must have 5 grade 12 credits No more than 7 grade 10 credits

3 C OMMUNICATING I NFORMATION Announcements Scholarship binder Grade 12 info board Webpage Twitter: Follow us @SJAGuidance

4 NEED HELP?? See your guidance counsellor to set an appointment to discuss options A-L: Mrs. C. Parsons M-Z: Mrs. J. Wiseman Complete an updated Career Cruising profile to look at interests, skills, and find careers that match your personality: Username: sjam Password: careers

5 P ERSONAL M Y P LAN A CCOUNT With their personal My Plan account students can: View a summary of the information they have saved Track their progress as they work towards school/district requirements Personalize their account by adding a photo Access their information from anywhere in the program


7 W ORLD C LASS A SSESSMENTS Using their various assessment tools, students can: discover how they best learn and retain information identify careers that suit their interests and; understand how their skills and abilities are related to those careers.


9 D ETAILED C AREER I NFORMATION Students can explore hundreds of careers using a variety of methods. Students will then have access to detailed multi-media career profiles.


11 P OSTSECONDARY P LANNING Students have access to information about post- secondary institutions and apprenticeships available across the country.

12 E MPLOYMENT R EADINESS Students also have access to resources to help them prepare for the world of work, including an integrated job search and resume builder.

13 All students should check to ensure that their grade 12 credits are accepted by the University/program prior to applying (look online or call the Registrar’s Office). strive for excellence Typical University/Community College Requirements (within NS) Bachelor of ArtsEnglish 12 + 4 other academic gr 12 credits Bachelor of CommerceEnglish 12 Academic Math 12 +3 other academic gr 12 credits (ON schools: Pre-Cal) Bachelor of ScienceEnglish 12 Pre-Cal 12 Two of: Bio12, Chem12 or Phy12 + 1 other academic gr 12 credit

14 T YPICAL U NIVERSITY /C OMMUNITY C OLLEGE R EQUIREMENTS ( WITHIN NS) EngineeringEnglish 12 Pre-Cal 12 Chemistry 12 Physics 12 + 1 other Academic Gr 12 Credit Computer ScienceEnglish 12 Pre-Cal 12 + 3 other Academic Gr 12 Credits NursingEnglish 12 Academic Math 12 Chemistry 12 Biology 12 + 1 other Academic Gr 12 Credit NSCC 90% of programs are based solely on high school graduation (first come, first serve) Some programs require specific Math/Science courses

15 APPRENTICESHIP – O N THE J OB T RAINING 2000 hours = 1 year of training Apprentices earn 40-90% of journeyperson while training Only certain trades have apprenticeship options (60+) For more information:

16 N OVA S COTIA C OMMUNITY C OLLEGE (NSCC) 80% of HS students feel they will go to university, 50% will 13 campuses across Nova Scotia Over 140 program options - suitable for all types of students Nova Scotia is experiencing a shortage of skilled workers (shipbuilding) Application format has changed Articulation agreements exist in many programs

17 P RIVATE R EGISTERED C OLLEGES A business that offers occupational training (flight attendant, cosmetology, business admin diploma, etc.) Often have less stringent admission requirements Tuition rates are substantially higher

18 A PPLICATION P ROCESS Application for Atlantic universities and colleges usually begin in Feb. Students can apply earlier. NSCC apply now *** Ontario universities require earlier applications. Deadlines vary with universities…some in December/January (OUAC) Transcripts are not ready until mid-February. Students must sign up in the guidance office at the secretary’s desk. Please don’t request more than you need. Transcripts should be sealed in an envelope. An address label will be provided if you indicate the name of the institution. Students are responsible for sending out their own transcripts to post-secondary institutions. It is the student’s responsibility to add postage and mail.

19 A DMISSION I NFORMATION Students must check to see that they meet the admission requirements and deadlines of universities/colleges of interest. Students will be assessed based on first semester marks and grade 11 marks for early admission. Most institutions require a fee to process applications i.e. $45 Most prefer an on-line version for faster processing For those students interested in residence a separate application is sometimes required and earlier application dates i.e. MUN

20 S CHOLARSHIPS Community based scholarships that arrive throughout year Twitter : SJAGuidance!!! Entrance scholarships – DAL NEW APPLICATION! School-based scholarships (SJA scholarship form due April) Parent work scholarships Internet options: Involvement is important as marks for winning scholarships Funding for visible minorities, students with disabilities also available.

21 T UITION AND R ESIDENCE F EES E XAMPLES 2012 Tuition Residence/Meal s Total (per year) St. FXU $5300 + Fees $6205 $8700 to $10 000 $14 000 - $16 000 Memorial University $2550 + Fees $3000 $6516 to $7400 $9 576 - $12 000 Acadia University $5775 + Fees $6500 $8600 to $11 500 $15 000 - $17 000 McGill $6155 + Fees $7771 $6800 to $10 000 $14 000 - $17 000 NSCC $2800-$3900NONE$2800 - $3900

22 S TUDENT LOANS : Are meant to supplement income Not all students are eligible Students don’t apply until late May/June Students must apply on-line Processing time takes from 4-6 weeks A student line of credit can be used to supplement or replace student loan

23 D ECISION -M AKING Student needs to follow their heart Decide what student’s important values are Prioritize Research options Talk to people in the field Job shadow Talk to employers Take advantage of Career Cruising

24 W HAT INFORMATION DO STUDENTS NEED ? Student’s skills and interests (not yours) Programs that match skills & interests High School course requirements and grades necessary to apply for program. Institutions that offer the programs Location of institution (does it fit student- visit, check things out, stay at home or residence?) Cost of program, texts and other supplies

25 UPCOMING EVENTS November 28: Memorial University representative at lunch November 29: Naval Reserve representative at lunch November 29: SMU bus tour – permission slips required December 2: McGill University representative at lunch December 4: Holland College Open House December 5: Cape Breton University representative 11am. December 5: Mount Allison representative at lunch December 7: Concepts Career College December 11: Oulton College representative at lunch

26 U PCOMING E VENTS - S CHOLARSHIPS December 1: D&R Sobey Atlantic Scholarship - Value: $75,000 (Commerce program at Queen’s School of Business) December 6: TD Scholarships for Community Leadership - Value: Up to $70,000 (Community leadership) December 13: Shulich Leader Scholarship - Value: $60,000 (leadership, academic and/or financial)

27 G RAD I NFO Grad Photos – first week of December. Students sign up. Grad Fees - $55 (cash/debit/credit card) Prom – June 15, 2014 Marriott Harbourfront Hotel, further details TBA

28 G RADUATION 2014 We encourage all students to come and celebrate graduation. If you are unable to attend the ceremony, diplomas will be available for pickup by student or parent only on June 30 th in the guidance office. No mail outs unless prior arrangements have been made.

29 G RAD R EHEARSAL 2014 Thursday, June 26th, 2014 Exhibition Park Assemble at 1pm Approximate time line 2 hours After rehearsal please pick up your graduation gown

30 G RADUATION 2014 Friday, June 27th, 2014 Students must arrive no later than 1pm Graduation will commence at 2pm Return gowns immediately after the ceremony

31 S TUDENT ’ S G RADUATION F OLDER Diploma French Immersion Certificate where applicable Final Report Card 3 Official Transcripts (1 in sealed envelope for post secondary institution – DO NOT OPEN)

32 QUESTIONS? Follow us on Twitter!!! @SJAGuidance


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